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    We Can Do It Together.

    Wednesday, May 12 2010
    Emily and Paul battle with Meg and Emma, Holden tries to help Lily and Noah gets his sight back.

    Emily discovers that Eliza is gone and rushes around like a headless chicken.

    Meg and Paul are at the hospital arguing about her relationship with their daughter. She thinks they should have shared custody, but she needs her job back first. He worries about the stress. Emily calls in tears to tell him that the child is gone.

    Paul and Meg drive out to meet Emily. She tells them about the robber and much screaming follows. Meg explodes at Emily and Paul says they all need to go to the police.

    Reid wakes Luke up at the hospital. He informs him that Noah is starting to come around. Luke is eager for news but there isn't any. Reid asks him to relax and walks off as Lily arrives. "Is something going on between you two?" she asks. He admits that the doctor has feelings for him. She wonders about Noah so he reminds her that they ended things. Grudgingly, Luke admits he has feelings for Reid too, even though he's rude and cold. She's sad that things aren't going to work out with Noah when they were supposed to be forever. He reminds her that things hardly worked out for her and Holden either.

    Molly drops by the farm house to see Holden. He's busy and doesn't seem happy to see her. She wants a picnic but he fobs her off. She guesses he's still mad about Silas and makes him some lemonade. He doesn't know why she turned to another man so she explains she was desperate for attention. Holden says they need to stop playing games and trust each other. They make out until Lily calls and worries about Craig. He offers to meet her at home. After he leaves, she calls Silas.

    Paul and Meg arrive at the station to report the kidnapping. Emily rushes in after them and they discover Emma is sitting in the office with Eliza. She claims a cop took the baby when he saw her alone in the SUV. Meg picks up the baby and cradles her. The cop issues a warning to Emily. When she reaches out to Eliza, Emma barks at her to stay away. She rants at Paul and Emily for acting like they are better than Meg. Emily accepts the blame but accuses Meg of being behind this. Paul explains that he was with her and Emma tells her she's crazy.

    Molly meets with Silas in his room. He complains about the paparazzi. She tells him she doesn't want anything from him, not even an interview, and apologizes for misleading him. He doesn't believe her and wants them to be together all the time. She says that's the last thing on her mind. He kisses her. Molly moves away from him. He reminds her of their past and what a seductress she was. She heads for the door.

    When Lily gets home, Holden is already there checking things out. She thanks him for being there for her. He tells her that she needs help... but not from him. He's hired a security firm to look after her, but says that he will still be looking out for Craig. "We can do it together," she says. She doesn't think he knows how to fight with Craig on his own. He makes it clear that he can't spend a lot of time with her because of Molly and because of their past. "We can't go back," he says before walking out. She sits around and looks at old photo albums.

    Back at the hospital, Luke is anxious for news. Reid walks off to check the tests again and Luke sits beside Noah. He begs him to wake up. Noah starts to open his eyes. His eyes focus and meet Luke's. Reid looks in and then asks Luke to leave. He examines Noah and they joke around. The doctor tells him to be patient because his vision will improve. Noah's amazed that he can see and Luke made this possible. The doctor files out and Luke returns. Noah is eager to go outside.

    Paul and Emily return to Fairwinds. They drink and he can't look at her. She explains what happened but he doesn't care for any of her excuses. He blows up at her for abandoning his daughter rather than calling Meg. She insists that Meg is crazy and he's a hypocrite. She reminds him of when he left the child in the car in the cold. He worries that he could lose his child now over this. Emily keeps apologizing and tells him how much she loves the little girl. He tells her that he is taking Eliza out for ice cream and she's not invited.

    At the farm house, Emma is on the phone telling a lawyer about what happened today. She turns to her daughter and explains that this could make a big difference and Eliza could soon be home to stay.

    Holden drops by WOAK to see Molly. He tells her that he won't be spending time with Lily anymore and explains what he did. She's impressed and tells him she pushed Silas away. An intern drops off a package for Molly. When she opens it, she's startled to see lingerie from Silas inside. She hides it away.

    Luke takes Noah up to the hospital roof. Noah thanks him for never backing off and always being there for him. He's grateful and hopes their relationship can survive this. Luke tells him just to focus on his health. Noah guesses that something has changed.

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    Henry surprises Barbara.

    Vienna and Casey have sex.

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    Posted by Nykai at Wednesday, May 12 2010 12:17 PM

    emily is really getting on my nerves

    Posted by missegirl45 at Wednesday, May 12 2010 12:26 PM

    can someone please remind Emily that she chose to have her tubes tied so therefore she needs to deal with the consequences. I'm also feeling bad for baby Eliza as she seems to be surrounded by fruit loops

    Posted by Shortmetal at Wednesday, May 12 2010 12:28 PM

    "Emily discovers that Eliza is gone and rushes around like a headless chicken." well put "Eliza!!! OMG Eliza OMG Elizaaaaaaaaa" she scared away the robber and some guy who was walking around. and Meg's the irresponsible on who goes to look for a robber with a baby. No wonder Tom took Daniel away from her. Meg is Eliza's real mother and I remember Emily did worst in the past.
    Luke and Reid are so cute together.
    Lily needs to stop being so needy and leave Holden alone so he can be with Molly

    Not Janet and Dusty today

    Posted by VCK1 at Wednesday, May 12 2010 01:54 PM

    Luke & Reid are soooo cute. More of them please. Noah needs to find someone boring like him!!!
    Reid is one of the best characters in all the CBS soaps- love him.

    Posted by Butterflyrose34 at Wednesday, May 12 2010 02:09 PM

    Luke and Reid rock! Noah who?
    the daytime emmy noms came out today and Van Hanis (Luke) was not nominated -WTF!

    Posted by Capricorn35 at Wednesday, May 12 2010 02:15 PM

    Boy have times changed with this group of fans! I am so happy. I stopped coming to this site because there were so many who hated the "Nuke" story line. So I couldn't cheer on my favorite couple! Now...... two years later.... there is love for Reid and Luke! Yay! Maybe I will return.

    Posted by north of the border at Wednesday, May 12 2010 02:19 PM

    OK, so normally I only care about Carly and by association Jack -- though he tries my patience.... but I feel sorry for the NUKE-ers and the homophobes as they are missing out on the best story in a while... Reid and Luke are hot.

    The character of Luke has been floundering for awhile now between whinny and manipulative.. but Reid -- kudos on the jerky but not so much that we don't like you acting -- makes Luke interesting again.

    Emily, Emma, Eliza, Paul... they were on today? must of slipped on my fastforward button... this is a whole storyline that is like a chicken with no head... make some gumbo already and move on...

    Emily and Paul at least used to be interesting.. sometime around the turn of the last century.

    ok enough ranting.

    I may drop CarJack for LuRe...

    Posted by KaiBo at Wednesday, May 12 2010 03:33 PM

    I was grinding my teeth everytime Meg/Emily/Emma were on screen. What is happening to Emma? I'm loving Luke/Reid together. I hope they don't turn Reid into a weak, obesessive character. Let him stay strong. Oh and please send Lily away. She's working my last nerve.

    Posted by purpleflowerbook at Wednesday, May 12 2010 04:00 PM

    how funny was emily today? "maybe she got out" a 2 year old? whose the crazy one now? i feel sorry for eliza she has no chance, everyone in her life has seemed to been loony at one time or another.

    Posted by pipposprincess at Wednesday, May 12 2010 04:05 PM

    i agree i think that luke and reid are hot hot hot!!!!!

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