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    I'm Just Here For The Food.

    Thursday, June 03 2010
    Noah says goodbye, Jack confronts Gabriel and Molly is attacked.

    Carly and Jack walk out of her room and pull their clothes on after a quickie. She's glad that he seems to be backing off of the Gabriel case and offers to keep him distracted.

    Holden arrives at Lily's and the kids jump in his arms. Lucinda begins probing about why Molly isn't there. Gabriel wanders in and Lucinda gushes about what a momentous evening they are going to have and whispers to her daughter to seize the day while Molly is away. She drifts over to Gabriel and repeats her offer to give him cash to leave. Faith arrives and begins sniping at her mom for throwing a party for the guy who robbed Parker.

    Luke is at the hospital complaining to Reid about how no one wants him. Luke wonders what they mean to each other. He tells Reid he made him feel wanted again and invites Reid over to his mother's for dinner. Reid thinks that's a terrible idea. Luke leaves him alone. Reid tries to eat a TV dinner but his fork breaks so he heads out.

    Jack and Carly arrive at Lily's. Gabriel and Jack exchange stares. Gabriel tries to ignore them. Lucinda and Carly stumble off to discuss spas as Faith returns to bicker with Gabriel. He tells her she treats her mother like dirt and warns her that she'll be gone someday. When he walks away from her, Jack corners him and begins asking about the fire. Gabriel recounts his story and Jack tears it apart until Lucinda interrupts and pulls the young man away. Carly returns and they decide to go.

    Noah shows up outside and asks to speak to Lily. She's happy he has his sight back. He's looking for Luke; he needs some stuff from his room. He thanks Lily for helping him out. "It sounds like you're saying goodbye," she suggests. He says he won't be around much, but he thinks she has a wonderful family. Lily gets upset so Holden calms her down. Noah goes up to get his stuff. Lily sits down and weeps. Holden sits with her and they talk about how sad it is when a relationship ends. She's sorry she let Damian come between them. He says it wasn't her fault and she doesn't need to apologize. They kiss. He pulls away and says he can't do this.

    Lily follows Holden inside but he runs off after checking his messages. Meanwhile, Gabriel explains to Lucinda that Jack was digging. She tells him to stick to the story he's been telling. A few feet away, Faith asks her mother if she's sad Holden left.

    Noah goes into Luke's room and looks at an old photo of them. When he turns around, Luke is there. They're awkward. Luke tells him he doesn't have to break up with his family too. Noah finds his old tie and remembers kissing him. He didn't think things would get harder when his sight returned. Reid strolls in. He offers to leave but Noah leaves first. Reid claims he's just there for the food and begins mocking Luke's crumbling romance. Luke thought that he could be a real human being. "I choose not to," Reid says.

    At the Old Mill, Molly asks Silas to back off again and demands everything he has on her. After he locks the door, he tells her no one can hear her. When he begins telling her how much she turns him on, she guesses he's high. He talks about their home made porn and suggests they make some more. She asks for a drink. When he leaves to get it, she tries calling Holden and leaves a message about what's happening. Silas grabs the phone and smashes it. As he kisses her, she pulls a gun and demands the key to the door. He throws it across the room and taunts her. After he knocks the gun from her hand, they struggle. He pins her to the table and records raping her. Holden runs in and pulls him off.

    Jack and Carly go home. They begin arguing about him grilling Gabriel and she accuses him of trying to convict their son.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Jack catches Carly trying to destroy evidence.

    Lily misses Holden.

    Molly shoots Silas.

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    Posted by Canastia at Thursday, June 03 2010 12:13 PM

    OK, this is really terrible...I used to love the Babs/Henry storyline as well as the Reid/ I am only vaguely interested with the Babs/Henry s/ has really gone downhill...=(

    Posted by north of the border at Thursday, June 03 2010 12:35 PM

    I think the Luke, Reid, Noah story is still really good. But the trouble with Babs/Henry is the writers decided to make Vienna one-dimensional and there by brought the whole story down.

    Vienna was always glamorous and self involved, but she loved odd-ball Henry and that made her sympathetic. But her coming back as only manipulative, whiny and mean, means that we don't care, there's no real drama, we know who we are supposed to cheer for, and we don't care... If Henry had to choose between two interesting women that would be drama... as it is it's fastforward worthy.

    That's why Carly makes Jack good. Carly is pure id, Jack loves her but is drawn between two values he wants -- the truth and to protect his son (the Carly id bit). With Janet, Jack was a dull boy -- he was all sanctimonious goodness.

    I hope it was Emma that drugged Meg to frame Em. Emma's been sanctimonious and boringly one-dimensional for ages.

    Posted by Pink26 at Thursday, June 03 2010 12:47 PM

    I have been an Holden and Lily fan for years, but with this new Lily I could care less. Please DO NOT put them back together. I used to love them together when it was the old Lily being played by (Martha B), but the way she treated Holden when Damian came back not to mention marrying Damien only a week after Holden went missing and they thought he had died. She does not deserve him.

    Posted by Gencor at Thursday, June 03 2010 01:00 PM

    I am just soooooo sick of Lily! She is just disgusting!

    Posted by repairwoman01 at Thursday, June 03 2010 01:31 PM

    Meg stole the drugs from the hospital the day she & emily got into it there. She's druged herself, enough to show on the tox screen, barbara's now suspicious and will find the drugs at Fairwinds, framing emily. It's all so predictable now, and the majority of it is fast forward worthy! Thank goodness for DVR!!!! Why did they have to end a great soap like this???

    Posted by DisneyD at Thursday, June 03 2010 03:37 PM

    **** SPOILER ALERT ****
    I am so happy, just read that John Dixon will be back, at least for 1 one day! I will definately be watching that episode. Wish it would be for longer... but most likely will be similar to Frannie's in/out return. Maybe at a funeral for Nancy? who knows? I am just happy to see him come back! HUGE FAN of the character!

    Posted by tigers3 at Thursday, June 03 2010 06:32 PM

    Ah porry lily she misses Holden ,, Well oh well she has lost him to a better person than she will ever be......

    Posted by Frenchy68 at Thursday, June 03 2010 07:17 PM

    I can't believe it, but I actually liked Faith today. She's the only voice of reason about Gabriel. I feel like the writers are taking crazy pills by having everyone else act like Gabriel is "a good kid" as Jack said. It's unbelievable. If they want him to be likable or sympathetic, they should write him to actually act that way.

    I'd like to see Molly and Holden together, but Molly is sure making it tough. So what if Silas has videos? Everyone knows they were together and it all happened before Holden.

    Posted by pepes at Thursday, June 03 2010 07:33 PM


    Posted by LETSGOCAVS at Friday, June 04 2010 10:33 AM

    i agree lily is soooo irritating and freaken whinny...shut up Hefa, dats why y ur daughter talks to u like a child, cause thats just what u act like...I LOVE MOLLY I just wish she would tell holden the truth about the Dude, cause when he finds out she was lieing he'll b right back with Holldan.

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