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Danger On The Dance Floor.

Wednesday, May 05 2010
Vienna seduces Casey, Barbara and Henry dance and Luke and Reid get close again.

Henry jealously watches in the distance as Barbara and the pilot, Joe, flirt at a table. He asks her out dancing. When she leaves to get ready, Henry rushes over and warns him that Barbara is dangerous on the dance floor. Joe thinks that Henry is Paul and tells him he's pathetic for hanging onto his mother's apron strings. Barbara returns and the three of them begin bickering. Henry rants. Joe assumes they are having an incestuous relationship and leaves. Barbara pours a glass of water on Henry's head and begins ranting at him until he tells her that he is not marrying Vienna. She thinks that he's stringing her along... and just when her oncologist appointment is about to arrive. He offers to go with her and support her. She just wanted dinner and dancing. "I know how I can make it up to you," he says.

At the bar, Casey is drunk and Vienna wants to take him upstairs. When he asks about Henry, she kisses him.

At the farm house, Molly is trying to cook an elaborate meal when Holden calls to say that he and Lily are going to see Luke and Noah and he'll be delayed. She pretends it's alright, but, once she's off the phone, runs out.

At the hospital, Reid explains to Luke that he discovered more damage in Noah's head than he expected. Luke explodes at him for letting something go wrong after all of his talk about what a great doctor he is. When Reid calls him 'Mr. Snyder' again, Luke becomes furious. Holden and Lily arrive in time to hold their son back. Reid is cold and walks away. Luke explains to his parents that things went wrong and Noah could have brain damage. Molly arrives. Luke walks out to get some air. When he returns, he tells his parents to go. Lily leaves. Holden walks after her and tells her he doesn't want her alone as long as Craig is furious at her. She assures him that she is okay and he should be with Molly.

Down the hall, Reid is looking over the x-rays and wondering how he missed things. Bob comes in and tells him to stop second guessing himself. Reid's sarcastic and says this shouldn't have happened. Bob orders him to go home and rest.

Luke goes to see Bob in his office. Bob tells him not to question his decision. Luke is kicking himself for trusting Reid.

Vienna takes Casey to her room. She tells him she's on the pill and they're good to go. After they have sex, she pushes him away and asks him if insanity runs in his family. "I'm a Hughes. We invented normal," he says. He gets dressed and says that he's okay with them just having meaningless sex. "Talking is overrated," she says. He thanks her and leaves. She sits up. "Swim boys," she chants.

Henry takes Barbara to Metro for the disco dance off. "You've gotta be kidding," she says. He's sure they can win. They watch a couple dance. She's nervous but he's nonchalant. He pulls her onto the dance floor. After they tear it up, there's plenty of applause and they tie with the first place. The women go up to do their hair. When they return, Barbara's competition is limping and she's smirking. They win by default. As Barbara and Henry embrace, Vienna calls and asks him to come back to their room. Barbara says they had a blast but he should go. He thinks she's incredible. When he bows and leaves, she looks crushed.

Molly takes Holden home to eat. He worries about Luke. She feeds him but he's distracted.

Luke rushes over to Katie's. Reid answers the door with his shirt off. Luke rails at him for leaving the hospital with Noah in his condition. Reid warns him to be careful about what he says. "You don't fail... unless you want to. Did you do this to Noah on purpose?" Luke asks. Reid's startled but Luke thinks that he can't stand the fact that he hasn't fallen at his feet. Reid refuses to listen to any more of this but Luke continues to rant, accusing him of being afraid of having feelings. The doctor can't believe he would think these things. Luke doesn't know what he would do if Noah doesn't make it through this. As Luke quivers, Reid pulls closer to him and they kiss.

In her room, Vienna feels terrible for being so underhanded. Henry arrives. She weeps and tells him he can take as long as he wants to decide about their future. She hands him the ring back, sure that one day he will know that they are as perfect together as two dancers are.

When Lily gets home, she finds her front door wide open. She calls Holden and tells him she's scared that someone might have broken in. He tells her to wait in her car. When he arrives, they go inside and look around the house. He guesses that Faith just left the door open. She apologizes for dragging him over there. He says it was the right thing to do. They worry about Luke. He hugs her and promises that everything will be okay.

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