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Oh That.

Thursday, May 06 2010
Craig is taken in, Luke pushes Reid away and Dusty tries to help Janet.

At the station, Margo explains to Jack that there is evidence that Craig has been stealing from Parker. He's furious and wants to kill him when he discovers all of the money in the trust fund is gone.

At home, Parker tries to fake being shocked. His mother isn't convinced and worries that they won't be able to keep Jack off his back. She tries teaching him to lie effectively. It doesn't work out. Jack arrives with news about Parker's account. "I don't know how to react," Parker says. Carly reacts for him. He smashes something. His parents promise to look after him. After he sulks away, Carly and Jack head to the station.

Luke and Reid make out intensely at Katie's. Luke stops himself and says this is a mistake. Reid thinks he's overreacting. Luke worries about Noah and refuses to think about the moment. Reid is sure he wanted this to happen just as much as he did. "Right now my priority has to be Noah," Luke says. Reid points out that they were about to have sex and he shouldn't beat himself up for going after what he wants after Noah pushed him away for so long. Luke walks out.

Liberty walks into Al's wearing a wig and startles her mom. They chat and then she walks out the door, spotting Dusty. Liberty tells him how stubborn her mom is and how she wishes she'd let him help out. He admires her wig and then heads in to order a huge meal. Janet fills the table with food. He starts splitting it up so she can join him. They eat and he wipes food off her face. She declares break time over and pulls herself away. He smiles to himself.

Craig wakes up on his couch with a hangover. He calls Ellis, who appears to be in the Caribbean. Ellis isn't phased when Craig tells him about everything that's happened. Craig guesses that he never invested his money, just stole it. Margo comes to the door with a cop. They're there to search his room. She can't believe he stole the trust fund. "Oh that," he groans. The cops grab his stuff and they file out.

Dusty goes to Metro and asks Teri for her help. He tells her what he wants to do to help Janet. She encourages him to keep nudging her sister along.

Teri goes to see his sister at Al's and tells her that their father left them all an inheritance. Janet's shocked. She really needs the money and is overjoyed that her father came through for her. As they hug, Dusty watches from the alley.

At the station, Craig tells his sister that Ellis is the real criminal here. She wonders how far he would have gone to cover up what he did. Before he can think of anything to say, Carly and Jack barge in. She knees Craig between the legs and he slumps to the floor. Margo helps him up and Carly rants at him. Craig asks to talk to Carly alone. The cops leave and she accuses Craig of stealing Parker's future. He insists that he did all of this for her. She thinks he just wanted a relationship with her again. Craig doesn't deny it and insists that they can still launch Monte Carlo. She refuses to have anything to do with him again. He thinks she's throwing her life away on Jack. "I want you to suffer for this like you never have before," she says. He already is.

Margo and Jack go through the accounts and find the charges which Gabriel made with the debit card. He assumes that Gabriel was blackmailing Craig and that gives him motive to get rid of the young man. They go back in to see Carly and confront him about the blackmail. Craig acts offended but Jack is determined to take him down for this.

Parker runs into Liberty outside his house. He admires her wig and they go inside. She's feeling bad for Gabriel and wonders why this had to happen. They sit down and he feels bad about what's been happening. She's determined to find out what really happened. He goes back outside and sits on the porch. His mother comes home and he beats himself up about what happened to Gabriel. She informs him that Craig has been arrested and he'll soon he off the hook. Carly tells her son to keep attacking Gabriel to himself and let Craig rot for it.

Luke goes to Noah's hospital and room and sits at his side. He begs him to open his eyes. Reid looks in. He has to examine his patient. Luke lurches away and tries apologizing for what he accused him of. Reid assures Luke that he's not 'all that' but says that he understands how he has been reacting. The doctor advises Luke to stay with Noah and talk to him. "Take care of him Luke," he says, walking out.

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