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Oh My Goodness.

Tuesday, April 27 2010
Carly kisses Craig, Monte Carlo blows up and Molly is annoyed by Holden.

Holden goes to WOAK to get Molly. He finds flowers from Silas on her desk and gets grouchy. She assures him that her interest in the other man is only professional. He invites her out for something physical – a horse ride and sex in the bushes.

Lily arrives at the farm house with a box of stuff for Faith. She hopes that some distance will help fix things between them. They begin talking about her friends and Lily quizzes her about Gabriel. Faith is defensive and storms off as Holden and Molly arrive. Lily is upset and walks outside so Holden chases after her. They stand on the porch and mull over her latest fight with Faith. He tells her what he knows about Gabriel and then turns back inside to Molly. She worries that Lily has a secret agenda to get him back.

Lily calls her mother over to her house. She shows her a photo of Gabriel. Lucinda is shocked and asks her what she's doing. Lily explains that he's in Oakdale. "Oh my goodness," Lucinda says. They worry about how they are going to deal with this. Holden shows up to get some of Faith's stuff. When he steps into the other room, Lucinda tells her daughter they have to contain this. They wonder why Gabriel would have come to town and hope he leaves fast. Lily is sure he already knows the truth. He knows that Craig is his father.

Gabriel is annoyed when he finds Parker breaking into his room. Parker accuses him of being a criminal. They argue and Parker demands an explanation for Gabriel's cash. Liberty defends Gabriel and tells Parker his jealousy is out of control. Parker won't back down so Gabriel explains that the pearls in his dresser belonged to his mother. After Parker flounces out, Liberty decides she's too upset to stay.

Parker runs into Faith at Java and asks her if Gabriel really covered for her about the drugs. She admits he did. He kicks himself for looking like a fool in front of Liberty. She offers to help him out. He decides to buy tickets to a concert to take Liberty out. When he attempts to buy them, he's shocked to find his card is declined. He calls his bank and they insist that all of the withdrawals were approved.

Carly catches Craig choking Ellis in a movie theater. She tries to break them up. Ellis runs off and they chase after him. When they get outside, Ellis is gone. Craig and Carly bicker. She asks him what mess he's gotten them into this time.

Carly and Craig go to Monte Carlo and she demands some answers. He tells her that Ellis has lost everything through bad investments. She blows up at him and wonders how she could have let herself get involved with him. He begs her for another chance but she refuses. They bicker until she walks out the door, sure that he will constantly fail her. He refuses to let her walk away from him and pulls her into a kiss. She pulls back and then begins kissing him. Eventually, she stops herself and threatens to deck him. Carly thinks they are both delusional. He tells her that Jack is the one who has made her life a wreck and isn't even there when she needs him. When he promises her that Monte Carlo is not gone, she refuses to believe him and walks away. Craig returns to his desk and searches for the insurance papers on the building. He ponders what to do when he sees it's worth twenty million dollars.

Craig runs into Gabriel in Old Town. Gabriel asks for an increase on his debit card. Craig blows up at him and then storms off.

Silas calls Molly at the farm house and asks her if his flowers made Holden jealous. He asks her out. She turns him down. Holden comes in and asks her if she's set Silas straight. "I think Silas knows exactly what the deal is," she says.

Carly goes home and finds Liberty there. They talk about the funeral and then Liberty says that everyone will be better off when she moves out, especially Parker. She worries about how obsessive he has become and tells her that her son broke into Gabriel's room.

Craig returns to Monte Carlo, grabs some papers from the office and then places a small explosive in the utility room. As he sneaks off, Parker follows Gabriel into the building and begins ranting at him. He threatens to makes sure he and Craig suffer for stealing from him. When Gabriel grabs his arm, Parker hits him and Gabriel's head smashes against a desk.

Faith finds Parker pacing around Java. She asks him to the movies and asks him what's wrong. He tells her that there will be payback to whoever has been stealing from him.

Craig goes to Carly's and tells her that he's close to solving their problem.

Next on As The World Turns:

Reid asks Luke if he wants a kiss to happen again.

Lucinda says that Craig needs to be used and hurt.

Parker worries to Faith that someone will accuse him of starting the fire.

A body is found in the building.

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