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Thursday, July 29 2010
Emily freaks out, Barbara discovers the identity of her kidnapper, and Henry and Katie are hot on the trail of Barbara's kidnapper.

Gwen and Will return to Fairwinds and discuss Iris. Gwen believes that Iris sincerely wants to help them. Emily and Paul enter and Gwen comments on how pretty Emily's bracelet is. Emily coldly replies that the bracelet is Barbara's. Paul enters, but Gwen and Will look uncomfortable and leave. Paul wonders what is going on. Emily tells Paul she knows that Gwen and Will think she kidnapped Barbara. Paul thinks that they are just worried and she shouldn't be so openly happy that Barbara is missing. Emily thinks Gwen is still upset with them for what they did to her baby years ago. Paul urges her to not be so negative and she agrees to try.

Gwen and Will leave to talk privately in the hallway. Gwen and Will decide to use Hallie to look around in Emily's room! As they go through her things, Emily enters the room and demands to know what they are doing! Will notes that Emily is acting nervous. Emily coldly says he's a lousy liar and it's a wonder he got away with murder as long as he did. An angry Will tells her that Paul can buy her lies, but he doesn't have to. Gwen yells that she has everything all wrong. Emily begins to have a meltdown and accuses Gwen of never forgiving her. Paul enters and demands to know what is going on! A crazed Emily yells that she is tired of being treated like a criminal. Paul wants everyone to calm down. Will and Gwen apologize, but Emily doesn't believe them. Paul leaves to answer the door and returns with a letter sent via messenger from Barbara.

In Barbara's room, Henry looks at the lipstick on a napkin and knows it is Barbara's. They talk to a housekeeper, who claims Barbara was there earlier! Katie wonders why Barbara hasn't tried to contact him. Katie wonders if it was really Barbara.

Still trapped, Barbara is stunned to discover that Iris is the one who kidnapped her! Iris boasts that she owes her in a big way and is going to pay up! Iris demands Barbara's bank account access codes. Barbara knows her sons are looking for her, but Iris informs her they think she's dead. Barbara refuses to give her any bank codes until she lets everyone know she is okay. Iris makes Barbara dictate a note that she is okay and leaves.

Katie and Henry go to the front desk at the Lakeview and question Lisa to see if she's seen Barbara. Lisa thinks it's lovely he's in love with Barbara and offers the security tapes. They see a woman resembling Barbara getting on the elevator. Henry wants to believe it is Barbara, but admits that it's not Barbara's swish when she walks. They all realize that this mystery woman wants them to believe she is Barbara. Henry receives a call from Paul asking him to come to Fairwinds.

Henry and Katie head to Fairwinds and read the note from Barbara saying that she wants to be alone. Paul thinks that Barbara has been playing all of them. Henry can't believe that she wouldn't write more. Henry tells them about the lady at the hotel who looks like Barbara and thinks she's being held hostage. After Henry and Katie leave, Paul isn't sure about Barbara but believes Emily is off the hook. Emily and Paul leave, and Gwen apologizes for screwing up. Will thinks they should leave in the morning since they've overstayed their welcome. Gwen leaves to take a walk by herself.

Emily and Paul return to clean their room. Emily apologizes for losing her temper. Paul believes that everyone is doing their best to move on. Emily worries that when Barbara returns, it will affect Eliza. Paul promises to ensure that Barbara will be on her best behavior when she returns. Emily asks him to start putting their family first and stop worrying about Barbara. Paul promises to make her his focus and assures her she is his world.

Gwen takes a walk through Old Town and sees missing person posters of Barbara up everywhere. She is shocked to see Iris is hanging up all of the posters! Gwen appreciates her help but asks for her to stop because Barbara is okay. A dramatic Iris gets down on her knees and thanks the universe for letting them know Barbara is safe! Gwen convinces Iris to rejoice over a cup of coffee. Iris apologizes for getting so carried away. Gwen asks her why she changed. Iris claims she missed her Gwennie. Gwen is impressed and proud of Iris. Iris wants to share more good times, but Gwen informs her that her family is leaving in the morning. Will arrives and thinks they should pack, but Gwen wants to stay in town for a few more days!

Barbara talks to Chuckles the clown as if he is Henry. She begs him not to forget about her. She becomes frustrated and tries to look for a way out. She happily discovers a talk radio and batteries. She begins to talk into the radio and begs for help. She reads through the user manual and learns there are nine channels. She tries each channel asking if anyone can hear her.

Henry and Katie return to her home. Henry wants Barbara to come home and forgive him. Katie points out that Barbara may never forgive him. Henry knows that Barbara is close and has to find her. Katie leaves to get the mail and Henry is shocked to hear Barbara's voice yelling for help! Katie returns and thinks Henry is stressed, but Henry swears he heard her voice! After they leave, Barbara's voice continues to beg for help from Jacob's baby monitor!

Next on As The World Turns:

Lucinda informs Holden that Lily has left for France.

Holden tells Jack he can take a red eye flight to France and be back in time for his wedding to Molly.

Lily and Craig look at a sight and wonder what is going on.

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