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    As the World Turns - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'As The World Turns'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    The Latest Unpleasantness.

    Friday, April 30 2010
    Lucinda tries to do damage control and Carly tries to shield her son.

    At home, Lily tells Holden that she has made a terrible mistake and she doesn't know how she can make things right. Before she can confide in him, Lucinda arrives to stop her. She bickers with Holden and they send him away. Lucinda reminds her of how bad it would be if Craig found out the truth. Lily confesses that she told him already. "You are out of your mind," Lucinda says. She berates her daughter and Lily defends her choice. Lucinda is sure that Craig would have just turned Gabriel into a puppet and storms off.

    Craig is at Gabriel's hospital bedside. He begins telling him to survive and fight his way back. Carly looks in at them and mulls over what Parker told her. She calls her son and tells him to keep his mouth shut about everything. Craig comes out to talk to her. She sneers at him and strides off. He goes back into his son's room. Margo walks in as he gets emotional. She's shocked and asks him what's really going on. She questions him about his family and friends and the fire. He claims he knows nothing and anxiously runs off.

    Jack and Janet return to Carly's house. She thanks him again for going with her. He tells her that she and the baby will always be part of his life. They hug. Parker comes down to see them. Liberty rushes out to hug her mom and tells her about the fire. Carly arrives and hugs Jack. Parker stares. When the mother and daughter walk off, Carly tries to assure Jack that all is well. He tells them that they need to focus on their family and suggests they talk everything over. Carly's jumpy. Jack worries.

    Janet and Liberty sit in her room and talk about Gabriel. She admits that he doesn't get along with Parker. They discuss why they fought. Janet tells her that she has nothing to feel guilty about as long as she's been honest with everyone.

    Janet returns to the others. Carly is going into a panic and explodes at Janet. There's bickering until Janet leaves to make a sandwich. Jack defends Janet and annoys Carly. She hustles her son out of the house and Jack goes into the kitchen to see Janet. She tells him that Parker was caught breaking into Gabriel's room. He's startled. She takes the sandwich to Liberty, who isn't hungry. Her mother forces her to eat anyway. Janet tells her that she doesn't feel like she's been doing her job as a mother. Liberty tells her to focus on the baby. She wonders if they're moving in with Dusty. Janet wants to be independent but her daughter doubts that's a good idea. Janet insists that as long as they have each other, everything will be okay.

    Parker and his mother are in Old Town. He wants to come clean to his father but she tells him that his story won't be convincing and it will be bad for everyone. She thinks they should just wait and see what happens. He doesn't think he can stand by and do nothing. Carly is insistent and promises that everything will be okay.

    Margo goes to see Jack and tells him about the fire. She thinks it was arson but they have no proof yet. She puts him in charge of the investigation. He points out that he has a conflict of interest in the case but she doesn't see it that way. As they discuss what happened to Gabriel, Parker listens.

    Lily goes to the hospital to see Gabriel. She wishes the secret had never been kept from him. She hopes that he'll understand why she did what she did.

    As Craig returns to his room, Lucinda is waiting so they can discuss 'the latest unpleasantness'. He has a drink and she tells him to give them a break. She insists that his son means nothing to him and tells him to forget him. He grabs her by the throat and threatens to kill her. When he lets go of her, he rants that she's lied to him and if he loses another son, she will lose everything she's ever had. He throws her out. He drinks.

    Lucinda shows up at the farm house and tells Holden that Lily and the kids are in danger from Craig.

    Holden goes to see Lily and tells her he knows everything and Craig attacked Lucinda. Lily begins blaming herself. He tells her that Craig will have to go through him if he wants to get to her.

    Craig goes to the scene of the fire and finishes a bottle of booze. Carly comes out after he smashes a bottle. "Another accident?" she asks.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Carly knees Craig.

    Henry refuses to have sex with Vienna until they're married.

    Vienna looks for a substitute to Henry.

    Luke explodes at Reid after the surgery goes wrong.

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    Posted by adriana8900 at Friday, April 30 2010 12:43 PM

    loved seeing janet and liberty bonding can't to see dusty and janet scenes on monday when they feel the baby kick for the first time

    Posted by abc66soap at Friday, April 30 2010 01:09 PM

    sick and tired of Janet and LIberty. so ungrateful for all that Carly and Parker have done for them. complaining all the time about Carly and Parker. they are the ones who INVADED Carly's and Parker's house!!!! why didn't they just leave already since they are so self-sufficient instead of living off Carly? *#&$%^%#

    Posted by iheartcarly at Friday, April 30 2010 01:22 PM

    I have not watched this show in about 3 weeks. I read the updates daily. I sat down to watch it today and had to turn it off before the halfway mark! WTH are the writers doing? This show has become a joke. I am a long time fan (not as long as many of you though!) So, I cannot abandon it completely, so thank you for the daily updates. But until the storylines improve, I'm not wasting an hour of my life in front of the TV for this sillyness!

    Posted by Peteena at Friday, April 30 2010 02:12 PM

    I felt so tired after the show today, because the show itself is so tired. Craig gets a new kid sprung on him, Carly is scheming, Janet over-reacts to everything, Liberty is ambivalent, Parker is sullen, Margo puts Jack in charge of something he should have no business investigating, blah, blah, blah.

    Looking forward to seeing Henry next week. And, of course, any time Craig gets kneed by anyone that'll be entertaining.

    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, April 30 2010 02:20 PM

    The one thing that Jack couldn't stand about Carly was her lying. Well, she is at it again and she is involving her child, Parker. If she doesn't watch out, she is going to lose him before she gets him.

    Furthermore, if she is so sure that Jack loves her and he is her "soul mate", why is she so insecure...? I guess she remembers how she was always in his face when he was with other women - Julia 1, Julia 2, Katie, and yes, Janet. Karma really works.

    Carly should really be angry with Jack; even though the house belongs to Jack, Carly could have easily said no. If I'm not mistaken, Jack bought it from Mike Kasnoff. I don't like how she threatened Jack (after she returned) to obtain his house any way.

    Posted by simscb at Friday, April 30 2010 06:39 PM

    I have been watching this show for many years and am so tired and aggravated with the same old garbage.

    This isn't As the World Turns, it's As Janet's World Turns. Sick of seeing her and Liberty all the time.

    More screen time should be given to the regulars who have been on the show all this time.

    WRITERS, you are just as bad as Y&R and B&B and have officially earned the title TIIC...The Idiots in Charge and WINO...Writers in Name Only. No wonder this show will be biting the dust in September.

    I am hoping Craig(who gets away with all his dastardly deeds just as James Stenbeck) left some evidence in Metro so his sorry behind can be sent to jail and kept there.

    Posted by Garlicqueen17 at Saturday, May 01 2010 03:05 AM

    That's why I call this show "As the Stomach Churns!"

    Posted by lona at Saturday, May 01 2010 07:49 AM

    Hi all,

    I have read these comments for months. I have watched these soaps since they have been on. For us older ones I watched, Edge of Night, Search For Tomorrow,Guiding Light and Capitol! This have gotten ridiculous. How many people in your lifetime have you seen teens just show up at their house and say "you are my mother"! And how in Gods name do they not remember any of the births? This show is garbage, the only reason I read these are to see Barbara and Henry. They are cute. How many times can you kill someone and then still be out and rich. And NO MATTER who shows up in the town someone always gives them a job and a HOME!! I guess having little joey show up isnt that bad if you dont pay the mortgage. I am so sick of Janet,Liberty, Jack (who I think isnt so hot and neither was his cousin brad) I CANT STAND KATIE! She is like the town gnat. She is always in your ear but you cant slap her. Thanks for listening to me. I wanted this show to stay on, but if the writers pulled their heads out of their butts, and wrie real stories such as the terrible recession, why doesnt Lucinda lay off everyone in town and see how horrible it is to lose you house!

    Posted by Earthmom at Saturday, May 01 2010 09:43 AM

    lona...That is the best description of Katie I have EVER HEARD! "She is like the town gnat. She is always in your ear but you cant slap her."

    Great post!

    Posted by Extra1 at Sunday, May 02 2010 07:20 PM

    Why is Carly lying again to Jack about Parker's involvement in the injur to Gabriel? He always hated the way she has lied and kept things from him. I am sick of flabby mouthed JANET. She thinks the world owes her a living. Parker has been doing grown up things way to fast. He was too young to marry Liberty, and is too young to be acting like an idiot man. Sick of him, too.

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