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    Obviously Not.

    Wednesday, June 02 2010
    Silas pushes Molly, Casey realizes what he wants and Katie gets uncomfortable with Chris.

    In Katie's bedroom, a drugged Chris continues babbling to Alison, believing she is Katie. She tries to get him to stop. He says that Alison is nice but he doesn't feel the same way about her anymore. "Obviously not," Alison says. He rambles about the kiss and Alison tries to snap him out of it.

    In the living room, Vienna confesses to Katie that she slept with Casey in a bid to get pregnant. She worries about Henry's feelings for Barbara and refuses to lose her man to an 'old woman'. Vienna explains her convoluted plan and asks for help. Katie doesn't think she can support this so her friend gets nostalgic to get her on board. Alison comes out. Vienna runs off and Ali tells Katie that Chris has been talking too much. She asks her to stop trying to set them up because they'll never be more than friends. Katie's jaw drops when Ali says that Chris has fallen for her. Katie denies it but Alison explains all of the things he said. Katie insists that nothing is going on. Alison wishes her good luck and leaves. Katie looks in at Chris and rolls her eyes. She wakes him up and orders him out. He's confused and doesn't remember anything.

    When Molly get into her car, she's shocked to see she has twenty text messages from Silas. He suddenly opens her door. She repeats that she wants nothing to do with him. He asks her again to reconsider and then asks her out for dinner. "You and I are over," she insists. He warns that he will make things difficult for her and threatens to reveal 'mementos' of their time together.

    Henry and Casey are at Yo's. Henry talks about how hard it was to lose a baby and how he never wanted to go through that again. He doubts that he can be a good father. They play pool and Henry talks about marrying Katie and how she dumped him. Vienna strolls in as they begin talking about Mick. Vienna starts gasping but Casey says he didn't say anything. Vienna drags Henry out.

    Holden shows up at Lily's to see how she is handling Gabriel. He hands her the divorce papers he found on the porch. She says that Damian has still left his mark on her everyday life. She thinks they should have a party to welcome Gabriel to the house and even asks Holden to bring Molly. Once he leaves, Lucinda arrives and begins celebrating that the divorce from Damian has gone through. She gushes to her daughter about how she should get back with Holden. Lily admits that's what she wants but she doesn't think it will happen. She's sure that there is nothing left but love for their children. He makes her feel safe and she wishes she could go back in time and change everything... but there time is gone.

    When Molly gets to the farm house, Holden is waiting for her. He tells her they have been invited to dinner. Silas begins calling but she claims it's work and won't pick up. He pushes her to pick up. When she does, Silas orders her to make time for him or he will release photos of her. He threatens to come over and show their 'home movies' to the family. Holden walks off to take a call and Molly begs Silas to leave. He agrees to do that only if she meets him for dinner at the Old Mill. Holden returns and assumes she was just on a business call and needs to cover a story. She promises that this will be the last time she does something like this and then she will dedicate herself to him.

    Casey goes over to the hospital to talk to Alison. He explains his conversation with Henry. He doesn't think he can mess things up for him. She reminds him that this could be his baby. He doesn't want that; he wants kids with someone he loves. After standing around, he decides that he needs to know the truth about the baby.

    Vienna takes Henry back to their room and announces she wants to call off the formal wedding and get married right away – at Al's. As she kisses him, Katie walks in and hands them the garter she wore when she married Brad. Vienna hugs her and Katie worries she'll never find love again.

    Holden goes over to Lily's with flowers and explains that Molly can't make it. "That's too bad," she says with a smile.

    Molly arrives at the Old Mill. It's been abandoned. Silas shows up and locks her in with him.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Reid walks in on Luke and Noah.

    Lucinda pushes her daughter to make the moves on Holden.

    Lily kisses Holden.

    Molly pulls a gun on Silas.

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    Posted by Kris10g at Wednesday, June 02 2010 12:17 PM

    After today, Katie is beyond the usual LOSER I consider her to be. How can she NOT tell Henry the truth. Henry has been her best friend for years. He has always put her needs and wants before his, and now when she could make a difference in his miserable life, she chooses to play the lie with Vienna! LOSER!!

    Posted by mom of 6 at Wednesday, June 02 2010 12:28 PM

    Katie is being dumb right now, but not as dumb as Molly.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Wednesday, June 02 2010 12:36 PM

    As for yesterday. It has to be one of 4 people drugging Meg. Emily, Paul, Emma, or Meg. I don’t think it’s Babs. Those are the only for people who were around every time and all have good motive. Why has no one suspected Paul? He is acting so innocent…..

    Posted by Frenchy68 at Wednesday, June 02 2010 01:48 PM

    While I would love it be Emma, since that would be so random, I think that they clearly set it up to be Emily or Meg, based on the incident in the hospital when they discovered the drugs are missing. And it pretty much has to be Meg the way it has played out. It is too bad they changed the Meg character during the whole Damien storyline.

    I cannot believe that Katie would side with Vienna over Henry this way. It seems like a writing mistake. I'm kind of disappointed that Alison didn't overhear, but I guess that would have ended things too early.

    Posted by Nikki1012008 at Wednesday, June 02 2010 05:36 PM

    Poor Meg...I think that Damien is back and revenge is on his mind, 1st Emily & Meg then Lily..makes sense to me. Emily is too obvious so i don't think that she's the one poisoning Meg..Just a thought...

    Posted by padef at Wednesday, June 02 2010 06:33 PM

    I've said this before it became official, but since there are still people in the dark:


    Article in SOD this week - who poisoned Meg? Meg poisoned Meg, and frames Em to take the fall. No Damian, no Babs, no Em, no Paul and definitely no James. Just Meg at her nutiest.

    Posted by Extra1 at Thursday, June 03 2010 04:28 AM

    I guess Meg is trying to beat old Emily at her own games. I also now think Meg is doing this, trying to let Emily take the fall. I wish Meg would just be normal again and be with Paul, and her baby Eliza. I think if someone like Emily was trying to take MY baby away from me..I would resort to any measure to keep my child away from the REALLY crazy one...Emily. I wish Emma would stop being so nervous, and act more like the old Mamma Emma. She was the one who kept everyone in line and sane. Why did the writers change her personality so drastically?

    Posted by lflow at Thursday, June 03 2010 05:53 AM

    Katie I wish you would have left town with Simon! If they were going to keep her on till the end they should not have killed Brad, she wasn't as annoying to me when he was alive. I think Meg is drugging her self and setting Emily up. and I also think it's a good plan I hope it works for her I want to see her get that baby back. Those drugs came up missing from the hospital on a day where Emily/Meg were both at the hospital. I can't stand Emily and would not want her raising my baby either.

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