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Needy And Dependent.

Wednesday, August 11 2010
Janet decides what she wants, Carly finds out about Craig's part in her business and Lily and Holden talk.

Dusty wakes up in his bed with Lucy. He tells her to go back to sleep and announces he has to meet his chef. She tells him she's glad she came back to him; he's all she dreams about. He plods off to take a shower. When he's dressed, she wonders if he's running off because of Janet. Dusty insists that things are fine.

At the farm house, Holden and Jack discuss Carly. Holden starts to explain that Craig has some kind of attachment to her company. Jack worries.

Dusty meets Teri at Metro and she asks him what's happening between he and her sister. He tells her about Blackthorn and explains that he saw Janet making out with him. She suggests her sister is just confused and he should wait it out.

At the Lakeview, Craig meets with a bank manager to discuss his credit. Jack shows up and interrupts. He takes Craig aside and questions him. Craig asks the banker to leave and then Jack keeps harassing him for answers. They bicker about Carly and Jack insinuates that Craig is behind Carly and Lily's problems.

Lily arrives at Carly's and they discuss Molly. Lily feels bad about what happened. They begin arguing about Craig and Carly demands to know what Craig has to do with their company. Lily explains that she has been working with Craig and the factory doesn't exist. Now, because of the fraud, he has lost all his money. Carly blows up at her. Lily claims she felt bad for Craig and Carly warns her that he will ruin her life.

Blackthorn goes into Al's and asks Janet to forgive him for kissing her. He'd still like to do it again though. He begs her for a chance but she doesn't think they have a future. She says that she and Dusty are crazy about each other but it's complicated. Blackie thinks that Dusty is 'a punk'. He asks her to promise to keep him in her mind and heart. As he's about to leave, Teri arrives. She chats with him until he leaves and then demands that her sister tell her what's going on. She claims Blackie is just flirting. Teri says Dusty thinks they're hooking up. Janet complains that both men are driving her nuts. Her sister tells her she has to straighten this out or she will lose Dusty. Janet realizes that she loves Dusty and wants to raise the child with him. Teri urges her to cook him something. She decides to bring him a lasagna.

When Craig returns to his room, he's surprised to find Lucy there. They hug and talk about Johnny. He's shocked that she's been around for a few days and wonders if she is there to do Lucinda's dirty work. She tells him she's missed him. The babysitter brings Johnny in and explains that a man knocked him over. Craig flips out. When the women leave, Craig asks Johnny about the man who knocked him down.

Dusty goes back to his place and finds Lucy there. She tries talking about where their relationship can go. He tries pulling her into bed. She guesses this about Janet but they go to bed anyway. While they're in bed, Janet walks in and catches them.

Lily goes to the farm house and finds Holden packing Molly's stuff. She apologizes and then tells him he should be begging Molly for forgiveness. He claims that he had to do what he did and he's starting to think that it meant more than he thought it did. She's sure he would have done the same thing for Molly. He says he would have, but he would have asked her first. They discuss how different it would have been and how she would have gone with him. He thinks she's needy and dependent. They bicker about Craig and he says she's too trusting.

Carly goes to the station to see Jack and informs him about Craig's role in Carlisle. She insists that it was all Lily's fault. He believes her so she's relieved. They discuss how the factory was all a scam. She's disappointed that another company of hers has flopped. They joke around and then he sings her praises and they wonder how Craig is to blame for everything. She fetches him a coffee and then suggests that she interrogate Craig while he digs into Blackthorn.

Craig runs into Blackthorn in Old Town and accuses him of attacking his son. Blackthorn claims he just wants his money. Craig says he'll get it but he'll be in trouble if he comes near his son again. They throw threats back and forth. Carly walks by and eavesdrops.

Next on As The World Turns:

Janet tells Jack she never wants to see Dusty again.

Lucy tries to urge Dusty not to run after Janet.

Carly demands some answers from Craig.

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