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Friday, May 14 2010
Jack questions Parker, Craig orders Lily to help him and Dusty tries to get back with Janet.

Jack is at the station working on the case. Margo asks him if he has anything yet. He's not very helpful. She thinks they need to find out who had it out for Gabriel.

At Carly's, she tries to get Parker to act normal. He's still freaked out but she insists that he get on with his life. As she sends him off, Jack arrives. Carly chases her son out, making Jack wonder why she is so determined to keep him away from his son. They bicker about her kicking him out. She thinks he should be used to this by now. Jack's just there to get his sunglasses. After he leaves, Margo calls to question Carly about Gabriel.

At the hospital, Liberty places the pearls in Gabriel's hands. After she leaves, Craig comes in and sees the pearls. He recalls giving them to Lidia. Lily wanders in and snipes at him. A nurse comes in and kicks them out.

Johnny runs into Al's and hands Janet a flower. As she sniffs it, Dusty walks in and sits with her. They flirt and she talks about her new place. Dusty and Johnny leave as Liberty arrives. She sits with her mom and informs her that her doctor says she can stop radiation. Janet is thrilled. They hug and agree to have lunch. After Janet bustles away, Liberty calls Dusty and asks him to meet her for lunch.

Carly arrives at the station and Margo shows her all of the info Gabriel had on Craig. They wonder what he had against Craig. Carly seems clueless, but explains, in a backward way, that she thinks Craig is capable of terrible things. Margo knows her brother is a 'royal screw up' but she doesn't believe he's a cold blooded killer. Carly isn't willing to back up her optimism. She walks out and looks nauseous.

Liberty meets her mother at the Lakeview and they toast to the young woman's health. Dusty arrives. Janet thinks he's stalking her but her daughter explains that she invited him. She leaves them alone. Dusty wishes he could change the past and fix things between them. He apologizes for his mistakes and hopes they can move on together. The nanny arrives with Johnny. He's not feeling well. He's worried that Craig might go to jail. Dusty tells him to give him the benefit of a doubt and they should all support him. After Johnny leaves, Dusty asks Janet for another chance. She thinks they should take things slow. They flirt.

Margo arrives in Gabriel's hospital room and finds Liberty reading to him. She spots the pearls and Liberty explains where they came from. "They were made in a little jewelery shop in Montega," Margo adds. She rushes off. Liberty stays behind and wonders why she cares so much about him.

Jack goes to pick up his son from practice. Parker's nervous. Jack drives them over to the remains of Monte Carlo. Parker is even more nervous. Jack begins offering theories about what happened between Craig and Gabriel. Parker gulps as he remembers clobbering Gabriel. "I can't do this!" Parker shouts, running away.

Margo returns to the station and makes calls about Gabriel.

Craig and Lily go back to his room. He's sarcastic and annoyed. He blames her for everything so she offers to make things right. "Get me off the hook," he says, ordering her to get Lucinda to pay off a judge or twenty. She acts offended. "The only people who can take the moral high ground are people with morals and you're not one of them," he says. Craig wants her to give him an alibi. Margo approaches them and begins asking them about Gabriel's background. He refuses to answer but she already knows that Craig knew the boy's mother. She warns him that the case is getting more damning. Lily blurts out that Gabriel is Craig's son.

Carly goes looking for her son. When she's told Jack picked him up, she freaks out.

Jack takes Parker back to Carly's and continues to prod him. Parker begins slipping up and Jack digs in, pushing him into a confession. "It was an accident!" Parker spews. He explains what happened and insists that he didn't start the fire. Jack wonders why he didn't come forward. Carly walks in.

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