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    I'm Doing This For You.

    Wednesday, August 04 2010
    Henry continues his search, Iris keeps ingratiating herself and Chris and Katie argue about their future.

    Henry wakes up on Katie's couch. She's mocking him for hearing voices. He insists he really heard Barbara's voice. She rushes off to get food and Henry paces. He hears the voice coming through the monitor again. He grabs the monitor as Katie walks in. "I found Barbabra. She's in here," he says, waving the machine. The signal dies and Katie tears the monitor away. She thinks he's flipping out. He storms off.

    At Fairwinds, Paul makes light of Barbara's disappearance. Will isn't convince their mom is alright. They debate whether the note is real. Henry rushes in and says he heard from Barbara through a baby monitor. "Did she reveal the whereabouts of the holy grail?" Paul asks. Will asks for details. Henry tells him everything and then storms off to find Barbara alone.

    In Old Town, Iris is arguing with her landlord on the phone. She goes into Al's and Gwen walks in with Hallie. Iris calls to the little girl to blow out the birthday candle on her pancakes. Gwen thought her birthday was in October. They talk about Barbara and Gwen says Will hasn't stopped worrying. Iris gets overwrought as she explains her problems with the manager at the Wagon Wheel. When she says she's going to have to sleep in the park and begins crying.

    At the station, Tom and Margo gab until Chris arrives and announces that he's thrown his hat in the ring for Bob's job. They agree to pull some strings for him. Tom bustles off and Margo wonders if this is what Chris really wants and suggests he's trying to impress her sister. He claims this is no whim. She babbles until Katie walks in to tell her sister what happened with Henry. Chris starts mocking this and the three of them bicker until he announces that he's going for Bob's job. She's bewildered.

    Katie takes Chris outside so he can explain himself to her. She digs for reasons and he tells her he's trying to prove he can be counted on to make a commitment. "I'm doing this for you," he says. This is a lot for her to take in. He thinks she deserves good things and says she needs to let him prove she can be happy again. They kiss.

    Will follows Henry back to Katie's and offers to help him find Barbara. Henry tells him everything that happened and then suggests they stake out Barbara's room.

    Gwen returns to Fairwinds and tries asking Paul a favor. Iris walks in before she can explain. "You want your mother to stay with me?" he asks in horror. They send Iris into the kitchen. Gwen says it would only be for a few days. Paul offers to buy her a bus ticket out of town. Will arrives and realizes Iris is there. He tells her to send her mom away. They argue until Paul gets sick of listening and says Iris can stay. She returns and says she'll leave. They ask her to stay. Paul tells her to stay away from his silverware. Iris whips out a phone and takes a picture of them all together.

    Henry arrives at Barbara's room and get an idea. He gets into drag and dresses as a maid.

    Tom returns to the station to see Margo and they chat about Chris and Katie. She admits that he was right about them. Tom decides to call Chris and Katie and invite them up to the cabin for a family weekend. When he calls, Katie says they'll have to discuss it. She and Chris begin bickering about suddenly becoming a couple. She thinks he's trying to test her to see if she's worth it. He thinks that's she's scared he'll pressure her for sex. She's offended and tells him she's no prude but she won't sleep with him while her sister is listening in the next room.

    In the warehouse, Barbara freaks out and screams. She yells at Chuckles and then recaps the situation for him and weighs her options. Sobbing, she tells Chuckles how abandoned she feels. If only she had Henry's arms around her, maybe she could get through this... She asks the clown to dance with her. Barbara twirls the clown around the floor and cries until she can hear Henry's voice again. Iris walks in and ruins the mood. She shows Barbara the picture she took and says that no one misses her. Iris advises her to give her the passwords before she whithers away.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Barbara tells Iris to get her checkbook.

    Henry finds evidence with the Party Warehouse logo on it.

    Casey asks Alison on a date.

    Chris asks Katie out to the cabin.

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    Posted by roses4880 at Wednesday, August 04 2010 01:32 PM

    this story line with barbara makes no freakn sense and i'm seeing why the show is getting cancelled. why not do some stories that will make us miss the show and not thankful it's over.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Wednesday, August 04 2010 01:45 PM

    Poor Gwen. When she finds out Iris is the one holding Barbara hostage she will be so hurt. Henry needs to find Barbara fast. Can't stand Iris calling her Babs. Don't like that at all.

    Posted by soapwatcher33 at Wednesday, August 04 2010 02:29 PM

    Iris is driving me insane!!!
    Gwen used to be so smart... what happened? Time away from Oakdale made her lose her mind?!!?!?
    Barbara needs to be found already... this has gone on far too long.
    Katie and Chris?! YES! Love it!!!

    Posted by The Green Manalishi at Wednesday, August 04 2010 02:29 PM

    why don't they put this barbara story to rest already?...i'm sure she could use a bathroom and a shower by now...its only been a month or so...rolling around on the floor with a used clown..shame on her. henry in drag is boring too. i'm still hoping our once wonderful show goes out with a bang but i'm not seeing it as of yet.

    Posted by Earthmom at Wednesday, August 04 2010 03:08 PM

    I love it when Henry dresses in drag. He is the best...what a crack up!

    Iris is a low life scum bag nightmare. Someone needs to throw her off of a cliff. She is going to break Gwen's heart and make her cynical once again.

    Will...find your mom and, someone, anyone, get Iris away from here!!!


    I could be wrong...but, judging by all of the spoiler clues, Emily is going to hear Barbara on Eliza's baby monitor...and, go investigate...or, mention it to dirt bag Iris...and, Iris will have to take care of her, too.


    Today's show was long as I walked out of the room during Katie's parts. I just can't stomach her. And, bonus! Janet wasn't on!

    Posted by Peteena at Wednesday, August 04 2010 03:15 PM

    Disappearing Babs story line dragging on too long... losing consciousness... PLEASE LET IT BE OVER SOON!!!

    Posted by SoapCritic74 at Thursday, August 05 2010 03:09 AM

    When is the last airdate?

    Posted by cab313 at Thursday, August 05 2010 05:51 AM

    The last air date is September 17.

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Thursday, August 05 2010 05:52 AM

    I wonder why no one has put together the fact that Iris, complete with Barbara's hairdo and an axe to grind against her, has recently arrived back in town, and is skulking around and somehow knowing where everyone is and what they are doing. I thought the police department has such a crack staff. Maybe more like crackpot. Gwen is in for one rude awakening. Hopefully this story will wrap up soon, I'll bet Colleen Zenk is tired of wearing the same outfit every day. And I'll bet Barbara could use a shower. Strange she always looks so clean and made up.

    Posted by nonniepat at Thursday, August 05 2010 09:44 AM

    Iris just needs to GO but first someone needs to realize that Iris showing up and Barbara disappearing are too coincidental here. Come on Will, Gwen PAUL look around even Henry knows that wasn't Barbara on the hotel video camera and with the haircut Iris is sporting too close to Barbara's and the fact that Will and Gwen have already caught Iris in Barbara's room once.

    I enjoyed the Henry the VIII and court hallucination and Anthony was once again fabulous as James (too bad they couldn't have resurrected him for real one last time) but Barbara needs to GET OUT of that warehouse NOW!!!! Enough's enough here there's too much story left to tell in Oakdale and we are running out of time here.

    Henry was hillarious as always in drag. Trent Dawson is great but please let Henry find Barbara already so Barbara can know that he knows all and that Vienna is gone for good and then they can have their happily ever after.

    Chris stop focusing so much on Katie and make a decision for yourself for a change. You left Oakdale not once but several times over a woman and now you're STAYING and wanting to be Chief of Staff for Katie!!!!!!! Chris if you want to be chief of staff do it for yourself and not for Katie and for heavens sake DON'T do it just to make sure that Reid doesn't get it. And while your're at it STOP pressuring Katie here. It hasn't even been a year since Brad died and she's had a baby to take care of from the day Brad died. She's barely had time to grieve let alone ready to move on so quickly. Chris needs to realize that Katie's one great love was Brad and she just may not be ready for him to lay all at her feet and move on with him.

    And Katie if you're not ready TELL CHRIS don't let this drag on and on. If you need time tell him - Luke told Reid and Reid's trying to honor that. You've been trying for so long to put everyone else together that you've not given yourself time just for you. Jacob is a full time job (minus the babysitters) but you've been so busy running around fixing others up with who you think they should be with that you have not given yourself a chance to really grieve and come to terms with losing Brad. When and if you can do that then you maybe able to move forward with Chris but don't let him pressure you. Remember what Nancy told you awhile back at WOAK - that you're not ready and it may take a long time and Katie you may never be ready. It does happen some people never recover from the death of a spouse and some people never move onto another love but spend the rest of their lives honoring their spouse by never remarrying or getting serious with another. It may not be a 21st Century - novel idea but it does happen that way at times.

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