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All This Joy Might Be Too Much For You.

Friday, July 23 2010
Faith panics, Lily decides to run and Lucy and Dusty get reacquainted.

Holden is startled when Lily shows up at Carly's for Molly's shower. "I'm worried all this joy might be too much for you," he says. She insists it's all good and hurries in, aggressively declaring to Carly and Molly that they need to get the party started.

Dusty is surprised when Lucy shows up at his door. Johnny runs into her arms. She tells Dusty he looks good. He takes her into the hall and tells her a lot has changed; he's been involved with someone else. Johnny comes out and pulls her back inside. She's happy to see that things are working out for her little brother. Dusty tells her that Craig uses his son like a bargaining chip. She's not surprised. Johnny draws a pizza and says he's hungry so they go out to eat.

Blackthorn walks into Al's and begins teasing Janet. She's on her way out. He asks her out on a date first. She points out that she is pregnant and busy among other things. He won't take 'no' for an answer. She bustles away.

At Lily's, Gabriel is trying to write Lucinda a blackmail letter when Craig shows up. He asks his son to come and work for him again. Gabriel shuts the door in his face. Craig comes in anyway and reminds him that he's his son. Gabriel reminds him he has a daughter too. Craig says they have a complicated relationship and an unconventional family. He asks him to lose the bitterness before he loses everything else. Gabriel shows him the door.

At the farm house, Liberty is mocking Parker's lack of sewing skills. Faith wanders in and Parker tells her she looks hot. Holden arrives to pick up his daughter. Once they leave, Liberty gets grouchy. They talk about his shoot the other day and she explains how she couldn't interrupt his flirting with Faith. He thinks she must have been jealous. Gabriel calls so she goes off to see him.

Faith arrives at Carly's for the shower. She checks in with her mother. Lily is looking at old photos. Molly joins them. Janet arrives and joins Carly in the kitchen to apologize for their situation. Carly begins to probe about Dusty and Janet complains about how overprotective he is. Carly knows the feeling but tells her to embrace Dusty and his paranoia. They re-join the guests and talk wedding plans. Faith starts to worry as her mom gets rapidly tanked. Carly tries to break the tension and they begin opening presents. Lily slips out. Her daughter trails after her but Lily sends her back inside and then leaves her gift on the doorstep. Inside, Faith is surprised to notice her mom has vanished and leaves to call her dad about it.

Lily drops by the farm house to see Holden. She tells him that the shower was hard on her and she couldn't handle it. She's in tears and confesses that she can't stand to watch him marry Molly, even if she wants the best for him. Lily's decided to leave so she won't have to see it happen.

Dusty, Lucy and Johnny go to Al's for a meal. He fills her in on the Janet situation. The woman herself arrives and Dusty introduces them. Lucy and Dusty leave with Johnny and Janet sadly stares out the window at them.

Blackthorn drops by Craig's. He's concerned that Craig keeps asking him for more money and warns him that he'll need payback soon. He drinks Craig's scotch and offers to transfer the money immediately. When he leaves, he makes a call to Lucinda to say he's done what she asked.

Liberty meets Gabriel at Java. He wants to meet his sister but he'd be more comfortable if she was there when it happens.

Blackthorn goes to Al's to see Janet again and offers to take her to Chicago for a Cubs game.

In Old Town, Faith freaks out and calls Parker to tell him she's scared that her mom has run off. They talk about how their parents endlessly go back and forth. She's afraid her mom will do something weird and is determined to find her. She gets off the phone and runs into the woods screaming until she gets tired and sits in the grass. Parker finds her and she cries that everything always seems so sad. She feels terrible about all of the horrible things she's done to her mom. They remember when they were young and only trusted each other. Their families are both wrecks. She wonders what's wrong with her. He thinks she's fine and kisses her. They make out.

Back at the shower, Carly worries about Lily and Molly wonders why her party is all about Lily. Holden arrives and tells her that he saw Lily and she ran off upset. Carly pouts. Holden tells Molly that Lily won't be at the wedding. She thinks that's probably for the best.

Lily shows up at Craig's and asks him to leave town with her. Carly calls him and he tells her Lily is fine and hangs up. He gives Lily his shoulder to cry on and promises everything will be alright.

Next on As The World Turns:

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Lucy and Dusty kiss.

Henry wishes Barbara would come back and hears her voice.

Holden runs off to France on the eve of his wedding.

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