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    Isn't This An Interesting Situation?

    Tuesday, August 10 2010
    Emily taunts Barbara, Chris asks Reid for help, and Alison and Casey try to play matchmaker for Katie and Chris.

    At the Hughes home, Alison is proud of herself for getting Jacob to sleep. An upset Katie arrives and wants to take Jacob home immediately. Alison and Casey wonder why her vacation with Chris was cut short. Katie explains that Chris got really sick, but it turned out to be acid reflux. Katie thinks that Chris just wants to be away from her, but Casey protests that Chris is totally into her. Alison forces Casey to go find out what really happened. Katie worries that she was too needy with Chris and might have too much baggage. Alison doesn't think it makes sense because Chris knew her history.

    At the hospital, Luke tells Reid that his kiss was pretty great. Luke wants to celebrate in public. Before they leave, Chris pulls Reid aside and asks for his help. Chris wants Reid to order him a high potency antibiotic. Reid is reluctant, but agrees with the condition that Chris tell Katie.

    Iris meets with a bank representative at the Lakeview to cash Barbara's check. She tells herself she's so good, it is scary.

    At the Lakeview, a frantic Henry finds Gwen and Will and shows them Barbara's SOS note. Will and Henry leave to compare the handwriting to another note, while Gwen stays at the hotel to look for Iris. Gwen calls the AA facility and is disappointed to learn that there was no AA meeting being held.

    Casey finds Chris at the hospital and tells him he's blowing it with Katie. Casey suggests Chris invite Katie out on a double date at Metro with him and Alison. Chris calls Katie and apologizes and begs her to forgive him and go to dinner.

    Reid meets Luke at Metro. He is annoyed when Luke brings up Noah's name. Reid leaves to get a beer. Katie approaches him at the bar and wonders why he isn't sitting with Luke. Reid is surprised when Katie informs him that Chris is meeting her there. Alison and Casey are surprised to discover that Luke and Reid are dating. Alison informs Luke that Noah got a film grant and is moving to Los Angeles in September. Alison, Casey and Katie leave Luke and Reid alone for their date. Luke admits that he was thinking about Noah.

    Emily finds Barbara tied up in the wine cellar. She comments, "Isn't this an interesting situation? I kind of like you like this!" Emily notes that Barbara can't wreak havoc on her marriage if she's tied up. Emily believes Barbara has orchestrated the entire situation. Emily finally removes the gag and Barbara yells that she is a sadistic moron! Barbara protests she would have holed up in Cabo if she kidnapped herself. Just as Barbara is about to tell her Iris kidnapped her, Iris hits Emily over the head with a wine bottle! Iris ties Emily up. When Emily wakes up, she is disgusted to see Iris is the captor. Iris leaves them for her AA meeting. Emily and Barbara bicker about their situation. Emily suggests they try to turn the ropes at the same time, but they only end up closer together. Emily informs Barbara that Henry never married Vienna and is torn up over her. A rejuvenated Barbara asserts they will find a way out!

    Chris joins Katie, Casey and Alison at Metro. Chris makes a toast, but has chest pains and has to leave. He approaches Reid and informs him that Reid has to pick up the medicine. Reid tells Chris to make up an excuse for Luke. Chris informs everyone that Reid had to leave to take care of a patient. Luke wonders if Reid was mad because he was thinking of Noah. When Reid returns with the medicine, Chris asks Reid to inject him in the men's room. Reid agrees, but pressures Chris to tell Katie the truth immediately! Instead, Chris leaves a disappointed Katie to go back to the hospital.

    At Fairwinds, Will and Henry compare the notes and are hopeful when they discover they match. Henry asserts that Barbara has been kidnapped by Vienna. Iris and Gwen arrive and Gwen demands to know why she wasn't at the AA meeting. Iris claims she couldn't be around all of the other alcoholics. Will and Gwen discuss the SOS note they found from Barbara. A jittery Iris suggests that Emily might have something to do with it! Iris then lies that Emily had to leave town on an assignment and wanted her to tell them. Gwen thinks it is possible that Emily could be behind the kidnapping!

    Casey and Alison return to the Hughes home. They both laugh that they are the only ones with a normal relationship. Alison thinks she's ready to be close with him again if he is willing. They agree to give it another go.

    Reid and Luke return to Luke's house. Luke wishes their date had been more fun. Reid believes that he's still hung up on Noah. Luke admits Noah will always be a part of his life, but in the past. Luke informs him that Noah is moving and if he wanted to be with Noah, he would move with him. The two kiss, but Reid won't come inside.

    Reid returns home to find an upset Katie. Katie wonders why Chris is pulling away. Reid advises a skeptical Katie not to give up on Chris.

    Henry returns to his Lakeview suite. He tells Chuckles the clown how much he misses Barbara. He notes that life isn't the same without her and when he finds Barbara, he will spend the rest of his life making her happy.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Teri tells Janet if she wants Dusty, she should do something about it before it is too late.

    Dusty and Lucy cuddle in bed.

    Holden yells that Lily has been leaning on Craig.

    Carly asks Lily what Craig has to do with their fragrance company. Lily tells Carly she needs to sit down.

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    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, August 10 2010 12:27 PM

    This soap really does need to go off. Other than Reid and Luke, it pretty much sucks. Well, i take that back, I like Henry and Barbara too.

    Alison, just move away and start a new life. You suck on so many levels. You don't have any chemistry with anyone except psycho Mick. You just don't sizzle with normal men.

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Tuesday, August 10 2010 12:30 PM

    Another fast forward day--L/R NASTY,NASTY,NASTY!!!!!!!

    Posted by Shortmetal at Tuesday, August 10 2010 12:35 PM

    Luke needs to forget about Noah. I hope Henry finds Barbara soon.

    Also "Poor Janet. Dusty will through Lucy out of his bed when he sees Janet. Janet and Dusty forever" lol jk

    Posted by my2sons at Tuesday, August 10 2010 12:51 PM

    Anybody know when Iris is exiting the show bc I really hate this s/l. Thank goodness for DVR.

    Posted by Peteena at Tuesday, August 10 2010 01:24 PM

    Luke and Reid are not nasty! You don't have to like them (and I, for one, can't stand the guy who plays Reid, so I don't like them together), but to say they're nasty sounds, to me, like homophobia and that doesn't belong here.

    Posted by Shortmetal at Tuesday, August 10 2010 01:37 PM

    Peteena is right

    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, August 10 2010 02:00 PM

    Fast forward through most of the show except for Henry/Barbara/Emily and Luke/Reid. why spend so much time when the end is so near on Katie/Allison S/L I can't understand. and tomorrow more lily/craig and that mess. Oh brother.

    Posted by Keelex at Tuesday, August 10 2010 02:20 PM

    Of course Emily picks this moment to be a silly twit.
    Did anyojne else feel like knocking her into the middle of next week. I almost wish Iris would take Em and leave Barb.

    Posted by adriana8900 at Tuesday, August 10 2010 03:36 PM

    poor janet

    Posted by ms.elaine at Tuesday, August 10 2010 05:31 PM


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