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    You're A Good Kid.

    Thursday, May 27 2010
    Gabriel takes Lily's car, Jack moves back in and Holden worries.

    At the farm house, Molly gets another text from Silas to interrupt her time with Holden. She puts her pants on and goes downstairs. Silas rushes up to her and says he wants her back. She doesn't want a peeping tom. When Holden begins calling for her, she sends Silas away. Holden comes down and she tries covering but he's paranoid. They argue about Faith. He's worried she's mixed up with a bad crowd.

    At the station, Jack and Carly talk about how lucky they are that their son will be okay. She thinks they should celebrate. He turns down her offer of a pot roast and says he can't easily forgive her for lying. They argue about what she did and she admits she made a bad choice... but it worked out. She wants to get past it but he's not sure they can. Jack plods off and Craig comes by in handcuffs. He tells her that he's innocent. Jack returns and starts barking at him, ordering the guards to drag him away.

    Liberty sits beside Gabriel's hospital bed. They chat about their medical problems until Lily arrives and repeats her offer to let him stay with her. He doesn't want to do that. They argue and Liberty encourages him to listen to Lily. After Lily leaves, Liberty explains that Lily is a good person and he should let her help. She reminds him that Craig didn't actually abandon him and he is a good father to Johnny. Lily returns and Gabriel agrees to go to her place as long as he doesn't have to see his dad.

    Faith goes to see Parker at his place and he tells her that he's not being charged. He still feels bad though. They talk about how 'dense' his parents are. Holden calls her and orders her to come home. After she leaves, he talks to Sage, telling her that everything will be fine.

    When Faith gets home, her father says he thinks her friends have been hanging out around the house. She points out she has no friends so he accuses her of dealing drugs. She's offended and walks out. Holden realizes he just screwed up. Molly tries to apologize and explain but he'd rather go back upstairs. She suggests that he go and make things up with his daughter instead. As soon as he's gone, she runs off.

    Lily takes Gabriel and Lily to her place. Liberty leaves him alone there and Lily begins offering him clothes. He gets annoyed and blows past Faith as he goes out the door. Faith and her mother begin arguing until Holden walks in. She doesn't want to hear another lecture and storms off. Lily tells Holden about asking Gabriel to stay with her. He worries about her being in the middle of the Craig debacle. She asks him to stay out of her way. Holden is already sure that Gabriel is as bad as Craig. She argues the point and he backs down.

    Outside, Faith tells Gabriel not to rob her mom. He wishes he had a car so he could leave. She tells him to take her mom's car. "You're a good kid," he says.

    Molly tracks Silas down at the Lakeview and he offers himself to her again. They argue about how she destroyed his life for the sake of revenge. He begins threatening her and warns her that she will regret this.

    Gabriel takes the car and tracks down Liberty. He complains about Lily and she advises him not to do anything to make matters worse. He asks her to leave town with him and teach him to be a better person. She says that running away doesn't work. A cop comes up. The car has a broken tail light so the cop asks to see his license. Gabriel doesn't have one so they're ordered out.

    At the station, Gabriel tells the cop that Liberty is innocent and they should let her go. He's taken down to the cells and put in with Craig.

    Carly, Sage, Parker and Jack sit around the table after eating. Sage thinks everything is okay again. Carly warns her that they still have a lot to work out. Parker offers to take Sage to the movies. After they leave, Carly and Jack argue about who asked who to leave. She's still sorry for lying and he still feels responsible for Janet. He's not sure she can live with having Janet in their life. Carly admits that she resents the other woman, but she loves him too much to let him go. They hug and he thinks they should try again, for better or worse. He agrees to come home. They make out.

    Faith joins Sage and Parker at Al's and tells him about her most recent fight with her dad. She's frustrated that everyone thinks she's a criminal and then complains about Gabriel. It wouldn't break Parker's heart if Gabriel left town.

    Molly goes home and tells herself that Silas is gone for good.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Luke asks Reid not to go.

    Lucinda tells Lily to cut Gabriel loose.

    Craig strangles Gabriel.

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    Posted by Frenchy68 at Thursday, May 27 2010 12:23 PM

    Long rant ... I'm so not happy with this show right now. I think the biggest problem for me is that there is no one to care about or cheer for in most of these stories. People who used to be "good" are now “bad” and/or annoying.

    Personally, I find that Luke/Reid is the best story at the moment … I know sweetcaonline disagrees, as she posts every day (she's the new adrianna, only instead of posting about being happy to see Dusty/Janet, she posts about being happy to not see Luke/Reid/Noah … LOL.

    Craig/Gabriel – Why should I care? I can see wanting to end the show with Craig finally getting what he has deserved, but this Craig has been a sympathetic character and now is a legitimate victim. I feel no sympathy for Gabriel at all. If I’m supposed to, that’s just bad writing.

    Eliza's custody - Meg is now as bad as Emily (or worse assuming she's drugging herself and framing Emily). Emma is annoyingly rude. Paul is the only likable one in that story.

    Henry/Vienna - Vienna is so conniving and evil now. Henry used to be fun but is now a weak-willed fool. Barbara can do better.

    Liberty/Janet – Hypocrites and possibly the worst people in Oakdale.

    Lily/Holden/Molly/Silas – Both Lily and Molly are liars and Holden is overly judgmental. With Silas, like Gabriel, why am I seeing this guy? Why was he tried in Chicago if he attempted murder in NYC? Whatever.

    Faith/Parker – Kissing cousins? Parker is a wimp. And Faith is a whiny, self-entitled brat.

    Sigh. I’m just so sad with this show right now. It’s a chore to watch it.

    Posted by fullz at Thursday, May 27 2010 12:29 PM

    Funny now Lily wants Holden to stay out of her way when it comes to Craig and Gabriel. Last week she was calling him to protect from Craig. Lily please make up your mind.

    Posted by Sanguinic at Thursday, May 27 2010 12:50 PM

    I'm with Frenchy68. This show is a chore to slug through. Where is the only compelling storyline, Luke/Noah/Reid? Why can't the hair/makeup people do something with Parker? Can't they send Faith back to boarding school? Why are we supposed to give two hoots about Gabriel?

    Posted by Killing Cupid 101 at Thursday, May 27 2010 01:39 PM


    I pretty much agree with everything you said. Im a HUGE Luke/Reed fan and find that is by far MY favorite current storyline.

    Also, Im really starting to get annoyed with Katie. She was so desperate to get Allison (who lets face it, couldnt be faithfull if her legs were sewn together and crazy glued) and Chris (who was at one point the most skeeziest guy in Oakdale) together, and now is getting all jealous. She needs to worry about her kid, and stay out of everyone elses life.

    Oh and btw, TECHNICALLY Parker and Faith aren't Cousins. Hal is Parker's biological dad, not Jack. They are only "cousins" by marriage. Still kinda creepy, but not as bad as having a blood tie. JMO

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Thursday, May 27 2010 01:52 PM

    Frenchy68---if it is such a chore to watch the show---THEN DON'T WATCH IT!!! And yes I will fast forward tomorrow thru the L/R s/l.
    And what makes you think that I'm happy with the Dusty/Janet s/l? I have never said that I was happy with that s/l.

    Posted by padef at Thursday, May 27 2010 02:50 PM

    I totally don't care about this Gabe/Craig sl, because I can't for the life of me figure out why we're supposed to care at this late date if Craig's got an illegitimate son he's never heard of of not. Redemption by being a good dad after 30 years of NOT being a good man? (Mostly - there were a few times in the early days with Sierra that he was a different person.) And why did the good old Oakdale PD put Gabe in a cell occupied by a man that supposedly tried to kill him! Good grief!

    I love Paul and Em, but the sl's been so badly done - three days this month? Who can get interested? And now will probably finish up at warp speed. An honest custody fight with the real issues between the two could have been a good story, but instead it's made into something about Meg's sanity, or lack thereof.

    Henry and Babs. Guess I'm one of the few who don't find them cute or compelling in the least. And this sl has shown Henry, who I used to enjoy immensely, as a coward in not following his heart, and Vienna as a schemer trying desperately to hold on to her man by the oldest and worst methods possible. Babs deserves better.

    Could rant about others, but I'll stop here.

    Looks to me like the writers just don't care about their characters any longer.

    Posted by Frenchy68 at Thursday, May 27 2010 03:27 PM

    sweetcaonline - it's hard to give up on something you've spent so many years watching, especially when it's ending in just a few months. Like you, I fast forward through the parts I don't like, but I can't help but remember when the show was better. I didn't say you liked Janet/Dusty ... I referenced another poster named adrianna who used to come on and all she would post was "Can't wait to see Dusty/Janet tomorrow." Your posts remind me of that, because they're some variation on "Yay, no L/N/R today" rather than about anything that's actually happening on the show that day.

    Posted by MimiLove at Thursday, May 27 2010 08:19 PM

    I agree with Frenchy68 totally. Janet and Liberty is making everyone's life miserable. They need to leave. Gabriel is so overdramatic. It's not Craig's fault he wasn't in his son's life. He didn't know he even existed. Lidia kept it a secret from him his entire life. So if Gabriel wants to blame somebody, he should blame his mother. I cannot stand Katie! Just because she lost Brad, doesn't give her the right to screw up everyone else's life and make them miserable just because she is. Vienna is a hyprocrite. Henry kisses Barbara as a result of Vienna leaving him twice and gets upset with Barbara about it, but completely trust Henry. Stupid. Then, she turns around and sleep with Casey. More than once! And I don't think she's even preggos. Tramp. Jack is so judgemental and he will always judge Carly no matter what she does. She doesn't deserve that. I know Craig has hurt her before with sleeping with Rosanna and all, but he won't ever judge Carly the way Jack has. I love Carjack, but give it a rest all ready. Carly deserves better. Emily is pissing me off. She is not Eliza's mother. Meg is out of the hospital and ready to take care of HER daughter. Emily should just give it a rest too. It's okay to be a stepmom and all, but her mother mother. No, she has a mother. Meg. Lily should back off and leave Molly and Holden alone. She will never get him back. Not with what she did to the family by marrying Damien. Silas need to back off too. No means no. Luke and Reid are cute together. Bye Bye Noah. These storylines are useless to watch. It's the same thing over and over.

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