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    The Fall Back Guy.

    Monday, May 31 2010
    Noah sees Reid and Luke kissing, Meg flips out and Casey digs for answers.

    At the Lakeview, Meg and Eliza are taunting each other about who has been more of a mother to Eliza. Paul and Emma try to keep them calm. After Emma takes her daughter away, Emily complains that Meg is falling apart, he thinks that's what she wants. He suggests that she be Eliza's godmother. She likes that idea. Emma and Meg return and Paul explains his idea. "No, absolutely not!" Meg objects. Bickering ensues but Emma says this is a good idea and ushers her daughter out. Whispering to Meg, she tells her not to antagonize Emily. She gets a call from the farm that there has been an injury so she has to run off.

    Noah stands outside of Lily's looking through the window at Luke and Reid making out. His friend, Richard, shows up and points out that his boyfriend is kissing his hot doctor. Noah's flabbergasted. Luke notices them and rushes out. Noah pretends that he couldn't see who was inside. Reid comes out and they stand around awkwardly until Luke suggests they all go out for a drink.

    Casey meets with Ali at Java and asks her if she's ever heard of Dr. Gravid. She hasn't but offers to look around.

    They go over the hospital and dig through the licensing registries but there is no evidence the doctor exists. Ali suspects that Vienna must be involved in this. He asks her to stay quiet about this.

    Vienna and Henry have sex in her bed. He's wearing a cape and hopes he hasn't been too strenuous for her. He asks about her doctor and she leaps into the shower. He answers the door when there's a knock. It's Barbara. He covers his privates with his cape as she invites him to the christening, though she makes it clear that Vienna isn't welcome. They bicker in the hallway about that but he argues that Vienna is his family and she needs to be there. Barbara begs him to honor her wishes. When he goes back inside, he tells Vienna the christening has been canceled.

    Casey drops by Vienna's. She's not thrilled to see him. He begins asking about her doctor and wonders if he exists. She repeats that he's not the baby's father. When they talk about the christening, he tells her that it's still on.

    At Yo's, Luke is feeling guilty but Reid thinks they should just come clean with Noah. Luke debates this with him. He admits that he has feelings for him but he's in love with Noah. Reid tells him he better make a choice. Noah sits at a table and squints at them. Reid departs and Luke sits with Noah. Holding his hand, he talks about how rough things have been between them, but he loves him and wants him back. Noah is baffled and accuses him of just feeling guilty for kissing Dr. Oliver. Luke claims there is nothing going on. "Did you sleep with him?" Noah demands. Luke insists they didn't. Noah refuses to his 'fall back guy' and declares that they are finished. "I have my sight now. I don't need you," he says as he storms out.

    At the church, Paul worries to his mother about Meg. When she asks him if she can move into Fairwinds, Emily pops up to say it's a horrible idea. Meg arrives alone. She takes Eliza in her arms as Ali arrives and Henry trails in. He locks eyes with Barbara. Paul walks over and asks Henry to be the godfather. The clergyman arrives and the child is christened as Vienna runs in. Once the child is christened, Paul thanks everyone for coming and then pries Eliza out of Meg's arms as they all file out. Vienna stays behind to snipe at Barbara and Henry rambles excuses.

    At Fairwinds, Barbara stares daggers at Henry as he walks in with Vienna. He slips off with Barbara and tries to assure her things will be fine. Vienna begins loudly announcing that she and Henry are expecting a child and getting married. Barbara blows up at her and Vienna begins throwing insults back until Henry drags her out. "I think this is a really great party," Paul declares. Ali says goodbye to her sister and runs. Paul asks his mother to move in. Emily hears him say that and blows up. Before she can rant, Meg suddenly leaps over to her, accusing her of being the devil and demanding her daughter back. Everyone tries to calm her down. Paul has his wife hand the child to Barbara and then he and Emma lead a twitching Meg out of the house.

    Emma checks her daughter into the hospital. Meg continues to rant that 'the evil woman' is plotting to take her child away.

    Casey calls Bob and asks him about Dr. Gravid. Bob laughs and explains what the name means (it's 'pregnant' in Swedish). Alison shows up and they talk about the mess he's in. He wouldn't deny that the baby is his but Vienna has no interest in him. Casey asks her to help him get to the truth. She agrees to help.

    Henry takes Vienna home and fights with her about her fight with Barbara. She's sick of him pretending that he doesn't care about Barbara. He admits that he does, but he still wants to be with Vienna. She wonders if he would want that if she wasn't pregnant.

    Luke goes to see Reid at his place. He explains that Noah has his sight back and saw them kissing. Luke explains that he told Noah he wanted him back but he was rejected. Reid accuses him of just being hurt and crawling to the nearest shoulder. He kicks him out.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Chris and Katie get close.

    Henry tells Barbara that Vienna knows about them.

    Casey accuses Vienna of lying to him.

    Meg attacks Emily.

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    Posted by Earthmom at Monday, May 31 2010 12:05 PM

    OK. It does seem really obvious. And, it would appear that Paul is particularly suspicious....WHAT WAS IN THE TEA? And, WHO PUT IT THERE? This is going to end oddly, I fear. Since Meg has alrady finished filming her last scenes...and, will be leaving REAL SOON...I'm not getting this angle at all.
    Anyone out there have a clue?

    Posted by Frenchy68 at Monday, May 31 2010 12:26 PM

    Good question. My assumption is that Meg is framing Emily like Damien framed her, but who knows? It seems unlikely that Emily could steal the drugs while she's taking Eliza to a doctor's appointment, whereas Meg has opportunity and the right knowledge. But it also seems unlikely Meg could drug the tea right in front of everyone. I don't see why Meg would even do this. It worked for Damien, because of the way he set it up. Meg had a good case and it seems like this plot only works if it's found out immediately ...

    Poor Luke ... from two guys to no guys in one day. He deserves it. He should have just stuck with Reid.

    Posted by KARENTMOJO at Monday, May 31 2010 12:47 PM

    Really...Do you really have to show the scenes of two men kissing...Come on writers! That is just nasty...I mean if you like your same sex that's fine I just don't want to watch you make out...Sorry!!!

    Posted by moodyjudy at Monday, May 31 2010 01:03 PM

    I really really detest Emily. I mean REALLY...that chick has pulled more psycho stunts than anybody with the exception of Paul...can't stand her....

    Henry is rotten playin with Barbara's heart, I can't believe he is buyin into this baby crap. I cannot wait for Vienna to get BUSTED! Super Snoop Alison is on the job now.

    Barbara you hang in there mama...bring back that hunky bodyguard of Johnny's mmmmmm, let my Babs have some proper romance!!!

    Janet/Liberty/Gabriel free day WHOOOOPEEEEE!!!!!

    Posted by kyh4 at Monday, May 31 2010 01:22 PM

    @Moodyjudy!!!!! I am with u I LOVE Barbara and Henry and I am going 2 b upset if Henry breaks Barbara's heart. I hope Casey and Ali get to the bottom of Vienna's games!

    Posted by north of the border at Monday, May 31 2010 01:35 PM

    sorry karentmojo, two men kissing is the best thing this show's got going for it right now.

    it's the only storyline with heat or interest.

    Meg is being written off.. too bad she used to be interesting. Roger is a great actor... but is part of a ridiculous and boring plot line...
    Lily and holden seem likely to get back together which is a boring.

    Gabriel? Janet? Liberty? nope don't care...

    I'm considering handing in my Carjack fanclub card for a(l) LuRE one...

    Posted by Keelex at Monday, May 31 2010 02:01 PM

    I hate to admit it but the more I think about it the more I'm sure that Emily isn't messing with Meg. Either Emma is to frame Emily or Demon is secretly back.

    Posted by padef at Monday, May 31 2010 02:37 PM

    Who says ANYBODY is messing with Meg's tea? Real easy for Meg to fake it at this point, then plant the evidence to frame Em. And if there are any drugs in her system, with all the other drama going on in the room, I think you could have had an elephant tromp in without too much notice, so slipping a pill into her tea would have been the least of her problems. No, this is definitely Meg carrying out her Mama's advice to play dirty.

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Monday, May 31 2010 05:10 PM

    Gee, they ruined what would have been an excellent show today with the L/N/R s/l. (HAD TO GET THE PUKE BUCKET OUT!!!)

    Posted by Extra1 at Monday, May 31 2010 10:05 PM

    I wish the show would finish with the Meg-Emily-Paul story. I can't stand the cheap, coniving Emily. She is not fit to be a mother. She didn't raise her own son. She is self centered, and not good enough to be Eliza's mother. What is going to happen to Meg? If she has already finished her part on the show....what is going to happen with Eliza? I think Paul is a good daddy, but I can't see Emily as a doting mother. I hate it when she tries to taunt Meg by acting as if Eliza is her own baby.

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