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    I Hope They Have Good Food.

    Friday, July 02 2010
    Barbara runs into problems when she tries to halt Henry and Vienna's wedding.

    Paul shows up at Henry's while he's trying on ties. He shows his brother the rings and wonders why he is so nervous. "Do you still have feelings for my mom?" Paul asks. Henry begins babbling about how great Barbara is until Paul stops him and tells him he may want to reconsider this marriage if he feels that way. Henry wants a drink but his brother thinks he needs to keep a clear head. Henry claims he needs to let things be even if it kills him inside. Paul realizes he's truly smitten. Henry runs out for a drink.

    Barbara gasps in shock at she watches the surveillance footage at Fashions and realizes Vienna isn't pregnant.

    At Katie's, she begs Vienna to come clean with Henry but that's not going to happen. Vienna is sure Henry will forget all about Barbara once they're married. Barbara calls and begins taunting her about her fertility potion and tells her she has proof her pregnancy is a fraud. She offers to let her leave town immediately; otherwise, she'll blow the wedding sky high. Vienna dares her to do it and Barbara refuses to back down. Getting off the phone, Vienna panics and Katie advises her to tell her fiancé everything. Katie runs off, rushing right past Chris in the hall.

    Bob and Kim are having coffee at Java. He wonders why she is so antsy so she explains that she's expecting Barbara to show up and make a scene. They discuss Chris and Katie and worry he's moving too fast with her. They rehash his romantic failures and worry he'll take off again.

    Emily and Barbara bump into each other in Old Town and begin bickering. They sling the dirt back and forth before launching threats. Barbara rips up Emily's dress. As they yell, Bob and Kim arrive as Emily complains about how she will now be late for the wedding. Barbara screams about how tired she is of being 'the nice girl' and storms off. Emily stomps off in the other direction. "I hope they have good food at this thing," Bob says.

    Barbara is caught trying to break into Henry's room by a concierge. He tells her to move on. She paces down the hall and searches for her phone until someone grabs her from behind and knocks her out.

    Paul and Henry are in the bar at the Lakeview. Paul is trying to keep his brother sober and repeats that he can't marry Vienna if he loves Barbara. Henry runs over all the reasons he has to go through with the wedding and Paul backs down.

    Chris tracks down Katie. She seems disturbed and dusts herself off, explaining that she had to run all over town looking for Barbara. She finally stopped herself because she realized that she only cares about Vienna's love life because she doesn't have one. She cries about Brad and how she wants her old life back. They go over the day they've been having and she tells him Barbara may be detained for the wedding. He goes to get the car while she changes out of her dirty clothes.

    Bob and Kim arrive at Al's. He scopes out the hors d'oeuvres and they joke around about being newlyweds. They hope Chris and Barbara can get something like what they have. Henry arrives, greets everyone and starts drinking. Everyone guesses he's drinking because of Barbara. Josiah, the clergyman, arrives, dressed as Vulcan. Henry continues to drink and Bob starts to wonder if he can stand through the ceremony. Paul is about to leave to look for his wife when she walks in, ranting about his mom. She assures him his mother won't be coming and tells him not to call her. Vienna rushes in and declares that she has something important to say. He notices that she is showing all of a sudden. She declares that she wants to marry him right now. Chris and Katie arrive and Paul calls everyone to take their places. Everyone looks around for Barbara. Josiah begins the ceremony.

    Barbara is seen unconscious in a warehouse.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Barbara is sure Vienna locked her up.

    Henry and Vienna get married.

    Janet tells Dusty she'll be living with Jack.

    Carly won't wait around for Jack.

    Will and Gwen return to town.

    Craig offers to take care of Lucinda for Lily.

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    Posted by adriana8900 at Friday, July 02 2010 12:01 PM

    can't wait for dusty and janet scenes next week

    Posted by adriana8900 at Friday, July 02 2010 12:01 PM

    can't wait for dusty and janet scenes next week

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Friday, July 02 2010 12:07 PM

    Who knocked Barbara out? Emily, Vienna or Katie?
    How pathetic is Vienna!

    Posted by simscb at Friday, July 02 2010 12:08 PM

    Seems like Katie is the one who used chloroform to knock out Barbara. Why else would she be dirty and disheveled when she goes home to change? Guess whose voice comes from the clown with whom Barbara is locked up? ...none other that Henry's voice.

    I didn't think the wedding would finally take place. Katie is going to be the one who will tell Henry the truth about Vienna's deception.

    Where it goes from there, I have no idea.

    I love Paul and Henry's comraderie.

    Posted by simscb at Friday, July 02 2010 12:13 PM

    Blesseddiva: ITA Vienna is one pathetic, desperate woman to have gone through the lengths she has to marry Henry.

    *****SPOILER ALERT*****
    After the wedding, Vienna goes to the bathroom, tells Henry that she lost the baby. In reality, the herbal junk she drank to become fertile makes her SICK. LMBO

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Friday, July 02 2010 12:16 PM

    Loved seeing Bob & Kim today. Thought that Bob was funny with his comment---"I hope they have good food at this thing". Loved the way Kim rolled her eyes.
    All in all I thought that todays show was very good.

    Posted by KaiBo at Friday, July 02 2010 12:18 PM

    It appears on the preview that Vienna and Henry do get married. I don't really like the whodunnit when it comes to what happened to Barbara. I hope it doesn't take too long to expose the mystery person and if it's Kate, I will lose allrespwct for her. I don't think it's Emily, too many hints pointing at her.
    With that said, looking forward to next week

    Posted by Sinsue at Friday, July 02 2010 12:41 PM

    Vienna is the most pathetic woman I have ever heard of. ot only pathetic but stupid as well!!! OK--you're not pregnant, now all of a sudden you have a baby bump. Did she ever think about how she will get pregnant now without him seeing "the baby" tied around her waist.LOL Beautiful and pathetic. Poor Henry doesn't deserve what she is doing to him.

    Posted by shorty1943 at Friday, July 02 2010 12:47 PM

    Just how stupid is Katie? Can she not look at Henry and see he is not happy about marrying Vienna, does she actually think that he knows that there is no baby!! He looks like his dog just died and she is smiling like it is so wonderful.......she is worse than I ever thought, if she does not stop this sham of a marriage, and looks like she does not. And Chris....what is up with his being so dumb? Was hoping that Casey would show up and say that he and Vienna had sex....seems like no one else cares to clue Henry in on anything....well, maybe Barbara but someone took care of that! It will not be Katie or Emily because that is too easy, but who would it have been?? Vienna probably hired someone to do it for her........she is such a loser! We all know it is a given that Vienna will not have Henry, but man it is getting old waiting for it to all come to a head!!

    Loved Kim and Bob, sometimes I forget just how classy they both are. Also loved Paul and Henry, they play off of one another perfect! Oh well, guess we must wait until next week!!

    Everyone have a great 4th and enjoy your families!

    Posted by KaiBo at Friday, July 02 2010 12:48 PM

    So on yesterday's episode she wasn't showing but today she had a bump and noone questions that. One more thing. If Katie has this big epiphany, why didn't she open her big mouth and tell Henry the truth?

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