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Not My G-Man Anymore.

Friday, June 18 2010
Craig looks for a way out, Carly and Jack part ways and Jack finds out about his son.

At Lily's, Lucinda shows her daughter the latest articles about Molly murdering Silas. Lily insists this is none of their business but Lucinda won't drop it. Lily wants serenity and claims Holden is a grown man who can look after himself. Gabriel wanders out and asks to borrow her car. Lucinda groans and wishes he would go away. Lily and her mother continue bickering about Holden and Lucinda tells her to fight for him. She goes off to make breakfast and Lucinda tells Gabriel to leave town. He begins taunting her and she thinks he's turned out exactly like Craig. He yells at her and she leaves. Lily returns and they bicker. She thinks he needs an attitude adjustment.

In the cells, Craig mopes after Tom tells him he will have to wait two week for his hearing. Tom reminds him of all the charges he just added but Craig misses his sons. They debate how to handle the case and Tom thinks they need to get him a sponsor to get him out. Craig wonders who owes him a favor. Lucinda drops in and he tells her he's getting out on bail. They taunt each other and he threatens to kill her. She rants about what a terrible father he is until Lily arrives and sends her mom away. Craig thanks Lily for coming. After asking about his son, he tells her that his mother has been manipulating his son. "Here's what you can do to make it right," he says. Using some guilt, he gets her to help him.

At home, Carly is on the phone, trying to talk a school into accepting Parker. She's shocked when they tell her the price tuition would be. They hang up on her when she gets flippant. Jack shows up with papers to have the charges against Parker expunged from his record. They begin arguing about her saying he wasn't Parker's father. She claims he was being rash but he's sure that's how she really feels. He doesn't know where they can go at this point; they're too different from each other. Crying, she worries he's not her 'G-Man' anymore. He offers to pay for Parker's schooling but she refuses. She swears she didn't mean what she said. "Sometimes all the trying in the world isn't enough and it's no one's fault," he says, walking out.

Dusty is at Al's visiting Janet. She giggles about her son and practices saying 'son' over and over. She thinks things are finally working out. He pulls out the engagement ring, but she declares she has to tell Jack about the baby. He pockets the ring and walks off. Liberty comes in. She's miserable so her mother hugs her. Libby begins telling her about Gabriel and how he doesn't seem to have a conscience. Her mother suggests she step away from him. Liberty admits she feels tempted by him. They mull over Liberty's options and Janet offers to help her out anyway she can.

Janet and Carly run into each other in Old Town. Janet babbles until Carly begins mocking her and tells her that her life stinks. Janet claims she's not living 'a charmed life' and they start hurling insults. Carly says she doesn't want Jack anymore; she has her eyes on a bigger prize.

Dusty goes to the Lakeview and makes some romantic arrangements. When he turns around, he runs into Jack and accidentally tells him that he's having a little boy. Jack stares. "Janet is having my son, not yours - don't forget that," Jack says. He wishes that he has told Janet that he's been lying to her about the inheritance money. Janet just happens to arrive and overhear this and stomps over to confront Dusty.

Gabriel finds Liberty at Java and they argue about his behavior. He thought they had something special. They sit down and talk. She's scared of what might happen between them. She can't give into her feelings while he is so angry.

Carly goes over to the station and asks Tom how much money Craig could get from the insurance. He says there won't be any money as long as arson is suspected. She wants that money but he doesn't think that's very likely. She immediately calls the insurance company to talk about the 'accident'.

When Lily gets home, her mother is waiting with a gift for Gabriel. As they bicker, Gabriel heads for the door. Craig suddenly walks in and begs him not to go.

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Lily tells Holden she still loves him.

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