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    Where Party Favors Go To Die.

    Friday, August 06 2010
    Henry calls a psychic, Reid learns Chris' secret and Emily finds Iris in the basement.

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    Posted by awall at Sunday, August 08 2010 12:16 PM

    I am so ready for the Barbara and Iris thing to come to an end. Maybe Janet baby will be "Blackie's", one can hope. At any rate, I hope it is not Jack and then he and Carly can reconcile. Would love to see Dusty end up with Lucy, but if this baby is his, he will do the right thing by her and she doesn't deserve him. It has been nice not seeing Liberty, Janet or Gabriel for a change. I can't believe how Paul is acting while his mother is missing. Can't wait to see his and Emily face when it is discovered she was missing. Can't believe Margo was made the chief of police, with her lack of interest in pursuing anything. Henry, please keep looking and find Barbara soon, this has gone on long enough. I took hope it is the veterans that is showcased as the show comes to an end. Rooting for Casey and Ali.

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, August 09 2010 10:11 AM

    Why didn't Barbara pick up one of those bottles of wine and hit Iris over the head? Janet's baby is going to end up being Dusty's. IMO

    Posted by missguidinglight at Monday, August 09 2010 10:37 AM

    love love love the scenes with Dusty & Janet today. cant wait to see more of them tomorrow NOT

    Posted by missguidinglight at Monday, August 09 2010 10:41 AM

    "I like the comments that actually discuss the episodes rather than wishing the writers would do this or that..."

    "I hope the last scene of the show focuses on the veterans rather than stupid Janet,... "

    WTH - can you eat out of both sides of your mouth too. SMDH

    Posted by JOYO at Monday, August 09 2010 11:49 AM

    Are the writers even remotely aware that this show is leaving the air next month? It's more than time to wind these ridiculous storylines down to some kind of realistic conclusions, but INSTEAD they are dragging out the lunacy even longer!!!! I was looking forward to seeing some conclusions reached, but now I may not even watch until this show ends. Just for a reality check, the show time has been given to another new show--5 women who will imitate the View. I don't plan on watching that show because I love watching the View. So, come on writers, I know that you can't resist the opportunity to bring back every character that has ever played in ATWT, but take a page from Guiding Light when, they too, were taken off the air. Wrap things up and while you're at it, let Janet lose the baby. That storyline is the most ridiculous of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Canastia at Monday, August 09 2010 12:00 PM

    Are the recappers no longer checking for spelling mistakes or if they are using the wrong name? Geez...they have totally given up on this soap!!

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