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You're Not A Weak Woman.

Friday, May 07 2010
Molly feels second best, Carly asks Jack to move out and Craig gets bail.

Carly finds her son walking into the station and pulls him into a corner to tell him to keep his mouth shut. She assures him that no one will believe anything that Craig says and he'll be safe.

Craig startles Jack when he walks into his office and informs him that he got bail. Craig puts the blame for everything on Ellis and nearly explodes when the topic of Gabriel comes up. His intense protests of innocence surprise Jack. Carly walks in and says that Craig is desperate of anything. She lists some of his crimes and says he hasn't changed. Craig vows to stay in town and clear his name. After he walks out, Jack admits that he almost believes Craig. She asks him home for some alone time.

Holden arrives at WOAK and Molly tells him about Craig's arrest. She's busy so he rushes off.

Dusty meets up with Johnny and they head for the park. They bump into Janet on the way. She's looking for an apartment. He tells her his offers still stand. He tells her the latest about Craig and she thanks him for not pushing her into anything. They talk about the apartment she's going to see.

Lily is at home talking to her mother on the phone about how guilty she is feeling about Gabriel. Lucinda is confident they did the right thing. Holden arrives and tells Lily about the arrest. He worries about what Craig might do and defends her mother's decision. As he gives her a hug, Molly looks in through the window. She rushes over to the hotel and calls him to say she'll be delayed. She makes sure to meet up with Silas so that Holden can hear them together. After she hangs up, he runs off to find her.

Parker is shocked to run into Craig at Java. Craig begins apologizing and Parker warns him that Jack will go after him. Craig promises to find a way to make things up to him... but he's not guilty of everything he's been accused of. Even Jack doubts that he's guilty of hurting Gabriel. Parker gets nervous and tells him to stay away.

Molly is in Silas' room trying to lay some ground rules. He thinks they should go to New York for their interview. He admits that he'd like a second chance with her. She says there's no way she's going... not unless she's taking Holden with her. "I'm not afraid of the competition," he says. She says there isn't any. Holden shows up and gets territorial. Silas wanders into the other room and Holden demands an explanation for what she's up to. She throws his obsession with Lily in his face. Molly admits that she did this to make him jealous because she's sick of coming in second place. He assures her that there is nothing for her to worry about.

Jack and Carly go home and make out. They tear off their clothes and jump into bed. After sex, they wish that they could stop making things so complicated. They get dressed and go downstairs to eat. Janet walks in. She informs them that she has found a place to live on the east side. Jack doesn't think she should live in that neighborhood. It may only be fifteen minutes away but that's too far for him. Parker calls and tells his mom about his run in with Craig. She tells him to hold tight and let her take care of everything. Meanwhile, Janet repeats to Jack that he has to let her go. Carly returns to the conversation as Jack continues pressuring Janet. She refuses to listen anymore and walks out. When Jack trails after her, Carly calls to check on Parker. When Jack returns, Carly tells him that everything is wrong. "I don't think this is going to work," she tells him. Carly thinks he needs to be near Janet until the baby is born. She repeats that he needs to move out. He thinks that's crazy.

Craig finds Dusty and Johnny at the Lakeview. Craig freaks up when he sees that Johnny twisted his wrist. Dusty tells him to calm down and suggests that he's not capable of taking care of his son in this situation. Craig blows up at him and storms off.

Craig arrives at the hospital. Parker is staring into Gabriel's empty room. They're told the young man was rushed into surgery.

Dusty goes to see the landlord of Janet's new apartment. He's paid to have new appliances sent over. Janet catches them talking.

Lucinda goes to see Lily at home. She's annoyed to see that her daughter let Holden run off to be with Molly. Lily wrings her hands over what the did to Craig. They bicker about it and Lucinda tells her daughter that her life is a mess and it needs to be fixed. "You're all alone and the man you love is shacking up with Molly," Lucinda says. She orders her to focus. "You're not a weak woman - you just act like one now and then," Lucinda says. Her daughter shows her the door.

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