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We All Make Mistakes.

Monday, July 26 2010
Carly gives advice, Luke tries to teach Reid people skills and Parker says no to Faith.

Chris paces the hospital and calls Katie, leaving a message begging her to pick up or call him back. She's busy changing Jacob's diaper. The baby gives her the yackety yack sign as she babbles.

Over at the hospital, Luke walks in on Reid tearing into a nurse. Luke reminds him that he's going for the chief of staff job and needs to work on his people skills. Chris walks over and the doctors begin arguing about a patient. Reid breaks the news that Bob offered him the top spot. Chris trudges away. Luke continues giving Reid sensitivity advice and then invites him over to his place.

Bob stops by WOAK to get Kim. She's busy putting together a piece on Barbara and worries that her friend is in trouble. Bob's not that worried but Kim asks her to make her feel better by talking to Chris about the job he offered to Reid. Bob's sure Chris doesn't care. When he leaves, Chris shows up and begins venting about is father's job offer for Reid. He assumes this must be his father's way of making him compete for the position. She doesn't see why he cares if he's not sticking around. Chris explains that he's not leaving town after all.

Jack shows up at Carly's and is surprised to see that the party is over. He starts eating the leftover dessert and she talks about the party. They begin discussing what they aren't doing and where they are going. She weeps as she goes over how horrible his relationship with Janet makes her feel. He asks her if she wants him to stay or go. "Unfair question," she says. They rehash things and she admires his 'Dudley Do-Right side' and the fact that he loves her for who she is. He tries to kiss but she tells him 'no'. The Janet argument comes back. Jack assures Carly that she is always the first thing in his life. He asks her out for a walk.

Out in the woods, Faith climbs out from under Parker and searches for her condoms. He tells her they shouldn't do this and her first time shouldn't be in the woods. She thinks being with him would be special. Parker says they have been friends forever and shouldn't do this. She begins kissing him. Carly and Jack approach in the distance. She wants to drag her son away, but Jack holds her back. They watch as Parker tells Faith that she's not thinking. She complains about her crazy family. Parker knows how she feels and convinces her that they shouldn't do this. His parents finally interrupt and tell Faith that her mother is fine.

Carly walks Faith back to the farm house and begins doling out advice. Faith reminds her that she had an affair with her father and nearly destroyed her family. "We all make mistakes," Carly says, promising that everything works out the way it's supposed to in the end. She gives her advice about how to know when a man really loves her. Faith's not sure she should take advice from Carly.

At home, Luke attempts to rehearse some social interactions with Reid. The doctor instantly starts snapping as Luke plays a nurse. They begin flirting and then get back to work. Reid insists that he will never become 'warm and fuzzy' like Noah. Luke doesn't want him to be like Noah. They continue play acting.

Luke takes Reid back to the hospital and forces him to be polite to the nurse from before. That only lasts about a sentence. The nurse starts crying and runs off.

Jack takes Parker home and tells him he was right not to let things go too far with Faith. Parker tries to figure out how to deal with women. Jack's not the best person to ask for advice. They discuss Liberty and Jack advises him never to rush with a woman. He begins cleaning up. Later, Carly returns and is amazed that her place is clean. She thanks Jack and tells him that it's hard for her to believe that this is how things are meant to be. He kisses her and says that they are meant to be.

Chris goes over to Katie's and asks her what's happened. She tells him how badly things went with Henry. He listens to her as she opens up and assures her that he will not abandon her, even if they can't sleep together. The more she pushes him away, the more he wants to stick around. After he leaves, she tells Jacob that she really likes Chris but doesn't know what to do.

Chris tracks down his parents at Al's. Bob asks his son if he's sticking around because of Katie. Chris likes her but has no idea what will happen with her. "I want to take over as chief of staff," he states. Bob explains he already offered the job to Reid but he can submit them both to the board.

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