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    I'll Give Oblivion Your Regards.

    Monday, May 03 2010
    Barbara catches Henry in an awkward moment, Carly gets evidence against Craig and Janet wants independence.

    In her room, Barbara is getting frustrated working on her designs. She gets a call reminding her that she has to have another test. Anxiously, she stands in front of the mirror and tries to keep herself together.

    When Henry wakes up, he finds himself cuffed to his bed. Vienna saunters in and asks him not to fight it while she takes care of the hard things. He begins calling his safety word, but to no avail. He protests but she threatens to take him against his will. Barbara comes to the door and shouts in that she has fabric samples to shows Vienna. Vienna leaps over to the door and lets Barbara in. She can see Henry strapped to the bed. They go over the details while Henry watches in terror. Vienna slips into the bathroom to try something on. Henry begs Barbara to help him get free. She gets the key and uncuffs him. Vienna rushes out, gushing about what a genius Barbara is. Once Barbara is gone, Vienna goes on and on about the dress. Henry leaps up. She keeps trying to get him back in bed but he jumps away and insists they have no more sex until after marriage. He confronts her about her plan to get married.

    Barbara returns to her room and talks to herself about Henry. She calls Katie and asks her if she is still in the matchmaking game.

    At Carly's, Parker listens as Jack and Margo trying to figure out why anyone would attack Gabriel. They're pretty sure this is attempted murder. After Margo leaves, Jack catches his son and asks him what's wrong. Janet walks in and announces she's off to work. Jack doesn't think going to Metro is a good idea. He thinks she needs to rest. "You don't know what I need anymore," she says. He tells her she doesn't need to leave the house or worry about anything. She's sure things will only get more complicated and asks him not to stand in her way.

    Margo and Jack are at the station going over the evidence. They talk about the mysterious source of Gabriel's money. They both wish they'd gone to secretarial school when they realize they have to question Carly and Craig.

    At Metro, Dusty is interviewing replacements for Janet. He sends them away. Janet arrives. He's surprised she came back to see him. She keeps her distance and says that she just needs to work so she can get out of Carly's house. He offers her the house again. She'd like to but she can't. He admires her willingness to be alone. She's used to it. The baby suddenly kicks. He feels her belly and says this is a miracle. As they stare in each other's eyes, Jack strolls in and interrupts. He feels her belly too and offers to take her home. She wants to stay and work and encourages him to back off. Janet and Dusty prepare for the night. She tells him that she can't work there anymore; she's confused about everything and can't worry about their relationship. He makes his offer again but she's determined to be independent.

    Carly and Craig are in what's left of Monte Carlo. "It wasn't supposed to be like this... if I'd know..." he stutters. She begins to probe. He stomps off.

    Carly follows Craig to the Lakeview. He continues getting drunk. "I'll give oblivion your regards," he says. She'd love to drink but she can't. The bartender cuts him off.

    Carly takes Craig to his room. He passes out and she begins cursing him for ripping Parker off. She tells him that soul mates don't destroy each other's dreams and he's destroyed everything. "I hate you," she cries, picking up a pillow to suffocate him. She stops himself at the last minute and starts going through his papers and then checks his computer accounts. She prints them and calls Margo to tip her off.

    Parker goes to the hospital to check on Gabriel. He asks the doctor how he's doing. The doctor encourages him to try talking to Gabriel.

    Parker goes home and talks to his mother about Gabriel. He beats himself up over beating him up. When he worries about being charged with murder, she promises that won't happen. He starts to worry that she will get herself in trouble. Carly explains that she thinks Craig set the fire for the insurance money and will have to take responsibility for everything. Jack walks in. They send Parker upstairs.

    Margo goes to see her brother and finds him passed out on the couch. She quickly discovers the financial records that Carly printed out. "You stole from Parker's trust fund?" she asks.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Henry tells Vienna about his mixed feelings.

    Henry gets jealous when he sees Barbara on a date.

    Noah is nervous about the surgery but Luke is optimistic.

    Noah's surgery doesn't go as planned.

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    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, May 03 2010 12:12 PM

    Craig is going to jail and going to lose a new son that he doesn't even know once Gabriel wakes up.
    I like Barbara and Henry. I hope he mans up and breaks up with Vienna.

    Posted by badbluehope at Monday, May 03 2010 12:12 PM

    i am so sick of janet. I used to like her with Jack but now i just do not like her at all. i'm also sick of jack. i thought i would get the whole Jack/Carly romantic reunion but ATWT has spoiled it with all of this crap.

    Posted by Grannyhope at Monday, May 03 2010 12:14 PM

    I just heard of the death of Helen Wagner. I'm so glad we all got to see her last month. This really is the end of en era...

    Posted by Grammy C at Monday, May 03 2010 12:31 PM

    RE: Helen Wagner: it really is the end of an era. I used to watch these soaps w/my mom when I was very small, and with GL gone, ATWT ending, and Helen Wagner passing away, it makes me feel like I'm losing my mom again!

    Posted by Coastie at Monday, May 03 2010 01:41 PM

    I just loved the flash backs when they were celebrating Bob and Kim's anniversary. I will always remember how wonderful the scenes of Nancy consoling Katie after Brad died, only Nancy knew what it was like after losing Christopher.
    I hope that the writers will bring the family together for a wonderful reunion and have more flash backs for a memorial for Helen Wagner- RIP
    When will the show go off the air? September?

    Posted by DanElk at Monday, May 03 2010 01:44 PM

    Craig isn't going to jail, he never goes to jail!
    All his nefarious plans go awry, someone else gets hurt!
    But Craig never pays, his sister the Cop will cover for him!

    Posted by Angele Lanclos at Monday, May 03 2010 01:44 PM

    I am SOOOO pumped that we will have three days of Luke and Reid. anyone else?

    Posted by DisneyD at Monday, May 03 2010 02:06 PM

    I have watched Helen Wagner since I was old enough to watch this show with my mom - she was a joy to watch, always loved it when Mr. & Mrs. Hughes were part of the day. She always played Nancy as a strong and caring woman. She will be missed. Would love to have the old cast return for a memorial on the show. Writers, do we have your ear?

    Posted by lovinthesoaps at Monday, May 03 2010 02:17 PM

    So sick of Janet telling everyone that she is going to "do it on her own". Ever since she got to Oakdale, she has been mooching off of everyone that will take her. She stayed at Brad and Katie's hoping to break up their marriage and when that didnt work she went after Jack. Then she parked her butt at the farm when she knew that Emma (the actual owner of the farm) didnt want her there. Then she moved her kid in and basically took over. Now she wants to be independent? Now that she is knocked up, going through divorce and breaking off her engagement?? GMAB!! That woman will say anything to get someone to take care of her. She can work but yet cannot manage to get herself and Libs a room at the Lakeview. She stays at Carly's house? If I was Carly I would put her and Jack out on their arse!

    Henry - man up and tell Vienna that its over! You are making her look like an idiot and wasting time. Tell Babs that you want her and grow up already!

    Poor Parker - another crime under his belt. That boy just cannot stay out of trouble. But I wont worry he has Carly and she will protect her boy. Craig should just appoligize to Carly and do whatever it takes to get Parker his money back. I feel that Gabriel is karma for old Craig. But I DO hope that the writers give him a chance to get to know his son.

    Posted by PFmickey at Monday, May 03 2010 02:18 PM

    Angele L I so agree with you . I am dieing to see what develops in the next three days concerning Reid, Luke, and Noah. Craig should be punished for sabotaging Monte Carlo when he was at fault for stealing parkers money.

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