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    The Universe Is In Balance.

    Thursday, June 24 2010
    Craig is released, Lily tells Holden how she feels and Janet moves in with Jack.

    Craig strolls into the station with Tom and gloats to Jack that all the charges against him have been dropped. "The universe is in balance once again," Craig says. Tom explains that there was no evidence of arson and the judge thought Craig was a victim of police harassment. This also means that Craig will get the insurance payout so now he is free and rich. Jack warns Craig that he'll be waiting for him to screw up. Craig's not impressed.

    Liberty hurries into Al's and tells her mom that he has a job at Fashions. Janet's surprised and doesn't think she should push herself too hard. Liberty is sure she can handle it. They sit down and debate about Dusty. Liberty takes his side and asks her mother to give him another chance.

    At WOAK, Lucinda is happy that Molly is finally backing out of the marriage. Lucinda taunts her until Carly arrives and Molly breaks the news that there will be no wedding day. Lucinda putters off and Molly tells Carly that Lily knows that truth about Silas' death.

    When Liberty rushes out to work, she runs into Gabriel on the street. He tells her that he's calmer and more cheerful now. They chat about Craig, who suddenly walks by to announce that the charges against him have been dropped. He thinks this is a great chance for him and his son, but Gabriel isn't interested. Liberty takes Craig's side. Tom walks over and hands Craig a check from the insurance company for twenty six millions dollars. Tom leaves and the father and son bicker. Craig asks him how much money he took from Lucinda. Gabriel storms off and Liberty trails after him. She asks him where he's been getting all of his money and tells him to be careful about how he judges people.

    Jack goes into Al's and Janet complains about her daughter getting a job. She stops complaining about her problems and he asks her to move back to the farm with him. Janet thinks that would be a step backward. "Think of this as a stepping stone," he says. She gives in.

    Molly and Carly go to Java and talk. Molly doesn't know what to do. She tells Carly how afraid she was of Silas and how sure she was he would never go away. Carly advises her to fight for the person she loves. Taking the moral high road is a waste of time and she should do anything she has to.

    By the water, Holden and Lily argue about the shooting and she accuses him of only rushing this wedding so he won't have to testify against Molly. He makes a case for why Molly did the right thing. He thinks Lily's just annoyed because he's marrying another woman. She warns him that he could be sent to jail if the courts find out he was an accessory to murder. He begs her to look in her heart and let this go. She reminds him about their kiss the other day. She loves him and wants him back. Holden says that she will always be in his heart but their marriage is over and she needs to let go. She walks away and he sadly stares out at the water.

    Craig goes to see Carly at her place to tell her that he is now free and rich. He hands her part of the settlement - five million dollars. She wonders what strings are attached to it. After she makes sure the check is legit, she tells him to get lost. Before he leaves, Jack arrives and she tells him about the check. He takes it out of her hands and hands it back to Craig.

    Gabriel meets Lisa at the Lakeview to interview for a bartending job. She snipes about Craig and tells him to watch his back with his father. Gabriel defends his father. Liberty stands nearby and listens in. As Gabriel storms off, she follows him.

    Janet meets her daughter at Fashions and they talk about moving back to the farm. Janet thinks it will all be fine so Liberty teases her.

    Holden storms into WorldWide to see Lucinda. He tells her that he is standing by Molly and if she doesn't let this go, she will regret it.

    Lily goes to WOAK to see Molly, who doesn't want to listen to her. She says that she's leaving town and asks how much more suffering she needs to see. "I haven't won, you have," Lily says, handing her the forensics report. Molly's confused as Lily tears it up and tells her she's free to marry Holden.

    Lucinda goes to Lily's and tells her daughter that they are doing the right thing. Lily explains that she told Molly to go ahead and marry Holden. Lucinda is appalled but Lily is sure that he loves Molly now.

    Holden goes to the farm house and Molly tells him she's not going anywhere. She tells him what Lily did and he suggests that they wait so he can give her the wedding she's always dreamed of.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Jack tells Carly she will never be shut of Craig if she takes the money.

    Emily and Barbara argue through the bars.

    Paul brings Meg to Fairwinds.

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    Posted by adriana8900 at Thursday, June 24 2010 12:06 PM

    loved liberty advice to janet about dusty can't wait for dusty and janet scenes tommorrow

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Thursday, June 24 2010 12:07 PM

    Slow moving show today, but fairly good. Especially without you know whoooooo!

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, June 24 2010 12:08 PM

    I don't get Janet, the man who loves you (Dusty) sets up a house for you, gives you money via a fake inheritance and you would rather move in with Jake, the man who dumped you for his alcoholic/lying ex?

    I love that Carly is consistent. She never takes the moral high ground. Watch, when given a choice between $5million and Jack, she will choose the money.

    Jack is too righteous for anyone other than Katie

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, June 24 2010 12:10 PM

    Was Craig giving Carly the money to replace Parker's inheritance? (I am asking because I haven't watched the show yet, just read the recaps).

    Posted by t-marie at Thursday, June 24 2010 12:23 PM

    who is jack? why do he think he is why he think he right he mess things up for janet and carly take that money go go run leave g-man hanging because janet is going take jack back ......

    Posted by athena8785 at Thursday, June 24 2010 12:44 PM

    blesseddiva katie is just as manipulative as carly. just because she is being good right now doesnt mean that she is all the time.

    Posted by inluvwATWT at Thursday, June 24 2010 12:53 PM

    Have they forgotten Craig stole Parkers inheritence and the money should go to Parker? Have I missed something or is this just stupid?

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, June 24 2010 12:53 PM

    So Craig got a check for 26 million and only gives Carly 5 million. Isn't the payment from the insurance company for the building CARLY OWNED? WTH is going on?

    Where is Parker's money that Craig stole, was blackmailed by his son? Gabriel took loads of blackmail money from Lucinda. Where's the JUSTICE here?

    Jack had no business taking Carly's check. It isn't his money. Now he is going to be living at the farm with Janet. Where is Dusty? Go get your woman, Dusty. She was a big fool to give you the heave-ho and will live to regret it.

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Thursday, June 24 2010 12:55 PM

    Blesseddiva, no Craig was giving Carly money from the Insurance on Monte Carlo. He has no intention of repaying Parker's Trust Fund. (Although, I think he has enough to cover what he stole). I'm sick of Jack constantly judging/trying to run Carly's life. He walked away again, so keep stepping. Janet is a judgemental fool like Jack; they belong together. Carly and Dusty should hook up just to teach Jack and Janet a lesson. Then it should be revealed that Dusty is really the father of Janet's baby. Her head would explode.

    Posted by Barb G at Thursday, June 24 2010 01:02 PM

    Hi all...what can I say? Janet, Carly, Lily, Lucinda, in fact, all the women of Oakdale need to get a life!!! Jack is pompous, Craig is sneaky, Holden's a saint, Bob has become self-righteous, Gabriel is a pain in the butt, poor Parker has his hands full trying to raise his mother, Noah's becoming really irritating... On the other hand, Luke and Reid keep shining on. Didn't get to comment on yesterday's happenings, but I thought it was very touching, especially the looks in their eyes and Reid stitching up the teddy bear! Just about broke my heart... Hope next week holds some happiness for Oakdale's favorite couple! That would be Luke and Reid, just in case you had any doubts! Have a good evening!!!

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