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    When Will Things Get Better?

    Tuesday, July 27 2010
    Katie is consumed by grief, Paul and Henry investigate a lead on Barbara, and Gwen suggests Emily might be the reason for Barbara's disappearance!

    Tom and Chris chat over coffee at Tom's home. Chris informs Tom that Bob offered the chief of staff job to Reid. Tom thinks Chris should fight for the job and not inherit it. Chris is looking forward to seeing Reid go down. Chris knows he would be a better replacement than Reid, but Tom hopes he is doing it for the right reasons. Chris admits he's doing it for both himself and Katie. Tom didn't realize he and Katie were serious and thought he swore off needy women. Chris thinks Katie is different and buried under all the grief, she's full of life. Tom advises Chris to take it slow and jokes that they might end up brothers-in-law!

    At Fairwinds, Paul entertains Hallie, Gwen, Will and Emily with a story. Paul gets a call from Margo informing him that Barbara has been using her credit cards in Oakdale. Paul kisses Emily and boasts that she was right about Barbara, but Emily admits she wishes Barbara wouldn't come home! Emily doesn't want anything bad to happen to Barbara, but doesn't think she's a bad person for wanting Barbara to stay away. Paul yells that she is a part of their family and he would never have married her if she was judgmental! Paul leaves a shocked Emily to join Gwen and Will at the police station.

    Katie knocks on Henry's suite door and begs him to let her in. He relents, and Katie reads him an email from Vienna apologizing for the heartache she caused him. Henry rips the email away and wants to report it to the police.

    At the police station, Will and Gwen confirm Barbara's signature. Henry busts in with Vienna's email. Margo shows him the credit card signature and purchase and Henry excitedly confirms it is hers and the lingerie store is her favorite. Henry wants to investigate the clue. Paul enters the station and offers to accompany Henry. Katie wants to go, but Henry angrily tells her she isn't needed. Margo tries to cheer up a tearful Katie. Katie worries that she has lost Henry forever. Margo can understand Henry's anger, but Katie breaks down and admits that she felt like keeping Vienna and Henry together brought her closer to the good times she shared with Brad. She wonders when things will get better and she can move forward. Margo begins to cry, too, and pulls Katie in for a hug. Margo thinks that Henry will eventually move past his hurt.

    Paul and Henry head to the lingerie store. The clerk mistakenly thinks they are lovers. Henry then shows the clerk a picture of Barbara, but she doesn't recognize her. Henry thinks the clerk is hiding information and begins to hyperventilate! Paul decides to take Henry to the hospital and leaves his business card with the clerk.

    Gwen and Will share coffee at Java. Will is surprised at how great Paul has been. Gwen thinks that Emily seemed weird when she discovered Barbara was back and suggests that Emily and Paul might be in on Barbara's disappearance! Will is skeptical, but Gwen notes that Paul is certifiably crazy. Will reminds her that he is, also, and doesn't think Paul would be in on it. Gwen softens and admits that seeing Iris reminded her how great Barbara has been.

    Paul takes Henry to the hospital. Chris helps Henry calm down. Chris admits to Henry that he knew about Vienna's lies. Chris tries to persuade Henry that Katie sincerely wanted the best for him. Henry thinks Katie could have prevented Barbara's disappearance and demands a new doctor, and not Benedict Arnold! Chris informs him he is fine and he isn't charging him for the visit. Chris then calls Katie and tells her that Henry is at the hospital. Chris returns to Henry to sign papers and begs him to forgive Katie. Katie enters and offers to give Henry a ride home. Henry tells her no, but then softens and admits he knows why she did what she did. He thinks he can forgive her once he finds Barbara.

    While Emily is rocking Eliza at home, she takes a call from the lingerie clerk. The clerk tells Emily that she found a bracelet that might belong to Barbara, and could be a clue. Emily offers to retrieve the bracelet herself!

    She goes to the lingerie store and asks if she can take the bracelet to show her husband.

    Margo returns home and kisses Tom. Tom fills her in on Chris staying in town and going for Bob's job because of Katie. Margo worries that Chris's timing is terrible because Katie is still grieving for Brad. Tom knows Chris is in love with Katie, but Margo frets he will get hurt, too. Tom thinks that Katie could be for Chris what Margo is for him. Tom points out happily ever after could be a possibility, and Margo jokes that she will bring down the full force of the law on Chris's head if he breaks Katie's heart.

    The lingerie store clerk calls Paul at home and asks if the bracelet belonged to Barbara. A confused Paul thanks her and assures her he will ask his wife!

    Emily sits with Eliza in Old Town and looks at the bracelet. She wonders if she's a bad person for wanting Barbara to stay away. She gets a call from Paul who wonders where she is. She lies that she needed some fresh air. Emily tells Eliza she won't let Barbara tear their family apart and throws the bracelet in the trash! She is startled when Paul walks up behind her and asks her what she is doing!

    A mysterious woman enters Gwen and Will's suite. Outside the suite, Will and Gwen prepare to enter the room!

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Paul yells at Emily that she had no right to hide evidence!

    Will asks what evidence Emily has been hiding.

    Iris tells Gwen, "Mommy's back!"

    Barbara begs Chuckles the clown to talk to her, but James appears to her instead!

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    Posted by awall at Tuesday, July 27 2010 12:33 PM

    Writers, why did you bring back that bloodsucking Iris? She adds no value to any storyline and neither does Emily. Paul needs to be in a bed beside Meg in the crazy ward. Emily would be out on her butt, if she continue to talk about my parent and do the things she does. She shot him and has never raised a child of her's own. She would be no where near my daughter. Iris probably is the one that kidnapped Barbara to keep her away from Hallie and to get her paws on some money.

    Posted by girlinthewind at Tuesday, July 27 2010 12:33 PM

    Good afternoon posters! Poor Barbara, she has been stuck with Chuckles way too long. It's time for her to get released. I wonder who has been hiding her? I cannot wait for her and Henry to reunite! Have a great afternoon everyone.

    Posted by truckgirl at Tuesday, July 27 2010 12:38 PM


    Posted by Lisser at Tuesday, July 27 2010 12:41 PM

    Hi everyone! I don't usually post on here, but I enjoy reading everyones comments! Today I couldn't resist. I know alot of you can't stand Katie, and sometimes I think she is a whiny mess! But today I thought when she was talking to Margo, she was being really honest and vulnerable.Kinda refreshing to see that side of her. Loved Paul & Henry today! I can't wait for the reunion between Henry & Barbara! I love those two together!As for Margo bringing the 'full force of the law' down on Chris...wouldn't that require her knowing what the law actually is? She's not the sharpest cop in oakdale!

    Posted by pipposprincess at Tuesday, July 27 2010 01:00 PM

    ugh!!! i love katie but i cant stand the way she is whining all the damn time. its like a contest between her and molly who snivels the most.

    barbara and chuckles, drawn out way too long and a bad story line to end her run as barbara ryan!!!!

    Posted by pipposprincess at Tuesday, July 27 2010 01:00 PM

    ugh!!! i love katie but i cant stand the way she is whining all the damn time. its like a contest between her and molly who snivels the most.

    barbara and chuckles, drawn out way too long and a bad story line to end her run as barbara ryan!!!!

    Posted by Peteena at Tuesday, July 27 2010 03:09 PM

    I could handle the re-appearance if Iris. I could handle the re-appearance of James (in fact, I'd be shocked if it didn't happen one more time before the end). But both of them? Please, please, please, writers: don't clutter things up with these distractions! Time is getting short and there are so many couples and characters who deserve the screen time more than them!

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Tuesday, July 27 2010 05:44 PM

    Scheming, money-grubbing Iris kidnapped Barbara. Iris is using Barbara's credit card. ATWT will end on September 17th.

    It's time to fish or cut bait, writers! The end is near. Get rid of Iris, Noah, Gabriel, Liberty, Janet, Tony and Lily. Tighten up these plots, improve the storylines, please. End ATWT with a bang, not a whimper.

    Posted by smiley8338 at Tuesday, July 27 2010 07:35 PM

    the title of this update is perfect for the entire show.

    Posted by mpsoaps at Tuesday, July 27 2010 07:52 PM

    I'm a Katie and Simon fan! The writers would have been smart to bring him back to whisk Katie away instead of bringing a new actor to an old role in the form of Chris. They have no chemistry together and they are not believable. SIMON SIMON SIMON!

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