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She's Toxic.

Friday, June 04 2010
Molly is pushed too far, Liberty pushes Gabriel away and Jack catches Carly.

Craig calls Dusty's and Liberty answers. He asks to speak to Johnny and tells the boy to get Liberty to bring him to see Gabriel and tell him he wants them to be a family.

"I see you're not in a coma," Parker observes when he runs into Gabriel in Old Town. Parker orders him to stay away from Liberty. They argue about who is worse for her until Johnny runs up to Gabriel and Liberty follows. Parker makes himself scarce.

At her place, Carly and Jack bicker about the case. He's sure that Gabriel's story doesn't add up and she reminds him he's off the case. She warns him not to ruin what they have. They debate who has their son's best interests at heart. He explains again that the evidence won't clear Parker. "Great! You're fighting again," Parker groans as he walks in. They pretend they aren't fighting and tell him to concentrate on calculus. Carly runs off.

At Lily's, Faith questions her mom about kissing Holden. Lily admits she still has feelings for him but claims it doesn't mean what she thinks. Faith is sure she's trying to snag him off of Molly. Lily downplays everything but she's glad her daughter is being nice to her. She has a glass of wine and stares at a photo of Holden. She passes out and dreams of getting married to Holden again and Faith telling her this is 'the best day ever'. Molly was just a 'substitute teacher with privileges', imaginary Faith says. Waking up, she decides to go and find Holden.

Liberty, Johnny and Gabriel go to Al's. Johnny talks about how much he misses his dad. Gabriel starts to feel uncomfortable. He stares sadly. Johnny runs off for ice cream and Liberty tells Gabriel not to feel guilty for putting his dad away. He walks out and she trails after him. She tells him that his father is a great father to Johnny and not a total creep. Gabriel is sick of Oakdale. He tries to kiss Liberty but she backs him off and says she can't.

Jack goes to the cells to see Craig and talk about the case. When Jack admits that he believes he's telling the truth, Craig warns him to watch out for Carly. He claims that she is the root of all of his problems. Falling in love with her caused his brain to burst and she completely dominated his life. She's bankrupted him emotionally, financially and morally. "She's toxic," he says. Jack gets upset and insists that this is all Craig's fault. Craig warns him that Carly will push him over the line too.

At the Old Mill, Holden and Silas fight. Silas taunts and Holden punches him out. Molly explains that he got stoned and tried to rape her. She admits that there really are videos of her and Silas. Holden ties up Silas and then goes out to get his phone. Silas continues taunting her, telling her that she will never be happy with Holden. When he tells her she is cheap and dirty, she picks the gun up. He continues pushing her and gets his hands loose. When he tells her she will always be his 'whore', she shoots him just as Holden returns. They can hear the police coming so Holden tells her what she has to tell the sheriff when he arrives.

Carly goes to the evidence room and asks the guard if she can have a look around for Jack's watch. It doesn't take much to talk the guard into letting her look at the evidence. When he takes a call, she grabs the glass sculpture that Gabriel was supposedly attacked with. After she pockets it, the guard returns and catches her. Jack walks in and says he's got this. They send the guard off. Carly claims she's just trying to help. She smashes the sculpture.

Faith sits with Parker at Java. She prods him to let Liberty go. He claims he never even thinks about her. As she quizzes him on history, Liberty walks in. Faith leaves and Liberty unloads on him about her problems. They say they've missed each other and hug.

Holden and Molly go to the farm house. He thinks the questioning went well and pulls out the recordings of the shooting and the sex. She asks him to destroy them. He wishes she had come to him for help. She cries and tells him she's sorry. He's sad that she's doubted him and tells her he wants to be with her. To prove it, he asks her to marry him.

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