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    You're His Father.

    Thursday, May 20 2010
    Jack offers Craig a deal, Luke tries to work out his feelings and Margo gets suspicious.

    Jack is in the office thinking about Parker when Margo walks over. She tells him that Gabriel is Craig's son. He's shocked.

    Carly arrives at the hospital to check on Gabriel. She quizzes a nurse about him and discovers that Lily is paying his medical bills. Lily pops up and says she's doing it out of guilt. Carly's confused so Lily tells her that Gabriel is Craig's son. As she relates the sordid details, Liberty eavesdrops. They notice her and she walks over to ask them if this is for real. Lily is called away to handle a bill and Carly runs off to get some air. Liberty stands around with her mouth open. Margo wanders by and assures Liberty that her brother wouldn't have hurt his own son. The cop asks her about the pearls and Liberty admits that Parker found them when he broke into Gabriel's room. Liberty explains the whole situation and everything she knows about Gabriel.

    Reid sits at home calling himself a bonehead for having feelings for Luke. He deletes a picture of him from his phone and walks off.

    Luke and Noah sit in the park. Luke tells him that he never thought he would fall in love... and then they met. When Noah pushed him away though, it hurt and he changed. He let him go, but not totally. "I already know what you're going to say," Noah says. As they debate their feelings, Noah gets excited to see ripples in the water. Suddenly, he has a violent headache so Luke drags him back to the hospital.

    Reid walks the hospital halls. Lily runs up to him and asks about Noah. He doesn't have anything to say. She asks him to treat her son right. He thinks she should treat her son like a grown man. Luke and Noah rush in and explain Noah's pain. Reid leads Noah off for an examination. Luke kicks himself for taking Noah out. He wishes things weren't so complicated.

    In the exam room, Reid explains to Noah that the headaches are to be expected. Noah worries that his vision won't get better but Reid tells him not to expect miracles. "Figure out what it is you want and fight for it," Reid advises. Noah wants Luke. Reid already knows that. He walks out and tells Luke and Lily that the headache is normal. He walks off after making a veiled comment about how Noah is taking a step backward and Luke goes in to see Noah. "I've been selfish," Noah says, telling Luke how great he is. He thinks he blew everything and asks him to go.

    Johnny and Craig are at home playing video games. Craig sits him down and explains that Gabriel is his brother. "He's way cool," Johnny says. Jack shows up. After Johnny is sent off, the questioning starts. Craig thinks Jack is sitting on the truth about Parker. Jack threatens to make sure he goes down for everything unless he throws himself on the mercy of the court. Things heat up and they scream at each other. Jack encourages him to take the deal for Parker's sake but Craig doesn't think Jack would be able to live with himself if he bought his son's freedom with lies.

    Carly goes home and fills Parker in about Craig and Gabriel. She insists this doesn't change anything and he needs to let his parents protect him. He thinks everything is just getting worse. Margo shows up. Carly hides her son and lets Margo in. They run over the details of Gabriel at Monte Carlo and Margo wonders if Parker was as forgiving about getting ripped off as Carly claims to be. Margo talks about how jealous Parker was and then asks her to bring her son down to the station. After she leaves, Jack runs in. She tells him all about Margo's questioning and they realize that this is more than just a case for Margo. Jack wishes she'd come to him at the beginning so they could have avoided this. As they yell at each other, Parker sneaks out. She cries that they are letting their son's future slip away.

    Parker goes to the station to see Margo. He confesses that he knocked Gabriel unconscious.

    Craig runs into Liberty at the hospital. "You're his father," she says, asking him if he meant to hurt his son. He swears that he didn't and asks her to tell him about Gabriel. They go over the details and Craig wishes he'd been a better man and some kind of a father. She thinks Gabriel is sad and lonely and encourages him to try and make peace with his son.

    Luke tracks down Reid at the bar. Luke's not sure why he's there. He talks about how confused Noah is. Reid says he's not confused about his feelings. "I can't do this," he announces, walking out.

    Back at the hospital, Noah tells Lily that he feels bad about needing Luke after pushing him away for so long. He doesn't want a relationship based on obligation. She warns him that if he lets Luke stay away, he may never come back.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Janet and Dusty play around.

    Carly tells her son that he can only confess over her dead body.

    Margo takes Jack off the case.

    Craig tells Lily and Lucinda that he's not a suspect.

    Gabriel wakes up.

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    Posted by adriana8900 at Thursday, May 20 2010 12:19 PM

    can't wait for dusty and janet scenes on friday

    Posted by Frenchy68 at Thursday, May 20 2010 12:21 PM

    I've resigned myself to the idea that the writers will re-unite Luke and Noah before show's end, but every time I see Luke and Reid together, it seems so obvious that they should stay together and Noah should move to LA and work on films or whatever.

    I wonder if the writers have forgotten that Craig set Carly up as his alibi for the fire. He was with her when it started.

    An episode without Janet can't be all bad! Too bad Liberty had to show up. It was almost perfect.

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Thursday, May 20 2010 12:49 PM

    If the only thing the writers can come up with is L/N/R storyline then & I never thought that I would say this---they might as well cancel the show now. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who thinks this----maybe the rest are just afraid to say anything.

    Posted by ADG17779 at Thursday, May 20 2010 12:52 PM

    Grrrrr Margo is such a hippocrite!! The character REALLY gets on my nerves sometimes..Why should Jack ultimately be removed from the case but she shouldn't be?? Hello Craig is her brother and she's been defending him the whole time while "investigating" this whole case.. Maybe its because there are only two cops in Oakdale lol...She did the same crap with Adam trying to cover up his coming back but she is quick to throw someone else in jail for a lot less!...I miss Hal :-(

    Posted by awall at Thursday, May 20 2010 01:08 PM

    ADG17779 I total agree, Margo has always defended Craig and he has never faced up to any of his crimes. Why does she think Jack should not defend Parker? It was a good day with no Janet, to bad Liberty had to show up and she is another so quick to throw someone under the bus. As long as she needed someone she was clinging to Parker and he was there more than Janet. Why so much attention to Gabriel someone she barely knows. Writers you'll are really not doing this show "justice" or the Core Families.

    Posted by jj1234 at Thursday, May 20 2010 01:09 PM

    Ditto on missing Hal!! Thank goodness Parker confessed. He's about the only smart character on this show! I love Carly but for once I'd like them not to write her as a liar. And Jack....please! He's beyond irritating right now. I liked him so much after Brad's death. When he was a little darker and decided not to judge every single move Carly made. I know she was completely wrong on this one but he's been wrong with how he's been treating her since they got back together.

    Oh really aren't that interesting I'm afraid.

    Posted by jj1234 at Thursday, May 20 2010 01:13 PM

    Oh, I forgot...Margo, you aren't a very good cop. Neither she or Jack should be involved in this case. Is Craig even in trouble for blowing up the building? Im sort of over this whole mess of a s/l. I can't stand it when they create long lost children out of thin air. Craig doesn't need any more kids!

    Posted by Milzi at Thursday, May 20 2010 01:19 PM

    Dear writers I'm sorry to have to tell you but Craig started that fire before he found out that Gabriel was his son, he found out about him after he was in the hospital, don't you remember what you write? Lily came to the hospital and told Craig. He was not trying to kill him, he didn't know any one was there and Parker did not start the fire.

    Posted by Frenchy68 at Thursday, May 20 2010 01:31 PM

    Darn it, I typed a message then it didn't post! Anyway ...

    Dear Milzi, a few episodes back, Lily lied to Margo about when she told Craig. So everyone else thinks Craig knew. Only Lily, Craig and Lucinda know the truth. The writers aren't wrong in this case.

    Not to totally defend Margo, because she did lie about Riley/Adam, but she is in a different place here vs. Jack. Jack is lying and withholding evidence to defend Parker. Margo is not hiding anything to defend Craig.

    Posted by padef at Thursday, May 20 2010 02:00 PM

    Guess Margo and Jack HAVE to work on the case - there aren't any other cops left that we'd know. Yes,IRL, neither one of them would be allowed within ten feet of the case. Not that I really care. I am nothing but bored by this instant son for Craig business. If it was someone we knew, or the child of someone we knew, well then, maybe. And as for Carly, Parker, and Jack, haven't we pretty much been here, done that before? A real yawner for me.

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