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    Cool As An Iceberg In Hell.

    Thursday, July 01 2010
    Barbara discovers Vienna's latest trick, Henry hyperventilates and Ali gets a letter from Mick.

    Vienna rushes over to Katie's. She's a ball of nerves and worries about where Henry spent the night, Katie tries to calm her fears but Vienna is freaked out that Barbara knows she was knocking boots Casey. "Make Barbara go away," Vienna begs. Katie suggests she try telling the truth but Vienna isn't going to take a chance like that. She plays the Brad card and suggests that he would want her to be with Henry. Katie decides to help her get ready for the wedding.

    Henry is sleeping at a table in the Lakeview when Barbara walks over and wakes him. He leaps up and asks for a caffeine IV drip. When he tells her he spent the night apart from Vienna, she assumes his fiancée came clean with him and tells him it was for the best. He's perplexed. She covers and they flirt. He wants them to be friends and asks her not to make this any harder than it is. Vienna and Katie peer through the doorway at them. Vienna worries that Barbara is ratting her out so she calls Henry and tells him not to run late for their wedding. Barbara walks Henry out and then spots Vienna. She sashays over and wonders why Henry is marrying someone who treats him like a dishrag. Katie loads Vienna into the elevator and Barbara marches off.

    At the hospital, Casey tells Alison that he's officially not a father. They stutter through thanking and congratulating each other and he gives her a hug. Playing detective with her was a good time. She wonders how they can entertain themselves now... He suggests they crash the wedding but they agree that's a bad idea. They decide to get together later. He bustles off and a nurse hands her a letter. It's from Mick.

    Barbara rushes into the dressing room at Fashions. She thinks Vienna is in there and tells her that she's giving her an hour to come clean with Henry or she will tell him everything. When there's no answer, she tears the curtain open and discovers it's someone else in the changing booth. Barbara storms out and spots Vienna paying for something on the street.

    Henry is in the graveyard talking to Brad's headstone. He misses him and longs for his advice. Although he loves Vienna, he can't get Barbara out of his head. She put him back together and needed him in a way that Vienna never could. He worries he's making the worst decision of his life. When he hears a noise, he fears the ghost has returned but it's just Katie. She asks him if he's having second thoughts. "I'm on my third round of them," he says. He wants to do what's best but... She tells him he belongs with Vienna and reminds him of how happy the four of them were when Brad was around. Katie begs him not to let go of that. After he leaves, she talks to Brad, hoping she just did the right thing and everything will work out. She admits that there is someone in her life now but no one will ever take away what she feels for him.

    At Fairwinds, Paul tries to impress Emily with the orange juice he made. She still wishes he'd confided in her. Emily may be willing to forgive him, but she's not about to forgive his mother. He thinks she's overreacting and urges her to be tolerant. Ali shows up and Paul leaves the women to talk. Alison admires her new ring and then shows her the letter from Mick and asks her to open it. Em reads the letter to her. Mick wrote about how he is integrating his personalities together and constantly thinking about her. He wants to know if they ever have a chance. Ali wants to forget about this and explains that she and Casey are getting close again. Em tells her to burn the letter and focus on the future.

    Barbara sneaks into the back of Vienna's car. They go to Chinatown. After Vienna picks something up, Barbara tries bribing the man Vienna met with for information. He won't explain but hands her his card. He sells herbs to battle infertility and warts.

    Henry goes to Fairwinds to see his brother. "I'm cool as an iceberg in Hell," Henry says. Paul teases him. His brother asks him to be his best man. Paul says he would be honored and offers him some champagne. Emily walks in and congratulates them both. Henry begins hyperventilating when he realizes he forgot to get rings. Emily blames it all on Barbara. Paul begs everyone to forget about his mother so they can get on with the wedding. Everyone gets dressed and Em and Paul continue bickering about his mom.

    Barbara returns to Fashions right after Vienna leaves with her wedding dress. She notices there are surveillance cameras in the dressing room. She hangs out until the clerk steps away and then checks the surveillance footage to find Vienna putting on the baby belly.

    Vienna goes to Katie's with her dress and her fake baby belly. Katie wishes she would just tell Henry the truth. Vienna pours the herbs she bought into some water and gulps it down. She continues to worry about Barbara and Katie tells her to think positive thoughts.

    At the hospital, Alison starts burning the letter from Mick when Casey walks in. She explains that it was a letter from Mick and tells him what was in the letter. She admits that she feels scared and anxious, but burning the letter makes her feel like letting go of the past.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Barbara threatens Vienna.

    Katie tells Vienna to do what she has to do.

    Paul tells Henry he can't marry Vienna if he loves Barbara.

    Barbara is knocked out.

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    Posted by shorty1943 at Thursday, July 01 2010 12:28 PM

    Hopefully by this time tomorrow, Hank and Babs will finally be together and Vienna will be on her horse riding out of town never to return!! Go Barbara!!

    I loved Paul and Henry together today, how cute were they? And he was so funny with Emily...hope things work out for them and also that Paul and Henry can get close and be the best of buds!

    Not a lot to say about Katie! How sad that all she can think of is herself and Vienna, all the while treating her best friend, Henry like dirt...........I pray that Henry never, ever forgives her for taking part in all of this. She is a horrible person and I wish they would write her out of the show NOW!!

    Posted by shorty1943 at Thursday, July 01 2010 12:32 PM

    I forgot to add, I hope that stuff that Vienna is drinking will turn her into a toad or make her have warts all over her face. You know it is going to cause a problem because Katie made too big of a deal out of her taking it..what ever it is she deserves it!!

    Loved Allison today...but I always have!

    Posted by fullz at Thursday, July 01 2010 12:34 PM

    I hate the fact that Katie talks about this great love she and Brad had - what a joke. The only reason they got together was because Carly wanted Jack back and the only way for that to happen was get Katie out of his life, so Carly convinced Brad to go after Katie. I never bought their love for each other.

    Posted by cbruns71471 at Thursday, July 01 2010 01:42 PM

    How nice that Paul and Henry are acting like brothers

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, July 01 2010 03:34 PM

    I love Barbara with Henry. She is so good for him.
    Vienna is a TOAD, deceitful witch and cheated with Casey.
    I am hoping Barbara will regain consciousness, goes to the wedding and STOPS IT! She will be the one to reveal the truth to poor, niave Henry. He deserves better.

    Send Vienna packing right back from whence she came. Never could stand her whining and crawling all over Henry. I simply HATE the character. She has been going through desperate measures to make Henry think she is pregnant. Leave Oakdae, WITCH.

    Posted by Extra1 at Thursday, July 01 2010 03:41 PM

    Katie has no brains. I hope Chris will stop going after her. She and Vienna need to leave town.Poor Henry has always been at Katie's beckon call. I used to like Vienna, but she is just a rotten woman now. She used poor Casey, and tossed him aside like a dishrag. Henry is being lied to, treated badly and used by Vienna and Katie. Please, let Vienna be exposed for all her lying. I don't know if I like Barbara togetherm but I sure as heck like them together better than Henry and Vienna. I hope Mick gets well, and Allyson and he get together. He was just a victim of James Steinbeck. He truly loves Allyson. I think she loved him, too , and still does.

    Posted by GLandWT at Thursday, July 01 2010 03:53 PM

    I can't believe Barbara can feel the way she does about Henry, her son's brother; her ex-husband James' son. That is just too close for comfort. I love Barbara and always will; however, I just don't like how the writers paired her with her son's brother. They could have given Barbara an older gentleman to sail away with her as ATWT comes to an end. The pilot was a good choice.

    I don't like the advice Kim gave Barbara on yesterday; however, I understand why - Kim herself had an affair with her sister's husband (Bob) and got pregnant - later marrying Bob.

    This has got to be one of the longest day in Oakdale. Vienna's running all over town, getting fitted for her wedding dress, visiting Katie, etc. and Barbara trotting right behind her. The writers are so wrong for this particular s/l. Just what time is the wedding to take place?

    I wonder if Austin Peck is getting paid every time ATWT shows his picture?

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, July 01 2010 04:11 PM

    Since Barbara is NOT a blood relative to Henry, why not be a couple?

    Doesn't matter that James fathered both of them. All I care about is Henry's happiness and he will NEVER be happy with Vienna.

    Maybe before the show folds, it will be revealed that he is NOT James' son. Now, that would be a good one.

    Posted by Peteena at Thursday, July 01 2010 04:14 PM

    Come on, Babs, why are you letting that Swedish witch off the hook? Why don't you just tell Henry now? Why doesn't someone, anyone, JUST TELL HENRY?! Half the cast knows now and still no one will tell him.

    I like Henry and Paul as (half) brothers. Brothers who don't trust one another for a nanosecond but are trying to get along and be brothers.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again (probably a few more times before the end) - KATIE SHUT UP!

    Dear God, please don't let them bring back Mick and the stringy-haired, scenery chewing fool who played him!

    Posted by shorty1943 at Thursday, July 01 2010 04:25 PM

    I loved the fact that Henry stated that Vienna was not showing one night and the next day she is all nice and big with a baby bump!! My goodness writers, give us a little credit but I do love the fact that she is so stupid, she runs right out the next day and buys her a baby and straps it to her!!

    I love Henry and Barbara together but I do wish he would get some b*lls and stand up for what he wants. Vienna and Katie start on him and he just turns into a blithering idiot.....stand up for what you want silly man. Chris needs to lose his license for his part in Katies little Carly says, he needs to get his brain out of his boxers!!!

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