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    You Have No Idea What You're Doing.

    Tuesday, May 11 2010
    Meg turns to Paul for help, Jack questions Parker and Eliza is stolen.

    Jack and Margo are at the station discussing the Caras case. They don't know anything about Gabriel.

    The cops head to Gabriel's room at the Lakeview and search it. Jack discovers a folder of information about Craig. He and Margo look through it and guess that Gabriel came to town looking to blackmail her brother.

    At Fairwinds, Emily is excited for her first Mommy and Me class with Eliza. She worries to Paul about Meg but he assures her he will make sure she doesn't take the little girl away.

    At the farm house, Emma is teaching Meg the secrets of flaky pie crust. Meg leaves to run an errand and promises her mom that she will act as normal as she knows how.

    Meg goes to the hospital to look into getting her job back. The nurse tells her she'll have to pass a psych evaluation.

    Parker and Faith wander in the park and he worries that Craig suspects him. She tells him he'll be in the clear if Gabriel dies and Craig can take the blame. He thinks she sounds like his mother and wonders if he should turn himself in. She explains his mother's rationale and why he shouldn't turn himself in. Being a good person will land him in jail so he should keep his mouth shut.

    Craig is in Carly's doorway. She's not interested in talking to him but he tells her that Gabriel was attacked before the fire... and he thinks he knows who did it. He strolls in and begins implying that Parker was the attacker. Carly blows up at him and orders him out. When he threatens to go to the cops, she tells him to stay out of this. Jack walks in and asks what's going on. Carly claims nothing is happening and Craig claims he only came to apologize. Jack tells him to go. Once he's gone, Jack tells her that their son needs their help. He assumes Parker must be furious about being ripped off and wonders if he did anything about it. She offers to handle their son. He runs off.

    Faith and Parker go to Java and she tells him he can always turn to her for help. They work on their secret handshake until Jack walks in. He sits down and begins asking about the fire. Faith explains how Gabriel got the job at Monte Carlo and helps Parker with an alibi. Parker is monosyllabic. Jack thinks he has enough information and walks off. Faith tells him he did great. He feels bad.

    Paul walks Emily outside and they talk about building a future together. Emily goes on about how much she loves them both and then he helps load the child up. "We're a family," Emily tells the baby as Paul walks away. She suddenly gets a call about a bank robber named Chase who she used to cover. She has to back out of covering his release from prison so she can look after Eliza. Then she changes her mind and takes the tip. She drives off to the rough side of town and is abruptly attacked. It's Chase. She cries about her baby so he drags her down the street. She admits that she was the reporter who covered him and begs him to let her go. They struggle, she smashes him with the lid of a garbage can and runs off. When she gets back to her SUV, the child is gone.

    Meg goes home and complains to her mom about the tests she has to pass to return to work. "There's always baking," Emma jokes. Meg thinks she should get a reference from Paul. Emma doubts that Emily will allow that since she's determined to keep control of Eliza. Meg slips into the other room to call Paul and ask him for a reference. When she gets off the phone, Emma corners her to have a talk. She accuses her of having no idea what she's doing and tells her that Paul won't help her. Emma's at a loss as to how to help her anymore. She urges her to pull away from Paul and stop relying on him. Emma just wants her to get well... without Paul. Meg warns her that she better accept that Paul will always be part of her life or she's going to lose her.

    Parker walks Faith home. She kisses him. His mouth hangs open.

    Craig is in his room having a drink when Carly shows up. She wonders why he didn't snitch on Parker and asks him what he wants. He claims he did it for her, just like everything else. He asks her if she's finally finished with Jack. She claims they aren't done by a long shot. Craig tells her he wants them to come up with a solution to get both he and Parker out of this mess. She refuses but he insists that she needs him.

    Jack meets with Mr. Yeager from the bank at the Lakeview. When the banker explains that Parker knew the money was gone long before Jack did, the cop is baffled.

    Paul arrives at the hospital to meet Meg. She wants him to talk to the head nurse for her. He says that he'll have to tell the truth and admits that he doesn't trust her alone with their daughter. She thinks he's being unfair. They argue and he suggests her mother is pushing her buttons. She thinks is all Emily's fault and accuses him of being incapable of thinking for himself. They go back and forth until she decides her mom is right and he will always take Emily's side.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Emily calls Paul to tell him Eliza is gone.

    Noah opens his eyes.

    Silas kisses Molly.

    Holden tells Lily they can't go back.

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    Posted by Shortmetal at Tuesday, May 11 2010 12:13 PM

    I enjoyed the scenes with out dusty and janet. Im sick of emily thinking that eliza is her's. but lol at her running away from that guy.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, May 11 2010 12:13 PM

    Meg is pathetic and crazy. While can't Emily let someone else chase after certain stories? She knows she has the baby. She has to make some choices. I can't believe Paul is Barbara & James's son but he doesn't have their discernment of people. Or maybe he is just surpressing it. I want him to use his devious side to take care of Meg, because she is unstable and dangerous.
    Or maybe Emma is.

    Posted by Soapfan36 at Tuesday, May 11 2010 12:21 PM

    Is Emily a complete idiot? Who goes to a rough side of town and leaves a baby in a car alone. And is she the only reporter in town?

    Posted by lovetheejamilove at Tuesday, May 11 2010 02:02 PM

    ummmmm help please, why did I think Parker and faith were somehow related???? I know Hal is Parker's real dad but they seem too close to being cousins for my taste!!!!

    Posted by Peteena at Tuesday, May 11 2010 02:58 PM

    Yes, lovetheejamilove, I had to stop and think about Parker (Carly and Hal) and Faith (Holden and Lily), too. Not related by blood, but certainly family. And it is truly amazing how Emily apparently runs an entire newspaper by herself - doing all the editing and reporting - while only seeming to do any work when it might put the child she so covets in danger.

    Posted by Extra1 at Tuesday, May 11 2010 06:25 PM

    Emily is the unstable one. She never even sees her other kid...and didn't take care of him when he was little. Paul and Meg could work this out about the baby, if Emily would just shut up. I am ready to get this story about Parker gone. He is taking up so much of the time left for the show, before it goes off the air for good.

    Posted by shela2much at Tuesday, May 11 2010 08:52 PM

    Did anyone notice when Carly held up a picture of Jack and Parker. It seems that JJ never existed.

    Posted by shela2much at Tuesday, May 11 2010 08:57 PM

    Addendum, I hope Sage isn't at the same school Faith went to. Glad Faith kissed Parker. Maybe he can get over his obsession with Liberty. She's so into Gabriel now.

    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, May 11 2010 09:46 PM

    I think Emma see's her daughter has problems, but she is trying to help her hold on to her baby, because Emily has started calling herself mommy to Eliza, and that's not good for Meg,Emily or Eliza because Meg is the baby's mother. Not Emily, and I think Emma realizes that that baby is bonding to much with Emily.

    Posted by Katie007 at Wednesday, May 12 2010 10:32 PM

    I wasn't expecting Faith to plant a kiss on Parker! I loved it!!!

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