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    Tuesday, May 25 2010
    Chris takes Ali out, Meg freaks out and Henry decides to propose.

    At WOAK, Katie calls Chris and tells him that they need to re-shoot some of the scenes from Lisa's special. He tries to talk his way out of it but she's insistent. She watches the footage of her kissing Chris over and over.

    At the hospital, Casey helps Ali with a monitor. She apologizes for butting into his affair with Vienna. He wonders why she is so sure he shouldn't trust Vienna. She doesn't understand how he can be involved with a woman who is with someone else. Casey isn't looking for commitment. After he drifts away, Chris comes in and tells her to hit the monitor. She won't so he pokes it and it starts working. Ali asks him out to the movies.

    Vienna is frustrated in her room when another pregnancy test comes back negative. Henry delivers some food to her. She tries to pull him into bed. Barbara shows up at the door with the dress. "Is this a bad time?" she asks. She drops the incomplete dress and flounces off. Vienna and Henry bicker and he suggests she's been rude to Barbara. He takes the dress and leave. Her phone beeps. She gets a call from Casey and rushes off.

    Meg and Emma meet Mr. Pregger at the farm house to discuss her custody case. Emma is sure that a judge can see what a bad mother Emily is. The lawyer needs more evidence. Emma doesn't have any. After he leaves, Emma rants but Meg gets an idea. She says that she is going to get her job back and prove that she has her life under control. Since she'd fail a mental health test, she wants to go directly to Bob and ask him to waive it.

    Emily is playing with Eliza at Fairwinds. Paul wanders in, offering to cancel his meeting so he can spend the day with them. She thinks he doesn't trust her alone with the child. He insists he does and worries that they are playing into Meg's hands.

    When Henry goes to Barbara's, he finds a maid emptying the trash and is shocked to see the dancing trophy. He holds onto it and remembers the dancing competition before dumping the trophy and dress in the trash. He walks back to Vienna's room but she's gone. He finds a note she left behind and a book of baby names.

    Back at the hospital, Chris informs Casey that he is going out with Ali. Casey says that's cool. When Chris leaves, Vienna arrives and throws herself at Casey. He tells her he's feeling used. She storms out.

    Emma runs into Barbara in Old Town. They talk about Eliza and Barbara suggests that they try setting an example for their children. They discuss her christening and Barbara suggests she get Meg and they go and see Paul.

    Meg runs into Emily and Eliza at the hospital. Meg is irate that her daughter was vaccinated without a parent present. The bickering erupts and Meg calls her a nut case. Ali gets between them and Meg stomps off. After Emily leaves, a nurse tells Ali that some drugs are missing.

    Chris arrives at WOAK to see Katie. He tells her that her hard work has paid off and he has a date with Alison. She tells him she's really happy. "Are you sure?" he wonders. She stutters and claims there is no reason for her to change her mind. They do their re-shoot and Alison arrives. Katie stares as she and Chris plan their evening. After they leave, Henry runs in and tells Katie that Vienna is pregnant. She wonders why he looks like he wants to jump off a cliff. He claims there is no problem; he's just not sure what Vienna wants. She tells him he has to propose the old fashioned way.

    As Katie drives home, she stops and sees Alison and Chris kiss being affectionate. When a cop asks her to drive along, she runs Chris over.

    When Vienna gets home, Casey shows up and declares that he wants to be her boy toy.

    Barbara goes to Fairwinds and confronts Paul about what's been going on. He thinks she's being over the top and gets annoyed when she explains that she's starting the christening arrangements. Emily storms in, complaining about Meg. Within seconds, Meg and Emma arrive. Emily's confused. She makes everyone tea and they discuss the christening. Emma and Paul argue about where it should be. As the arguing spreads, Paul takes Eliza and leaves. Eventually, the women notice they are gone and Meg starts freaking out. Paul and the child return. Emma leads her daughter away. Emily's eager to tell the judge about this episode. Paul just wants Meg to get better. When he walks off, Barbara warns Emily not to try breaking Paul's connection to the mother of his child.

    Emma takes her daughter home. Meg doesn't know what's happening to her.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Henry interrupts Casey and Vienna.

    Katie admits she didn't like seeing Chris with Ali.

    Silas taunts Holden.

    Holden wants Molly to get rid of Silas.

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    Posted by cbruns71471 at Tuesday, May 25 2010 12:44 PM

    So Emily is going to drug Meg to make us [the audience] care for crazy meg again. Meg is a trainwreck - so is Paul -and so is Emily. That child needs to be placed with one of her Uncles or Aunts that live outside of Oakdale. Maybe Seth or Caleb or Ellie or Iva can raise that child.

    Posted by Keelex at Tuesday, May 25 2010 01:00 PM

    Good going Emily. Your self destruction is at hand. You are going to get caught like always then Paul is going back to Meg cause you druged her and you are going to loose everything.

    Posted by padef at Tuesday, May 25 2010 01:24 PM

    Sorry, people, but you're as deluded as NutMeg if you think that Em is behind the drugging. Isn't it just so handy that right after Meg leaves the hospital, it's discovered that there are drugs missing. Yes, Em was there too, but busy with Eliza and the Dr. Who better than a nurse to know what to take, and how much in order to come off looking like a victim without any lasting harm? NutMeg is as nutty as ever and Em's going to get blamed. Oh well, in the end the truth will out and Meg will be OUT of Eliza's life.

    Posted by KaiBo at Tuesday, May 25 2010 01:40 PM

    I too don't believe Emily is behind the drugging. I'd bet my money on Damian before pointing fingers at Emiliy.

    Posted by Finicky fan at Tuesday, May 25 2010 02:13 PM

    Thank you KaiBo and padef. I was thinking the same. Either Meg is drugging herself or she is faking it. I just hope they don't totally destroy Emily in the process. Right now it is Emily against the world. Emily is a stepmother and stepmothers are supposed to love and care for their stepchildren and treat them as their own. Children deserve all the love and support they can get. Of course this is a soap so Emily has to be villanized. I hope Emily, Eliza and Paul come through this stronger than ever. I lost my concern for Meg long ago. Yes Emily used extremely poor judgement but she won't let that happen again (and it is a soap).

    Why must we endure Katie? Why didn't they send her away with Simon? It was to much to hope for that she would be written out. I tune out her segments. The storyline with her is far to predictable. Of course she would want Chris. That's what she does best.....hurt people.

    Posted by kyh4 at Tuesday, May 25 2010 02:23 PM

    I toally agree with Padef! I was thinking the samething when the young lady told Ali pills were missing. I was saying oh my what has Meg gotten herself into. I think in th end she will lose Eliza as well. WTH Vienna? That girl is a piece of work. I am so glad she is not preggers. I am sure Casey will end up getting her prego. show wasn't that bad today.

    Posted by Frenchy68 at Tuesday, May 25 2010 04:03 PM

    Emily used poor judgment in pursuing her story, but it's weird that everyone is ignoring that she was pulled away at gunpoint by an ex-con. Did the Police even take her statement? Are they looking for the guy? Emily knows who he is. I mean, the cop says, "I'll let you off with a warning." Warning for what? Don't leave your baby alone, get shot instead? Ugh. I also think that Meg stole the drugs. It looks like she's using the same trick on Emily that Damien used on her.

    Posted by Extra1 at Wednesday, May 26 2010 02:42 AM

    I think that nutty Emily got those pills from the hospital. She knows that hospital well...her mother has worked there forever, ans Emily is very familiar with everything. She is capable of anything. Think back folks...look at old Emily's track record on hurting people, both physically and mentally.Meg will surely get worse thinking something is truly wrong with her. I would hate to think that Emily had my baby and was taunting me. I think Meg was truly changing, and the doctors saw fit to release her. I think Paul will get wise to what Emily is doing....and get rid of her in his life. Hey, at least we didn't have to see Janet's self-ritious act all through the show. She and Liberty need to leave Oakdale. Janet needs to learn just how lucky she is to have the sexy, sweet, Dusty in love with her. LESS OF JANET, LIBERTY...AND PARKER...PLEASE!!!

    Posted by Earthmom at Wednesday, May 26 2010 04:42 AM

    I think this is the beginning of the end for Meg. She finished filming her last episode a while back.

    KaiBo...I think you're right. Damien is up to his old tricks...

    Posted by padef at Wednesday, May 26 2010 05:41 AM

    No way, Extra1. Marie Wilson filmed her last almost two months ago. This is the beginning of the end for Meg. Emily will be around - and with Paul - after Meg is long gone. At this point Meg is the loony one, not Emily and if anyone knows that drug room it's Meg, not Emily.

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