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Did You Drug Meg?

Tuesday, June 08 2010
Casey looks for answers, Meg is on methadone and Chris quits.

Chris runs into Ali at Java and he asks her out to dinner. She's not sure she's the one he wants to ask and guesses he doesn't remember what happened. They sit down and she explains his drug addled babble. She's sure they don't stand a chance as a couple and should just be friends. When she admits she told Katie what he said, he guesses that's why she kicked him out of her house.

In their room, Vienna is trying to talk Henry out of going to her doctor appointment with her. It takes some effort but he backs down. The second she's gone, he runs off.

Henry goes down to the water and remembers saying goodbye to his baby with Vienna. He begins hyperventilating and sits down. Barbara wanders by when he begins breathing into a paper bag. As he calms down, she tells him that she's over what happened and is moving on. They still want to be friends so he explains how he came to the water to say goodbye to the baby. She tells him he'll be a good father, unlike his own father. "I want you to give everything you have to Vienna and that baby," she says. He hopes she finds what she's looking for too. She thought she had.

At WOAK, one of the grips tells Katie that she and Chris make a great team. She thinks about how much Chris cares about her and remembers their kiss.

Katie goes to the hospital to get Jacob's medication. She spots Vienna talking to a nurse about IVF. She walks over and asks her if she's crazy. "I'm not going to let you do that," she says. Vienna claims there is no other way for her to get pregnant yet. Katie thinks she should let nature takes its course. Alison is nearby as this conversation transpires.

Tom goes home and catches up with Casey about Daniel. Casey explains that he may have gotten some girl pregnant. Tom's proud he wants to do the right thing and offers to file papers ordering a paternity test. He suggests that he would be a terrific father. Casey says he learned from the best. They hug.

Paul wanders off from Meg's hospital room and runs into Emily in the corridor. They wonder what happened to Meg and Emily says that Meg needs to go back to Deerbrooke. A doctor walks by and explains that the tox screening showed Meg has a high level of methadone in her system. Paul is baffled but Emily assumes Meg is a drug fiend. They go into Meg's room and confront her. She claims she didn't take any drugs. Paul sends Em away and asks Meg for the truth. She continues insisting she's not on drugs.

Henry arrives at the hospital and finds Vienna. She claims her appointment was canceled and she was just leaving. He leads her out for coffee. He hands her some CDs and baby books. Henry apologizes for being so anxious and hopes everything will work out this time.

Alison runs into her sister in the hall, when Emily tells her about the methadone, Ali explains that some methadone was stolen from the hospital the last time Meg was there. When Ali wanders off, Barbara arrives and Em tells her the latest. They bicker and Barbara accuses her of being behind this. Paul interrupts and Em tells him about the missing methadone. Paul still refuses to jump to conclusions. She accuses him of always thinking the worst of everyone except Meg. Barbara slips into Meg's room and questions her. Meg continues to insist she isn't on drugs and points out that Emily was also at the hospital when the drugs went missing. Barbara returns to the bickering couple and points out that Emily was also in the hospital. She and Paul accuse his wife of drugging Meg. Meanwhile, Meg eavesdrops, takes some methadone out of her purse and smiles.

When Katie returns to WOAK, Chris tells her that he knows everything that happened. She tries to downplay it but he insists that he has strong feelings for her. She refuses to discuss this so he accuses her of being afraid to move on. He refuses to compete with her dead husband, even if she deserves to start over again. She's offended so he quits his job on the show so she won't have to see him again. They bicker until they go on the air. At the end of the broadcast, he announces that he's leaving. After wishing her well, he walks away.

Henry and Vienna go home and he tells her about going to the park. He tells her how cathartic it was and she asks him to make love to her. They go to bed.

Back at the hospital, Alison tells Casey that she saw Vienna acting upset. He starts to worry so she tries to calm him. He needs to know what's going on so offers to find out the name of the doctor. They look it up on the hospital computer.

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