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This Is A Disaster!

Thursday, July 08 2010
Chris considers leaving Oakdale, Vienna has Henry worried about the baby, and Emily is annoyed that everyone is concerned for Barbara.

In their Lakeview suite, Henry and Vienna take a breather from having sex all night. He is alarmed when he sees a rash all over her arms! Henry wants to examine her stomach but Vienna won't let him. She claims she is embarrassed and asks him to bring her water. She calls her fertility doctor, but when Henry returns he cries that the baby is lopsided! Vienna looks down to see her fake belly twisted wrong. He thinks all the sex moved the baby and wants to take her to a doctor, but she sends him to the homeopathic store for a special cream. After he leaves, Vienna cries that this is a disaster!

Outside of Al's diner, Katie is disappointed to see Chris flirting with another woman. Chris introduces Monique, a former co-worker who is getting ready to head to Haiti. Monique comments that she wishes Chris would join her and kisses him good-bye. Katie asks if he is seriously considering going. Chris points out he is capable of making a commitment when he wants to and then asks if she wants to be with him. Chris is tired of her flip-flopping, but Katie doesn't know what she wants. They are interrupted with a call from Vienna, who begs Katie to meet her at the hospital. Chris pleads with her not to leave, but she tells him to do what he wants.

At Fairwinds, Emily asks Paul to try on a sweater so they can go ahead and take a Christmas photo. He happily agrees because she's not mad at him anymore. Kim arrives and wonders if Paul has heard from Barbara. Kim is worried that something is wrong. Emily denies she is happy Barbara is gone, but thinks no news is good news. Kim agrees maybe Barbara does need time before she faces Henry again. Paul returns and Emily lies that she was talking to a housekeeper. Emily thinks that by making a card, it means that they will still be together at Christmas.

Still trapped in a warehouse, Barbara wakes up next to a clown and hallucinates that it has Henry's voice. Barbara talks to herself and decides to figure out a way to escape. She gets excited when she discovers a box of fireworks and matches! The firework goes flat. She tries again, but to no avail. She then discovers bigger fireworks. They start to go off. Barbara frets when she sees her clown is smoking. She cries out, "Henry I wouldn't hurt you!" As she hugs the clown, she thinks maybe karma is paying her back for all her terrible misdeeds. She goes through all of the horrible things she has done in the past, but believes it was all done out of love. Barbara then hears sirens and starts to yell for help!

Paul, Emily and Eliza head to Old Town and pose for a Christmas picture. Kim approaches and Paul is surprised Emily didn't mention that Kim came by looking for Barbara. Emily lies that it slipped her mind. Henry runs up asking for directions to the health food store and then asks if anyone has heard from Barbara. Everyone thinks it is strange that Barbara won't return calls, but Emily begs Henry to not call or look for Barbara! Emily goes off on a rant because everyone is so crazy for Barbara and wonders why they want to call in a search party for her. Kim tells Emily to get a grip, but Emily thinks if Barbara can survive James Stenbeck, she can survive getting over Henry. Emily then calms down and says Barbara is family and that will never change. After Kim leaves, Paul wonders what is going on with Emily. Emily mutters that Barbara isn't even there and managed to ruin their Christmas picture.

Chris stops by WOAK and tells Kim about the opportunity to go to Haiti. He admits he is tempted to go since Frannie and Sabrina are already there and have the experience of a lifetime. Kim gets blunt and thinks this all has to do with his feelings for Katie. Chris denies it does, but thinks Katie will be better off if he leaves. An exasperated Kim tells him he has no understanding of women. She points out how hurt Katie still is from losing Brad on what should have been the happiest day of their lives. She thinks Katie wants Chris to stay there for her and assure her he's not going anywhere. She then asks him what he is waiting for.

Emily and Paul return to Fairwinds and she apologizes for what she said about Barbara. Emily promises to do better because even though they have had their issues, Barbara is family and she'll find a way to accept her. Emily then goes through the mail and shows him a postcard from Barbara! The postcard says that Barbara is on a cruise to Bermuda. Emily thinks it should make Paul feel better, but he remains skeptical.

At the hospital, a doctor gives Vienna some medication to help with her allergic reaction. Katie arrives and Vienna explains she is having an adverse reaction to the fertility drugs. She cries that she is exhausted. Katie orders her to stop it and tell Henry the truth or she'll lose him for good! An angry Katie leaves, while Vienna looks torn. A frantic Henry arrives at the hospital and Vienna tells him that they lost the baby!

Katie sees Chris at the hospital in his lab coat and wonders why he is still there. A quiet Chris then asks for Katie to give him a reason to stay.

Next on As The World Turns:

Katie admits to Chris that she doesn't want him to go.

Paul tells Will and Gwen that Barbara is on a cruise, but Gwen says, "That doesn't make any sense because she was supposed to meet us in Carbondale yesterday!"

Barbara tries to escape and says, "When I get out of here, someone is going to get it!"

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