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    Best Day Ever.

    Monday, August 02 2010
    Holden and Lily are stranded, Reid is Luke's date and Craig goes after Lucinda.

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    Posted by lona at Monday, August 02 2010 02:37 PM

    It is as if the writers want us to stop watching this show. Its horrible! Where is Barbara? This is stupid. How did Super-Craig get to Oakdale? I loved this show. When they had John and James fighting.John and Lucinda. Steve & Betsy.Bob and Kim,remember the old Tom and Margo? But these last shows are nuts?

    Posted by Barb G at Monday, August 02 2010 05:01 PM

    I agree with you all...Molly needs to slap Holden sillier than he already is!!! And Lucinda too!!! So the "writers" bring back Abigail just to see her Mother's heart get broken! That's just not right. So sad!!!

    Luke and Reid were great together today! Reid does have a heart and Luke is helping it to beat a little faster. When he took Luke's hand into his it was very touching. Can't believe they'll actually be on again tomorrow! That's a record...two days in a row.

    Well...we'll see what happens in Oakdale tomorrow! Hopefully Holden will be sporting a honey of a shiner!!!

    Have a good evening, all...

    Posted by north of the border at Monday, August 02 2010 06:08 PM

    Barb G, you are right... so fun.


    Posted by GLfan85 at Tuesday, August 03 2010 06:42 AM

    Holden and Lily will always be the end game.

    Posted by nonniepat at Tuesday, August 03 2010 06:54 AM

    I do feel sad for Molly, she really doesn't deserve this and although she is not squeaky clean herself she's been trying to get Holden to be honest with her for weeks now; having tried to back out of the wedding a couple of times and Holden wouldn't let her.

    Holden really does love Molly but Lily will always be in his orbit. Had Lucinda not gotten involved and called Holden at the rehearsal dinner Holden would have never known Lily was in France and tracked her down. So let's lay blame a little further than just at Holden's door. Lucinda is playing a dangerous game here, as usual, and though I love to watch Elizabeth Hubbard at work and Lucinda has not had a chance to work her meddling ways in awhile, Lily will pay the price for Lucinda's treachery against Craig and now poor Molly by coincidence.

    So IF Lucinda had stayed out of it and NOT called Holden then Holden would have been at the Lakeview and not on a "fast" plane halfway around the world and back and have left Molly on their wedding day. Would Holden have been furious and meddling himself when he found out that Lily was in France with Craig - YES but at least he would have been in Oakdale and he and Molly would have been married.

    Holden shouldn't have gone but Lucinda shouldn't have involved him but then that's Lucinda - she's been trying to break up Holden and Molly for weeks now - and she may have succeeded with a little help from Holden running to save his ex - from what a missing perfume factory oh yes and Craig!

    On a happier note - Luke and Reid were wonderful and when Reid reached out to take Luke's hand it was so sweet. Now I'm just hoping that this "confession" of his was not the fact that he hates ceremonies but that he declares his love for Luke.

    Tuesday should be good.

    Posted by AdrianAbigail at Tuesday, August 03 2010 09:57 AM

    I think Holden should be with Lily and Jack should be with carly, and Janette should be with Dusty bc Dusty is just so HOT

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