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The Lesser Of Two Evils.

Wednesday, June 09 2010
Barbara sides with Meg, Noah lashes out and Emily wonders how to stop Meg.

Luke is at home looking at pictures of Noah when Bob shows up to ask him to a business meeting. Bob thought he could charm a possible buyer for the hospital. Plus, he needs someone to make up for Dr. Oliver's abrasiveness. Bob thinks they should have Noah drop by to hype what the hospital can do. Luke doubts Noah will help Reid. Bob's confused. Luke makes an excuses and Bob putters off.

At the hospital, Noah asks Reid when he developed feelings for Luke. "Second or third time I laid eyes on him," Reid admits. Noah begins taunting him and declares that their professional relationship is over. Reid's been looking forward to this. He almost wishes that he was blind so he wouldn't have had to watch Noah treat Luke like dirt through this entire ordeal. After calling Noah a spoiled brat, he kicks him out.

Noah goes to Java and has a fit when they ask him to fill out an application if he wants his job back. Luke walks in and asks him to the meeting. Noah won't do it if Reid is involved. They bicker about Reid and Luke reminds him that he and the doctor were both single when they made their moves. "You get your sight back but you lose your memory," Luke pithily states.

Back at the hospital, Paul suggests that Emily could have been drugging Meg. She's furious and defends herself. He continues siding with Meg. Barbara barges in and continues throwing accusations at Em. The blond refuses to have this fight with Barbara around and leaves. Barbara continues badmouthing Paul's wife and tells him he shouldn't let a woman like that raise his child.

Meg hides her methadone as Ali walks into her hospital room. Meg starts freaking out, insisting that Emily is trying to frame her. As they argue, Barbara bursts in and accuses Ali of working for her sister and being there just to harass Meg. Ali defends her sister and then leaves. Barbara tells Meg they will get to the bottom of this together. Meg is skeptical. "You're the lesser of two evils," Barbara explains.

Bob meets Reid at the Lakeview and advises him to keep his mouth shut during the meeting. Mona arrives and Luke trails in. he begins hyping the hospital and tries to stop Reid from moaning about how much Oakdale sucks. Noah arrives. Everyone's uncomfortable. Noah says that he didn't enjoy working with Reid but he is a great surgeon. As Noah turns to go, he twists around and sucker punches Reid in the face. After he plods off, Luke offers to take Reid to the hospital.

Reid and Luke are at the hospital. Luke tells him that Noah can use a gun too. As they are about to kiss, Bob walks in and asks to speak to Reid alone. Once Luke leaves, Bob tells him it's inappropriate for him to have a relationship with Luke. He worries about the optics for the investor. Reid thinks that's pretty rich coming from Bob with his family. He accuses Bob of being homophobic and orders him to stay out of his personal life. Bob tells him he can have the hospital wing or he can have Luke but he can't have both.

Luke chases Noah down and asks him why he punched Reid after ending their relationship.

Emily and Paul are at Fairwinds. She explains she's not leaving him because she can't stand losing Eliza, moving back in with her mother or losing him. He hugs her but accuses her again of drugging Meg. They bicker but he insists that he knows her and what she's like. She suggests that his mother is behind all of this. This seems convoluted to him but she is sure his mother would go after any woman who was in his wife. He still doesn't believe her. Ali wanders in and asks what's going on with all the crazy accusations. Paul decides to leave and think. The women begin going over everything that's happened and Emily figures out that whoever ordered such a specific tox screen must be behind this. Ali runs off to dig into it and Emily hangs out with Eliza. Soon, Ali calls and says that Barbara was behind the tox screen.

Paul goes back to the hospital to see his mom and confronts her with Emily's accusations. He defends Emily and his mother tells him he's more naïve than he looks. She walks off and he stares into Meg's room. He walks in. When she notices him, she pretends to have a nightmare and then wakes up and says Emily was trying to hurt her. He hugs her and promises she will be safe.

When Barbara gets home, she and Emily instantly begin attacking each other. Barbara admits she ordered the test. Emily accuses her of just going after her son after she messed things up with his half-brother.

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