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    Rotten Luck.

    Wednesday, April 28 2010
    Gabriel is rushed to the hospital, Reid makes another pass at Luke and Lily tells Craig the truth.

    Luke walks Reid home. The doctor offers him pizza and beer. Luke tries to pass. Reid asks him if he wants the kiss to happen again. "Pizza sounds good," Luke decides. They sit down to watch TV but the cable is out. Luke attempts small talk but Reid hates it. Reid makes a jab at Noah and says that he's still punishing Luke. He thinks Luke is an idiot to keep defending him and tells him he should move on. Luke gets offended and tries to leave. He admits that being wanted by someone like Reid is a compliment. They get close but the pizza man interrupts. Luke answers Reid's phone. It's Noah, who seems rather baffled. He tells Luke that his surgery is tomorrow. Luke is startled and asks Dr. Oliver why he didn't tell him that. Reid reminds him that he can't talk about a patient's care. Luke gets paranoid and confused. Reid reaches out to him. Before they can kiss, he gets buzzed to work. He tells Luke he's not playing any games and leaves.

    In Java, Parker whines to Faith about Gabriel and Craig ripping him off. When he wants to go to the police, she decides she's going with him.

    Faith and Parker arrive at the station. Margo greets them, which makes things awkward. Before they can explain anything, a call comes in that a building is on fire. After she leaves, Parker tells Faith that they need to run.

    Craig is at Carly's promising her that he will come out on top once again and will no longer misbehave. He offers to take her out for dinner. She says their kiss earlier was a mistake. He's anxious to get going. She gets a call about the building being on fire. Craig acts shocked.

    Gabriel regains consciousness on the floor of Monte Carlo. There is smoke everywhere. He tries to get out and fails. The fire department arrives but they don't see him when they search.

    Carly and Craig arrive outside of Monte Carlo. Parker and Faith are there. He's panicking that someone could be inside. He tries to run in but his mother stops him. She barks at them to get away from there. Margo begins questioning Carly and Craig. He says it could have been an electrical fire since Gabriel did much of the wiring. He takes Carly aside and they discuss the insurance. Margo yells over that someone was found in the building. Gabriel is taken out. Parker panics more. Margo asks questions about Gabriel's next of kin but no one knows anything.

    In the parking lot, Faith questions Parker. He admits that he confronted Gabriel and punched him out. She thinks he should tell the police but he refuses because he thinks the police would hang this on him. His mother walks over and asks him what he's talking about. He covers but she's unconvinced. Craig jogs over to say that Gabriel is in critical condition. They run off.

    At home, Lily worries to her mother about what they should do for Gabriel. Lucinda refuses to take any responsibility for this. Lily thinks they should tell the young man the truth. She wants to call Craig. Her mother refuses to allow that and snatches her phone away. Lucinda doesn't give a damn about Craig. Lily rants at her mother about all of her deceptions. Lucinda tells her how awful it would be to have Craig as a father and reminds her of Bryant's death. She is sure that Gabriel had an agenda in coming to town and they should leave him to sort things out. Faith rushes in in tears. She tells her mom that Gabriel was caught in a fire and might die. Faith runs away. Lucinda seems relieved. "Rotten luck but the decision has been taken away from us," she says. Lily refuses to stand by and do nothing.

    Margo questions Craig and Carly at the hospital. They don't have much to say. Dr. Oliver arrives to help assist with another doctor. Margo goes off with them and Craig leaves to get coffee. Carly takes her son aside and confronts him about how he's been acting.

    Lucinda follows Faith to the farm house and questions her about Gabriel.

    When Luke gets home, he finds Noah waiting for him. Noah's freaking out about his surgery. "I'm scared and you're the only person I want to be with," Noah says. He's full of uncertainty and doesn't even know who would be informed if he dies on the operating table. Luke offers to be there every step of the way. They hug.

    Margo returns to the scene of the fire. The fire marshal tells her this looks like it could be arson.

    Lily arrives at the hospital and finds Craig in the hall. She asks about the fire and then asks him if he remembers Lilia. "That boy lying in there is her son... and yours," she says.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Emily tells Paul that she wants what's best for his daughter.

    Emma tells Meg to fight dirty.

    Craig blows up at lily.

    Parker wonders if he should talk to the police.

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    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, April 28 2010 12:25 PM

    who is Lilia? Does Gabriel know of his connection?

    Parker is always at the wrong place! He just has bad luck.

    Posted by cdpf at Wednesday, April 28 2010 12:29 PM

    I think Lilia was the woman that Craig had an affair with while he was married to Sierra many years ago...probably after Lucy (Lucinda Marie) was a baby.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, April 28 2010 12:53 PM

    Ohhh, okay. I am assuming that Lucinda paid her to stay away with the boy so Craig never knew about him.
    Lucinda is such meddler, but I love her anyway. If only this Lily has a spine like her mama.

    Posted by Butterflyrose34 at Wednesday, April 28 2010 01:27 PM

    Noah needs to go away and stay away!Luke is not a yo yo or any kind of toy to be played with,so stop with the back and forth and cut the string Noah, let him get on with his life. Luke is a good guy but he needs to stop being Noah's doormat. He is better with Reid and Reid makes him a better person. Reid wants Luke and isn't afraid t say it or show it so Luke should go for it and forget about Noah already!

    Posted by Earthmom at Wednesday, April 28 2010 03:35 PM

    I loved today's show! So glad to see Lucinda! She brings such life to every storyline she's a part of! Was Gabriel's mother, Lilia, an actual past character on ATWT? I am loving the way this is all falling together. So much more enjoyable than the funeral/baby/nightmare thing...

    I really hope Reid and Luke get (and stay) together. Luke seemed rather lukewarm, if you will, today towards Noah. Maybe he finally has some perspective and sees him more as a friend than a lost lover. I sure hope so.

    Posted by ms.elaine at Wednesday, April 28 2010 05:21 PM


    Posted by angelgirl30 at Wednesday, April 28 2010 07:41 PM

    I really hope Luke and Reid happen!!! I think Luke deserves better than being Noah's doormat. I'm hoping it will happen between them =)

    Posted by Butterflyrose34 at Wednesday, April 28 2010 09:05 PM

    Okay so I just rewatched today episode cause I missed some of it and saw the scene where Noah calls Dr.Oliver and Luke picked up. So I think Noah went to see Luke not just because he's freaked about his surgery put because Luke called Dr.Oliver, Reid and that freaked Noah out too because he realizes that Reid and Luke's relationship is changing and he doesn't like that so he played on Luke's sympathy and lingering feelings for him. I also think Luke is freaked that he likes Reid because he is so different from Noah and Luke is not used to someone who is so open with their feelings or maybe he just doesn't believe someone so hot could be into him. I don't know. I'm done now.

    Posted by GLandWT at Thursday, April 29 2010 07:26 AM

    Lucinda said Bryant was 20 years old when he died. Bryant has been dead for quite a few years. Gabriel is now 20 years old. In Soap-Land, Bryant would be more than 10 years older than Gabriel making it a little suspect as to how he and Bryant were friends.

    I am thinking since the writers have re-written history - (with Gabriel being Craig's son) - Bryant found out that Gabriel was Craig's son/his brother - that somehow this knowledge will tie in to the death of Bryant. Bryant was very dissapointed in his father. JMO

    Posted by Janl at Thursday, April 29 2010 07:44 AM

    Yes Lilia was the lady Craig had an affair with years ago in Montaga, when still married to Sierra! This should be an interesting twist for Craig,& Carly ! I don't think Gabriel will die he has dug up too much dirt, and trouble for Craig to sweat for awhile! Craig also will have to face Parker, and that will be a Hot topic on both sides! At least Faith has been behaving while helping Parker, she was about to drive me up the wall with her bratty bad girl act!

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