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    The Answer Is No.

    Monday, June 07 2010
    Holden proposes to Molly, Jack and Carly fight and Craig changes his mind.

    Janet goes over to Dusty's and finds him upset. Johnny can't go swimming with his class unless Craig signs off on it. He's sure Craig will do some serious time and Johnny will suffer for it. She gives him a massage and he talks about how he wants to be there for her and the baby. When she leaves, he calls to arrange a meeting with Craig.

    Lily decides she can't live without Holden and wants him back. As she arrives outside the farm house to tell him, Holden is inside telling Molly to marry him so he can protect her. She weeps. Lily walks in and is about to tell him how he feels when she notices Molly. Holden explains he just proposed. "This night's been full of surprises," Molly says. Lily wishes them well and runs for the door. Molly suggests he go after her. He wants an answer to his proposal first. "The answer is no," she says. She loves him but thinks they are too freaked out to make plans. They argue over this and she claims that she didn't kill Silas in self-defense; she just wanted to get rid of him before he could publish their sex tapes. He repeats that he wants to marry her but she still needs time and decides to talk to Carly.

    Jack's not thrilled when Carly smashes evidence in the evidence room. She doesn't care; she just cares about protecting her son. She taunts him to throw her in jail. The cop returns and Jack covers for Carly before cleaning up. "I can't do this anymore," he tells her, saying she's only proving Craig right. "You're not the one who is toxic. It's us," he says.

    Jack and Carly go home. She wonders if they can fix things again. He's been through this all before. Carly tears into him for being self-righteous and insists she's okay with who she is, even if he's not. She wishes he could love her as the mess she is. He thinks she's trying to change him into someone he can't be. She assumes he's saying goodbye. He says that nothing will ever change between them because of who they are. Carly says that love is all that matters. He turns his back and walks out.

    Craig is in his cell doing push-ups. He asks for the phone so he can call his son but has no luck. He's led upstairs where Janet has come to see him. She tells him to act more like he cares about Johnny and suggests he grant temporary guardianship to Dusty. He refuses. When she tells him that this is just about stopping the little boy from being hurt, he backs down. After she leaves, Dusty arrives and rants at Craig, who surprises him by saying he's changed his mind about Johnny and Janet deserves the credit.

    Lily goes home. Lucinda is there and she's been drinking. Lily kicks herself for listening to her mom and tells her what just happened. Lucinda explains that Silas was shot tonight and they both know who must have pulled the trigger. Lily refuses to take advantage of this. Lucinda says Holden just pities Molly and that doesn't last. She tells her to push him to make a choice. Lily orders her to leave.

    Holden arrives at the station and tells Jack that Molly shot Silas. He tells him his version of events and worries that this could blow up. He asks Jack to make sure this all goes away. Jack offers to help and Holden rushes off.

    Dusty arrives at the hospital as Janet waits to have her sonogram. They hold hands and he tells her she's amazing. They get the sonogram done and everything is fine. He thanks her for talking to Craig and they lock lips.

    Dusty and Janet go back to his place and have a roll in the hay.

    Molly goes to see Carly, who is complaining about her latest fight with Jack. Molly explains the proposal and cries about the timing. "I killed a man tonight," she adds. Carly offers her sympathy and Molly swears her to secrecy before explaining how Silas taunted her and she killed him, though not in self-defense. Carly insists that she still did the right thing and she should stick to her story and do whatever Holden says. "It's a fantastic way to start a marriage," Carly says.

    Molly goes back to the farm and tells Holden she'll marry him.

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    Posted by adriana8900 at Monday, June 07 2010 12:12 PM

    loved today dusty and janet were so cute

    Posted by KaiBo at Monday, June 07 2010 12:12 PM

    Please, Please, Please, DO NOT put Lily and Holden back together. Maybe if the original Lily (Martha Byrne) was still in the role, I would have cared, but she's not so I no longer about care about them as a couple especially after the last Damian episode. Let Holden marry Molly.
    P.S. I was able to watch through Janet episode today, she actually did a good thing instead of preaching nonstop. As for Carly and Jack...oh Jack, why can't you just accept that Carly is a strong woman and you can't live without her.

    Posted by gabriella at Monday, June 07 2010 12:29 PM

    okay i think i may be a little confused. when i watched years ago, molly was holdens cousin, a Snyder...... what is going on??

    Posted by smiley8338 at Monday, June 07 2010 12:30 PM

    Yeah...Janet was not bad today...and this time, I didnt have to see a scene of Jack and Janet together. But still, Jack pissed me off with what he said to Carly. Gee Jack, I thought you were sure you could go through this again *thinking back to what he said to her near where the boathouse was*.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, June 07 2010 12:32 PM

    Jack being with Carly always compromises his integrity.
    He is a man about rules, order and the Law. Carly doesn't have respect for those things, so she always ends up asking him to compromise his integrity. A man like Craig would have no qualms about doing that, but for Jack, it is just a piece of him is dying.
    They are not right for each other. There is no compromise.

    Jack's high standards are unattainable, especially for Carly. She will either turn to Craig or to back to drinking. Jack will always end up alone because he hold people up on a pedestal, and that is unfair.

    Janet and Dusty are cute together.

    Posted by smiley8338 at Monday, June 07 2010 12:33 PM

    Yeah i loved watching Molly and Holden least that was the best thing about this episode. CarJack now depresses me, with the way things are going with them. Lily, leave them alone and go be with Damian when he comes!! I really hope the writers dont put Lily and Holden together....cause I do believe Holden loves Molly and Lily looks actually scared that he does.

    Posted by 1SMITTY at Monday, June 07 2010 12:41 PM

    i have to agree with you KAIBO, since martha beryn is no longer playing Lily i just don't find the new one a good match for my Holden, i have always loved the original couple so if he wants to marry Molly go for it, but if the writers want to bring in the old Lily to finish off the show, then i'm all for that.

    Posted by padef at Monday, June 07 2010 12:46 PM

    Gabriella - no, Molly was never a Snyder cousin. She first appeared as a prisoner who became a friend to Lily when she was imprisoned. When she found out just who Lily was, she used that connection to come to Oakdale, and it was eventually revealed that as teens she and Holden had been lovers, she'd had a baby girl and put it up for adoption. That would be Abigail who will be returning for the wedding - if it comes off, which I doubt, myself.

    "Roll in the hay." SAY WHAT? Might have happened, but all WE saw was a kiss and a closing door.

    Posted by Kandee at Monday, June 07 2010 01:08 PM

    Does anyone know the name of the song that played at the end of today's episode and the artist? It was beautiful. When I went to try to find it, I couldn't remember enough of the lyrics to find it. Thanks for any help.

    Posted by adriana8900 at Monday, June 07 2010 01:14 PM

    if anyone wanted to know the name of the song in atwt montage it was called i never told you by colbie caillat

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