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Dirty And To The Death.

Thursday, April 29 2010
Eliza's custody hearing commences, Craig tries to swallow the truth and Parker confesses to his mother.

At the farm house, Emma tells Meg that she looks very motherly and responsible. Meg's not so sure. Holden listens at the door as Emma gives her daughter a pep talk and promises her that all will be well. When Meg walks out, Holden comes in and worries. Emma is sure they can talk a judge onto their side and begs him to come to the hearing and do all he can. They look for Meg on the porch but she's gone.

At Fairwinds, Paul worries that Meg could get custody. He did after all, and he's a felon and former mental patient too. Emily tries to reassure him and insists that they are Eliza's family now. Paul goes upstairs to dress. Meg shows up and announces that she wants to settle this out of court. Emily refuses to let her see Paul and tells her that Eliza is their child now. She says that Meg isn't capable of being a mother anymore. Emma rushes in. Emily tells them to use the door and flounces off. Meg tells her mom that she can't fight them. Emma insists that she just has to be strong and fight, even if she has to fight dirty and to the death.

At the court house, Paul tells everyone that this doesn't need to be ugly. Emma begins taunting Paul until he and Emily walk away. Holden's starting to wonder if this is a good idea. Meg slips away to call a journalist and tell them that Deerbrooke just released a dangerous woman named Meg in exchange for money from her family. A moment later, Emily gets a call and runs off before the hearing can begin. When the judge arrives, Paul asks if they can have a brief delay until Emily returns. Emma blows up at him. The hearing starts anyway. Emma talks about what a loving home Meg has. Paul says this isn't about Meg, it's about what's best for Eliza and Meg can't provide a better home than she has. After the hearing ends, Meg trails behind her family so she can thank Paul for being fair to her.

Emily is at Deerbrooke questioning the doctors and accusing them of taking bribes to release Meg. They throw her out.

Emily returns to the court house. The hearing is over. Paul informs her that everything is remaining the same for thirty days and then there will be a re-evaluation. Emily guesses that Meg tipped off the paper to get her out of there. Meg tells her that she's the one who is crazy.

At the hospital, Craig refuses to believe Lily when she tells him that Gabriel is his son. She shows him his birth certificate. He still insists this is all a scam. She tries explaining more and he demands to know how long she has known about this. He starts yelling so a nurse chases them away.

Down the hall, Carly questions her son about why he hates Gabriel so much. He decides he'd rather talk to Liberty right now and thinks he should be the one to tell her what's happened. She wanders by Gabriel's room to look in.

Craig and Lily slip into a room. When she mentions her mother's involvement, he explodes. He can't believe that she's let him suffer like this. She insists that Lydia didn't want him to know and it's not the first time a woman felt that way where he was involved. Craig's furious that he was robbed of another son. He's ready to abandon his son anyway. "He's taken everything he can already," he says. She begs him not to turn his back on his son. "You kept him from me. He's your problem," he says.

Liberty tries calling Gabriel. "I hope you didn't die of boredom," she says. Parker shows up. She blows up at him.

Liberty and Parker arrive at the hospital and find Carly. Parker tells her about the fire. Liberty goes in to see Gabriel and asks Carly and Parker for more information. Carly tries to cover and Parker stutters. "It's like everyone around me is cursed," Liberty declares.

Carly and Parker go home. She ask what's bothering him. He explains that Gabriel could die and it's his fault. He tells her about the hitting him and the fight over the money. She's baffled and orders her son to say anything to anyone. Liberty arrives and Carly runs off. Parker mopes. Liberty cries.

Craig stares into Gabriel's room and wonders why he never saw that he had come for revenge. Craig sits at his bedside and swears he didn't know he was in the office when he started the fire. Carly looms outside the room.

Holden shows up at Lily's to get riding gear for the kids. He can see she's upset. She sobs and tells him she's made a terrible mistake.

Next on As The World Turns:

Lucinda tells her daughter to stop talking to Holden.

Carly tells her son they have to lie.

Margo puts Jack in charge of the case.

Craig threatens to kill Lucinda.

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