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    You've Lost Your Mind.

    Wednesday, July 14 2010
    Carly pushes Jack back, Reid gets an offer and Craig and Lily get close.

    At home, Luke encourages Reid to call Bob and ask for his job back. Reid isn't willing to do that. When he mentions they are in a 'relationship', Luke points it out. Reid begins complaining about Bob giving him an ultimatum and Luke tells him the hospital won't be ruined as long as he's there, no matter who owns it. Reid decides to go and see Bob.

    At the Lakview, Kim tells Bob that Mona has a crush on him and then moans about her company trying to buy the hospital. Bob admits he's having a hard time finding a replacement for Reid. She wanders off. He meets with Mona and they go over her picks for the hospital. Reid strolls in and asks to talk to him alone. Luke runs up behind him to prevent a rant and explains that Reid wants his job back. Mona says that ship has sailed. When the young men step aside, Bob makes a case for letting Reid back in. Mona warns him this isn't a good 'test case'. He assumes she has a problem with Reid because he's gay and informs her that the hospital is no longer for sale. Mona storms off and Luke and Reid return. They're impressed when Bob fills them in and Reid takes his job back. They rush off to celebrate and Kim returns so Bob tells her the latest. She giggles and wonders who he will find to replace himself.

    Reid and Luke stroll through Old Town and the doctor asks him out to the movies. Luke's impressed. Reid suggests they skip the movie and go back to Luke's. Bob calls and asks the doctor to meet him.

    Dusty and Janet wander into the Metro and joke around. He misses being with her. Jack and Carly arrive. Awkwardness abounds. Dusty invites them to join them for dinner. Carly agrees and they sit down and start gabbing. Janet goes to the restroom and Carly tells him how much she admires him hanging in with Janet. She returns and begins talking about how great moving into the cabin will be. Carly turns to Jack and asks why she was never told about this. Jack stutters through an explanation but things quickly turn into an argument and Carly storms out. Jack trails after her. Janet and Dusty decide never to have another double date. When he wanders off, Blackthorn walks in. "Blackie! Is that you?" she blurts out. They hug and catch up until Dusty returns and she introduces them. When Blackthorn leaves, she fills him in and he tells her that Blackie is a liar with a bad reputation. She thinks he's paranoid and storms off.

    Jack follows Carly home and tells her that he wanted to tell her about the cabin but things kept coming up. She feels humiliated. They begin arguing about everything and she says this is still about the guilt he feels over Brad. "I only want to be with you," he says, kissing her. He wants in her pants but she tells him they can't do it. He's confused. She doesn't want to rush things and reminds him of how recently he rejected her. He urges her to make a leap of faith but she's not ready and asks him to leave.

    Bob meets Reid at the Lakeview. He wants to recommend him to take over his position. Reid's flattered. Bob suggests he take it so he can work on his people skills. After he sends Reid off, Kim returns and he fills her in on what just happened. "You've lost your mind," she says.

    Reid goes over to Luke's and fills him in. Luke is shocked that he would actually consider the job. Reid asks him to help him become more of a human.

    In a flea filled motel room in New York City, Craig and Lily are working out their sleeping arrangements. She's stuck sleeping in the chair so he offers her the bed and then begins teasing her. The power goes out and the air conditioning with it. They decide to get drunk to forget about the heat. She thanks him for his help and then points out the mouse running around the room. She chucks an olive at it and leads it out the door. They begin talking about her failures and he assures her that her new company will not fail. They keep drinking and the topic of Holden comes up. He tells her to focus on the positive and stop listening to her mother. Craig breaks into a vending machine to get them some chips and then begins rubbing ice on her shoulder. He lists his romantic failures and tells her she's a good and beautiful woman. He wonders why they never got together. "How about you scarred my sister for life and slept with my mother?" she reminds him. They sit on the bed and he massages her feet.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Janet gets a card from Blackie.

    Dusty has Blackthorn investigated.

    Craig and Lucinda return to town.

    Lucinda is sent an image of Craig and Lily together.

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    Posted by adriana8900 at Wednesday, July 14 2010 12:05 PM

    loved dusty and janet flirting to bad they end up arguing

    Posted by KaiBo at Wednesday, July 14 2010 12:09 PM

    I love my Luke and Reid today. And I'm so glad Janet sent hot in the pants Jack packing for the night. I'm sure they will end up together which I want but glad Carly is not backing down. Oh here goes miss almighty Janet again. Dusty you can do so much better.

    Posted by smiley8338 at Wednesday, July 14 2010 12:18 PM

    Kaib: Dont you mean you're glad that Carly sent hot in the pants Jack packing for the night? lol :P

    Posted by KaiBo at Wednesday, July 14 2010 12:22 PM

    Yes that's what I meant, thanks

    Posted by north of the border at Wednesday, July 14 2010 12:23 PM

    Well there you have it our minute and a half of Luke/Reid for the week. See ya'll next week.

    I do have a theory... sweetcaoline please look away .....

    I think for all the gay positiveness on this soap, this is the slowest moving couple of ANY sexuality ever. Second only to Luke and Noah. The only reference to Luke and Noah having actual sex was.. and I could be wrong Luke and Noah were kinda boring... Was REID, sarcastically referring to Luke's bed as the bed that Luke and Noah made love in...

    They've stopped even kissing each other. Lily and Craig touched each other more today than Luke and Reid and LuRe has agreed to be in a relationship.

    So my theory is that the powers that WERE (done taping) are not all that comfortable with actual gay sex. We'll see. They certainly are parsing the relationship out very very very slowly.

    (maybe they are saving themselves for marriage...)

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, July 14 2010 12:32 PM

    Is it possible that Craig the monster is a romantic at heart? How fast did he go from Carly to Rosanne back to Carly and now Lily?

    Posted by cards1 at Wednesday, July 14 2010 01:54 PM

    I wish they would make that baby of Janet's, Dusty's and they would all leave town but I guess they will be here till the end, thank goodness for FF. and tomorrow the same deal, while Barbara is still locked up. Always good to see Bob/Kim. I have always like Jack/Carly but even they are getting on my nerves. I think these writers have ruined the character of Jack, it is so stupid about the cabin, and Janet will let poor old Jack help her on a cops salary but won't take help from rich Dusty whp is in love with her?GMAB

    Posted by Barb G at Wednesday, July 14 2010 03:56 PM

    North of the border - I agree with everything you said! Did you happen to see the results of the teaser poll this past weekend about who you wanted to see together this summer? The last I saw, they had over 75% of the total votes. No one else even got close to 10%. What's that tell you? It tells me that a LOT of people are pulling for this couple...even the ones who won't admit it publicly.

    And they didn't even hug today when Reid told Luke about the Chief of Staff position! Give me a break!!! Wouldn't it be great if they did get married before the show ended? But sadly, I don't see that happening in reality. It looks like Wednesdays are our only day to see this couple together...if we're lucky, that is! What a waste of such good talent in these two actors. Not to mention the best storyline on daytime TV today and it's going down the tubes! My only hope is that things pick up for them and we're not totally disappoined by the outcome of this couple's relationship. That would be a real bummer after all of this build up to them starting a relationship.

    At least I did enjoy the time I got to see them today. They are totally amazing together, even to a 55 year old middle-aged, open-minded woman who is enjoying this look into the life of a wonderful gay couple beginning a relationship together and falling in love with one another!

    Guess I'll talk to you next week! Have a great week and I'll be eagerly awaiting the previews for next week. Hopefully Luke and Reid will be on next week...something to look forward to!

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Wednesday, July 14 2010 05:29 PM

    Anyone who thinks that L/R is the best story line on daytime TV and that L/R is something to look forward too, seriously needs help. OMO

    Posted by shonette06 at Wednesday, July 14 2010 06:47 PM

    The guys were great today and they were so adorable, happy, and romantic even though I was a little disappointed that there was no kissing or something more than kissing. (Bob just had to call Reid at the wrong time). By the way LUKE AND REID FANS I think we will be happy with the episodes next week from the spoilers I’ve read so far and I can’t wait because I have the feeling that that the scenes are going to be so hot and romantic. Eric and Van are so amazing!!!

    Luke and Reid have the best storyline in daytime TV in my opinion and I look forward to seeing them all the time and as a matter of fact I have all their episodes and I don’t plan on getting rid of them because I LOVE Luke and Reid and they are my favorite daytime couple ever. As for needing help, I don’t think that refers to the people who like Luke and Reid because I am not going to dislike Luke and Reid just because they are gay characters. I don’t discriminate against people in general or TV characters because of their sexual orientation and I’m not going to stop liking Luke and Reid because somebody else thinks that it is sick. I like Luke and Reid and I will continue to like the characters, the actors, their relationship, and the fact that they actually make me want to continue watching this show until the end. Respond to my post or not but I will still like Luke and Reid no matter what anyone says whether it be about someone being sick or needing help.

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