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Love Chooses You.

Tuesday, June 22 2010
Reid must choose between work and love, Chris lays out his feelings for Katie, Lily wonders what Molly is hiding, and Holden makes a bold proposal.

Luke goes to Java and sees Noah working. Luke thinks he should be making films. Noah is surprised to hear that Luke is no longer with Reid. Luke blurts out that Reid is a jerk and a user. Noah softly says that he is truly sorry.

Reid meets Bob at the Lakeview for a meeting. Bob cautions Reid that Luke will be at the meeting. An agent named Mona arrives and Bob boasts how talented Reid is. When Mona mentions making a profit, Reid gets snarky and says he isn't interested in profits. Luke arrives and boasts that he is. Bob gets a page from the hospital and leaves. Mona asks Luke what his role will be. Luke claims his role is personal and Reid is clinical. Luke thinks human compassion must be shown to each and every patient. Reid gets uncomfortable and leaves to go back to the hospital.

Katie goes to Memorial for Jacob's doctor appointment. She is surprised to discover that Chris is filling in for Jacob's regular doctor. Chris performs the exam and tells Katie that Jacob worships her. Katie thanks Chris again for not saying anything about Vienna breaking into the hospital records and for his friendship. Chris claims that they are not friends and he risked his career because he knows they have feelings for one another. He then tells her she should take off her wedding ring and live again. An upset Katie says she still feels like Brad's wife and she won't betray him with anyone else. Bob approaches them and comments that Jacob looks just like Brad. After Katie leaves, Bob tells Chris he is concerned about him and Katie. Chris claims he is just Katie's friend. Bob thinks that Katie is still deeply grieving and if the situation were different, they would be a great couple. Bob asks Chris to slow down and give Katie time to come around on her own time.

At the farm, Molly goes through wedding magazines but is distracted by a gossip magazine with her and Silas on the cover. She hallucinates that she sees blood on her hands and freaks out and leaves!

Holden meets Lily at her house. Holden is worried about his children being exposed to Craig and Gabriel. An angry Lily yells that she is a good mother and the living situation is temporary. Holden thinks there should be another way. Lily reminds him that Molly is a murderer. Holden claims it is a clear-cut case of self-defense. Lily points out that she saw him and Molly destroying evidence at the pond. Molly arrives and says, "If you want answers, ask me." Holden claims they owe no one any explanations. Molly says she likes taking care of herself, unlike Lily. Molly claims the DVDs she was burning were part of her past and she was getting rid of it. Lily doesn't think that environment is good for her children and her past deeds will come back to haunt her. Molly angrily says she is leaving with her fiancé to plan her wedding.

Luke goes to see Lily at home and she explains that Holden is marrying Molly. Luke thinks it is okay for Lily to be upset about it. Lily admits she does, but she has to let go because Holden has moved on. Luke thinks Lily is hiding something. Lily hides her suspicions from Luke and tells him she is going to follow his example by how he moved on from Noah with Reid. Luke informs her that his romance with Reid fizzled out. Lily doesn't think Reid is very smart for being a brain surgeon.

Molly and Holden return home to the farm. He wants to focus on planning the wedding and starts to look through the wedding magazines. He sees the gossip magazine and asks her why she bought it. Molly breaks down and admits she can't get that night out of her head and sees the blood and still smells the gunpowder. Molly worries that Lily will run her mouth. Holden doesn't care what Lily thinks and wants to marry her. She asserts that Silas is still in her thoughts calling her a whore. She goes on to admit that Lily is right that she can't just walk away from her past. She cries that she wants to call off the wedding! Holden orders her to forget about Lily and let him keep her safe. He tells her they should get married today!

Katie returns home to an angry Reid. Reid tells Katie that Bob made him choose between work and Luke. Katie thinks you don't choose love, it chooses you. Reid says he feels like he is coming out of his skin. Katie starts to get emotional and says maybe he should give love a chance and risk getting his heart broken again. Reid wonders if she is still talking about him. Katie claims she is talking about him and that she had her one great love with Brad. Katie thinks Luke brings out the best in him. Reid can't choose to walk away from the hospital. Katie orders him to go for it and shoves him out the door! Immediately after Reid leaves, Chris arrives and he tells her that he understands how she feels and from now on he is out of her life. He leaves a disappointed Katie.

Reid goes to the hospital and hands Bob his resignation!

Luke returns to Java and to see Noah. They make small talk about Holden and Lily. Luke says they had a beautiful time together and even though it's over, it doesn't mean it wasn't important. Noah understands. Reid walks in and sees Luke and Noah laughing together.

Lily goes to Lucinda's office and a private investigator arrives with foresnics on the Silas shooting. Lily opens the envelope and is shocked by what she sees!

Next on As The World Turns:

Luke tells Reid he can't pretend like he doesn't exist.

Noah tells Luke that Reid quit his job at the hospital and did choose him over work.

Lucinda tells Lily that they now have the evidence they need to stop Holden from marrying Molly.

Holden tells Molly he wants to fall asleep next to his wife. Molly says, "I do."

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