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Friday, June 25 2010
Jack and Janet do Lamaze, Craig scopes out new business and Meg gets out and flips out.

Lucinda follows her daughter around her house and continues badgering her about Holden. Lily makes excuses but her mom won't drop it. Her mother wonders what she will do with the rest of her life, alone and lonely... Lucinda suggests that she come back to work for her. Lily just wants to be a mother but her mother thinks she needs to find some focus.

At Carly's Jack tells her not to take the money Craig is offering her from the insurance company. She doesn't want to turn down five million dollars but Jack says it's not worth the pain it will cost her in the long run. She sends Craig away and then argues with Jack, claiming she needs the money for Parker. He says she can always count on him financially. She'd rather have cash in the bank. He shrugs and leaves.

Barbara goes down to the cells to taunt Emily. She lets her know that Paul is moving Meg back into Fairwinds. Emily finds that hard to believe and Barb keeps pushing her buttons.

Paul shows up at Memorial to get Meg and bring her back to Fairwinds with him. He assures her that Emily will never hurt her. Meg smiles.

Janet is surprised to see Dusty walks into the farm house. She complains again about how he lied to her and insists that she is where she needs to be. After he leaves, Jack arrives. She complains about losing her Lamaze partner so he offers to take Dusty's position. She doesn't want him to feel obligated but he's eager to get involved.

Carly takes the check to Java and shows it to Parker. He's stunned. She suggests that he give her the money instead of placing it in a trust again. He agrees to let her invest his money.

Jack and Janet are touring the hospital birthing rooms and discussing labor. They talk about what great parents they will be. When they join the class, they face awkward questions from other parents. When the session ends, she tells him it felt natural to be there with him.

At the Lakeview, Johnny gives Dusty a hug. Craig sends the child upstairs with the nanny and then offers Dusty a business deal. He wants to buy into WorldWide. Dusty's not interested. Craig threatens to use Johnny as leverage. Dusty bristles.

Paul and Meg return to Fairwinds. He tries to get her to relax so she takes his hand. Emily and Barbara burst in and the arguments begin. Emily and Paul throw accusations around until Eliza is brought in. Emily bites her lip as Meg holds the baby. Paul orders Emily out and asks Barbara to leave as well. The women storm off. Meg gleefully talks about holding her child and goes upstairs with her and Paul. After they put her to bed, they go back downstairs once Meg has changed into something that shows more cleavage. She tells him how much this is like old times and wonders how she could show him how much this all means to her. As they get close, he says this might not be a good idea. He gets a business call and then declares he has to leave for Chicago. Paul agrees to leave her alone with Eliza as long as she agrees to call someone for help if she needs it.

At the Lakeview, Emily calls her mom and thanks her for bailing her out. Barbara pops up and they launch back into their argument. Paul arrives and announces he's left Meg alone with Eliza. He threatens to have Emily arrested if she steps near his house. He plods off and calls Meg to check in, assuring her that he will see her tomorrow. She thanks him.

Dusty drops by WorldWide to tell Lucinda what happened with Craig. She suggests they offer Craig a deal he can't afford so he can't complain that they didn't offer. Dusty smirks.

Craig arrives at Lily's and hands her flowers. He thanks her for her support. She tells him not to blow his newest chance. He reminds her of the perfume company he wanted to start and suggests she run it with Carly but not tell her he's involved. She refuses so he tries to guilt her into it.

At Fairwinds, Meg dumps a photo of Emily and Paul into a drawer. Emily suddenly shows up and challenges her to make her leave. She vows that she will get the truth, whatever it takes. Meg takes a bunch of pills and says she will convince the cops that she tried to poison her. Then she whips out a gun and levels it at Emily's head.

Craig goes to see Dusty at WorldWide. Dusty hands him an estimate on what the business is worth. Craig thinks it's outrageous and threatens to keep Johnny away from him. Dusty won't negotiate so Craig vows this isn't over.

At home, Carly meets with Lily and they discuss the perfume idea. They agree to put all of their differences aside so they can keep themselves busy.

Next on As The World Turns:

Chris and Katie kiss.

Vienna asks Katie to hep her get rid of Barbara.

Barbara turns to Henry for help saving Meg from Emily.

Meg takes a shot at Emily.

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