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    Friday, June 25 2010
    Jack and Janet do Lamaze, Craig scopes out new business and Meg gets out and flips out.

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    Posted by jackknife at Monday, June 28 2010 07:22 AM

    An AIDS epidemic hits the hospital and all the gays end up in the ER where some homeless person enters and blows himself up along with all the poor unfortunate patients. Then a SWAT team breaks into Pauls house and machine-guns crazy Meg along with her also-crazy buddinski mother, thus ridding the show early of two of the worst actors ever to be written as characters in this show. Then Jack, finally blowing his top, pulls out his weapon and plugs Carly in the mouth, thus finally shutting her up for good. Upon hearing the shots, Dusty enters Carly's house, sees Jack standing over her while laughing and knocks him beside his head using that famous poker, but Jack, being the hard-head that he is, turns and plugs Dusty betwen the eyes. Bob, with his entire family in tow, happens to drive by, sees the ruckus and begins to give aid. Jack, meanwhile, comes to his senses and blames Paul for the murders. Tom calls Margo, and, after a few seconds,she arrives on the scene. Seeing Jack still with a gun in his hand, empties her gun, making Swiss cheese out of Jack. While all this is going on, Paul, fresh from seeing Emily murdered, views the scene while madly running down the street pushing the baby in a carriage. Margo quickly reloads and commands Paul to stop Never the one to listen to reason, he continues to run faster, Margo begins firing at Paul. Meanwhile, Henry, Barbara and Vienna happen upon the scene and are killed by the wild firestorm of bullets generated by Margo. Not to be outdone, Janet with Liberty in tow just happens by and begins to whine about Dusty. At that moment, Liberty comes out of remission and collapses on the spot. Brad suddenly appears, thinks Janet cradling Liberty in her arms caused her demise, picks up the poker and dispatches Janet with one blow, then disappears. While this is going on Molly decides she WILL marry Holden and kills Lily with a handy pitchfork. Ever lurking, Craig sees the deed and calls Margo. With a cell in one hand and her weapon in another, Margo takes off to get Molly. Still yet Will and his innocent family arrive in a car and are brutally killed by Margo careening wildly after Molly. She also dies in the crash. Craig, tired of waiting for Margo, takes action on Molly. He's surprised when Molly pulls out the gun she used before and shoots Craig in his heart. Before he dies, he manages to strangle Molly to her death. Now the only cast that's left are the kids and who cares about them? The last we see of Paul is him still running like the wind pushing that baby carriage. Camera pans the sceen and fades to black.

    Posted by dafyduc at Monday, June 28 2010 08:02 AM

    What is there to save? The storylines are the worst I have ever seen. "B" movies have better plots.

    Posted by GLfan85 at Monday, June 28 2010 10:19 AM

    wooo hoooo I hope Meg doesn't miss!!!!!

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