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    I Hope They Have Good Food.

    Friday, July 02 2010
    Barbara runs into problems when she tries to halt Henry and Vienna's wedding.

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    Posted by Shenandoahgal at Friday, July 02 2010 12:49 PM

    According to the previews for Monday the day I have long awaited has finally come. Please writers do not ruin the characters of Will & Gwen. I will be so disappointed if we can't keep our memories of this special couple. Thought that Katie & Chris were cute today. The new Chris is just as funny & appealing on ATWT as he was on GL. Still miss all those characters. Looking forward to get a good look at Will & Gwen and to see how much Hallie has grown. Vienna is getting on my last nerve and that is too bad as I used to really enjoy this character. Happy 4th to all of you.

    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, July 02 2010 01:48 PM

    I also wonder who knocked out Barbara. When is Iris return?

    If neither Katie, Vienna, or Emily did it, could it possibly have been Iris? Those red gloves looked so familiar to me.

    This has got to go down in soap opera history as the worst wedding ever....

    Posted by abc66soap at Friday, July 02 2010 02:12 PM

    Cannot stand the Henry and Vienna storyline with Katie. Katie is an idiot trying to help Vienna lie to Henry about the baby to get him to marry him. Some friend she is! Subconsciously getting back at Henry for setting the events in motion that got Brad killed. But hey, who was the one who butted in with Ralphie when she was pregnant and got pulled into the middle of everything. Katie herself. why don't the writers have Katie admit that she was the one who caused Brad's death with all her stupid meddling in other people's affairs.

    Posted by abc66soap at Friday, July 02 2010 02:16 PM

    yeah no needy janet and liberty today. they make me barf using the synders all the time. why is Janet moving in with Jack when she is supposely in love with Dusty. Cicconni women are only happy when they have two guys chasing after them. Janet with Jack and dusty, LIberty with Parker and Gabriel.

    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, July 02 2010 02:40 PM


    ITA...Henry just had sex with Vienna the day before their wedding and he made a comment about her not showing after being pregnant for several weeks. If he buys this sudden overnight baby bump, he needs to tag along with Meg...

    I liked what Henry told Paul - that losing their baby left he and Vienna broken. I'm thinking Vienna is suffering from postpartum depression. She never dealt with the loss of her baby and she thinks having another one will fill the void. The writers have Vienna behaving as a crazy woman. This is so far from the character that first appeared in Oakdale with Simon some years ago. What a shame to take her out this way. She too needs to tag along with Meg...

    Posted by Extra1 at Friday, July 02 2010 03:08 PM

    Katie is making me sick. She is letting her good friend Henry marry a liar and a cheat. How easily Vienna had sex so many time with Casey, just to get pregnant and LIE AGAIN to Henry and if she got pregnant let poor Henry think it is his baby. I am sick of this S/l. I hope Dusty doesn't keep crawling after Janet like a puppy, begging her to love him. Janet is a self-centered woman who is only out for herself. Jack is another lap dog to Janet. I hope Dusty will get his manhood back and tell Janet to go on and live with old Jack, and that he is tired of her whimpering and crying. Jack needs to find out that Janet is carrying Dusty's baby if she truly is. I think everyone will be surprised when it is Dusty's baby. I hope it is anyway. SICK OF JANET AND LIBERTY!!

    Posted by melissa333 at Friday, July 02 2010 06:07 PM

    I loved Paul and Henry today! I think they are great as brothers.

    Henry: Maybe I should lay off the booze.

    Paul: Yeah, maybe I should start.


    Posted by cards1 at Saturday, July 03 2010 07:27 AM

    I wish so much when Simon left town he would have took Katie with him! Her and Vienna are so immature. Guess she forgot how mad she was when Vienna lied to her about being pregnant. Love seeing Bob/Kim. and Paul/Henry like them as brothers. Still can't stand Emily, I hope they don't leave Meg's baby with her when this show ends. Who got Barbara? I wanted to see her tell Henry and then take Vienna's place as the bride. I hope he doesn't forgive Katie.

    Posted by Ilovevictor at Saturday, July 03 2010 07:33 AM

    What the heck is Katie thinking helping Vienna knowing that Henry has feelings for Barbara. Henry and Vienna being togther wont bring Brad back, I actually feel sorry for Babs.

    Posted by NORS at Saturday, July 03 2010 10:48 AM

    OK if Paul knew all along shoudn't he confided in Emily rather than treat her so badly.I guess he didn't trust her acting abilities. Meg's really gone nuts!!!!
    Someone should kidnap Katie, and put an end to all this nonsense. Barbara and Henry belong together. Please make it happen. Vienna needs to be booked in a room near Meg. Chris what the heck are you thinking? I wish Janet and Liberty would move far far away. Maybe Dusty and Carly should hookup. That way Jack ends up with the pain in the butt Janet. Mr&Mrs.Perfect(atleast by their standards). I'm really really sick of Janet. I can't wait for the return of Dr. John Dixon. I hope he shakes things up. Love him. Glad to see so many returning, I wish Martha could come back as Lily. When the heck are they going to have a tribute to Helen Wagner???? She was a wonderful actress and should be treated with RESPECT. Everyone will miss Nancy very much.

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