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    The Monster.

    Friday, June 11 2010
    Liberty has her graduation, Craig goes after Lucinda and Jack questions Gabriel.

    Jack shows up at Carly's to say they are on the same side. She's not happy when he announces he is still digging into what happened with the fire. She's afraid they won't be able to prove their son is innocent but he's still determined to find out the truth.

    Parker goes to see Liberty in her hotel room. She's waiting on her grades but she's scared so he looks them up for her. He congratulates. She screams and jumps.

    Dusty meets Janet for breakfast at the Lakeview. They're still waiting for news about whether Liberty graduated or not. She claims she isn't crazy enough to want to keep her daughter at home anymore. A text comes in from her daughter telling her to change for graduation. Janet begins hopping and cheering.

    Janet goes upstairs to congratulate her daughter. She thanks Parker and announces that she is going to throw a party. Teri arrives to congratulate her niece and flowers are delivered. Liberty puts on her graduation costume and her mom cries.

    Faith is at home, cringing at Gabriel. They bicker and he asks about Parker and Liberty. Simultaneously, they get calls from Parker and Liberty inviting them to the party. Carly arrives at the door to talk to Gabriel in private. She asks him to stick to his story no matter what Jack says to him.

    Gabriel arrives at the station and Jack questions him, tearing apart his story. He warns him that perjury will result in a jail sentence. Gabriel doesn't change his story and departs.

    Teri and Dusty get Metro ready for the party. He admits that he wishes Janet was ready to accept his proposal.

    Parker is waiting for his mom at home. She tells him that they will all help Liberty celebrate but Jack will go separately. He worries that his parents are fighting again. Faith arrives. Carly goes up to change and Faith tells Parker he needs to move on. Gabriel sticks his head in and tells Parker to get his dad to back off. Parker turns to Faith and tells her what really happened and how he could end up in jail. He worries about Gabriel's influence over Liberty.

    At the school, the family and friends gather around Liberty. Jack and Carly arrive and he tells her they need to keep things together. As they sit in the audience, Liberty is called up to speak about her year. She talks about what a drama her life has been and thanks everyone for their help, especially Parker. Finally, she talks about Brad and how he convinced her to stay in school.

    Lucinda drops by the cells to visit Craig. He accuses her of manipulating his son and feeding him lies. She claims she doesn't have time for that and insists there is no conspiracy. Craig assumes he's right but she continues claiming she wouldn't waste her time. He threatens to tell Lily about her latest antics.

    Lucinda head to Lily's and offers Gabriel a wad of cash, telling him to get out of town. He threatens to tell Margo about this and she threatens to bribe a judge if she has to have him locked up. He drops the cash in his bag.

    Back in the cells, Craig pretends to have a heart attack. The guard runs into his cell so Craig knocks him out and runs.

    At the party at the Lakeview, Liberty wonders why Gabriel hasn't shown up. Parker badmouths him until he arrives and then punches Gabriel in the face. Liberty gets upset and runs off. Gabriel trails after her. Parker is about to follow them but Faith stops him.

    At the Metro, Jack toasts to Janet, congratulating her on being a great mother. Janet talks about how grateful she is to be accepted by the family. Carly and Jack leave and Dusty and Janet dance. As he takes a ring from his pocket, Parker runs in to say that Gabriel ran off with Liberty.

    Jack and Carly go to her place for coffee. Janet calls Jack about Liberty running off so they leave to look for her.

    Gabriel follows Liberty to her father's grave to apologize. He tells her that he's leaving town so she lashes out at him for being so cruel to his own father. He doesn't know what to do. She tells him to stay and tell the truth.

    As Lucinda lounges in her office, Craig bursts in and starts threatening to be the monster she thinks he is if she doesn't fix things with his son.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Chris kisses Katie.

    Paul is sure Emily is guilty.

    Faith tells Parker that Liberty and Gabriel have been hooking up.

    Gabriel comes clean about Craig.

    Craig threatens to rip Lucinda limb from limb.

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    Posted by adriana8900 at Friday, June 11 2010 12:15 PM

    loved dusty and janet dancing and loved dusty wanting to propose to janet.

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Friday, June 11 2010 12:28 PM

    Have to say that today was somewhat better. Of course anyday without L/N/R is always better & of course without the crazy Meg/Emily saga.

    Posted by Keelex at Friday, June 11 2010 12:29 PM

    I'm LOVEING watching Emily squirm.
    Craig honestly thinks he can hang with Lucinda? Please. Lucinda is the QUEEN of burrying people.

    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, June 11 2010 12:45 PM

    Lucinda and Emma must drink from the same water fountain. IMO, they are mean to the wrong person at the wrong time. Why didn't they get mean/tough with Damien when he was fooling around with both their daughters - Lily and Meg?

    I know Craig has done some despicable things in the past and most recently setting the fire; however, he does not deserve what Lucinda is trying to do to him.

    I don't see why Carly is so worried about Parker. He admitted to slugging Gabriel and leaving him there. Wouldn't Gabriel have to press charges against Parker in order for Parker to go to jail? If not, then, why is Gabriel free when it is known that he stole Parker's money and was black mailing Craig. Please end this s/l soon.

    Posted by Earthmom at Saturday, June 12 2010 04:34 AM

    I think Gabriel is free because Craig and the accountant stole the money. Craig hasn't pressed charges for the blackmail....maybe that's why? I know, it doesn't make much sense to me either. Or, maybe Gabriel's had bail set? Who knows.

    Posted by awall at Sunday, June 13 2010 07:54 AM

    I understand Carly concerns somewhat, Craig has the habit of manupulating every situation to his advantage and I don't think she believes Gabriel at all. Remember although Gabriel woke up, Parker did leave him unconscious. I have to agree with her on Jack when it comes to others, he will conceal but not for Parker. Not that he should be covering for anyone. Molly got her self in this mess, she did not have to keep going where Silas was, she knew that would lead to trouble and its not over yet. I remember Brad and Katie both asking Jack to cover for Brad when he almost drowned the kid over Liberty. In Jack defense, Parker needs to learn to control his temper and when to move on. Liberty is constantly pushing him away and you can't make someone love or want you. Also he knows his Dad is a cop and his antics will place him in an awkward position, plus Carly was telling him to give Liberty space. In Carly defense, she is like a "Mother Lion" and will go to the end defending her cubs and Jack knows this. He always has held Carly to a higher standard than others. They love each other but they certainly push each other buttons, love does not come easy for these two. I am still rooting for them they are great together when they are on the same page and even better when they are not.

    Posted by thelookoflove at Sunday, June 13 2010 05:44 PM

    It pleases me to see Janet and Dusty growing closer again. A pity that their dance (and his proposal) ended abruptly.

    Posted by JOYO at Monday, June 14 2010 12:04 PM

    Carly sure knows how to sabotage her own relationship with Jack, doesn't she? She's been shooting herself in the foot for weeks now. She'll never be with Jack. And now she had the nerve to tell him that he won't help Parker because he's not his REAL dad. That's the end of the two of them! All the lies and manipulations will shut down her relationship with Jack for good! And here I was rooting for Jack and Carly to be reunited! But her whole attitude will turn Jack off. Hope he doesn't go running back to Janet! I want her to stay with Dusty. Then, I also hope that she won't have Jack's baby. They need to start over and have their own child. I was very disappointed when the writers decided to make the unborn baby, that she just had to have for Liberty, Jack's instead of Dusty's. Hope they made a mistake and it really is Dusty's baby. Can't wait for this show to go off the air!

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