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    Who Was That?

    Monday, April 26 2010
    Dusty crashes the burial, Parker gets jealous, Ellis vanishes and Lily gets a shock.

    Lily goes over to Carly's. They chat about her new fragrance line. Lily's actually there to see Parker for advice about Faith. Carly doesn't remember where he went. They talk about what bad mothers they are and then go over their personal problems. Carly doesn't know what to do since she can't hate Janet in all of this. Lily offers to distract her.

    At Monte Carlo, Craig is on the phone with Ellis' ex asking her if she has an idea where Ellis ran off to. She's not helpful. Craig turns around and sees Parker staring at him. Craig tells him that Ellis bailed on him. After Parker leaves, Craig calls in a favor. A PI arrives a few moments later and Craig orders him to track Ellis and the money he stole down.

    Lily brings Carly over to the Lakeview to talk to a marketer. She's excited by Carly's ideas. Carly calls Craig and asks him to meet them with his checkbook. He arrives a few moments later. Carly drags him into a corner and complains about how he stinks. He says that he's pulling the plug on the fragrance. She refuses to allow that. They return to the table and talk to the marketer some more. He's distracted and begins bickering with Carly. He gets a call and walks off. His PI tells him that he found Ellis. Craig runs off.

    Craig corners Ellis in a movie theater. Craig tells him he's hurting his feelings and demands his money back. Ellis says it's all gone. Carly pops up.

    In Melrose Park, Jack worries that Janet is putting herself through too much stress. She doesn't think she could get through this without him.

    Gabriel finds Liberty sitting in the park. She talks about how much she hates her extended family. He offers to fly her away.

    Dusty calls Teri to find out how Janet is doing. She tells him what a rock Jack has been for her sister. He decides to fly out there.

    Liberty meets her mom and Jack outside of the family house. They offer to leave her at the house while they go to the funeral. Gabriel runs over and Liberty explains that he offered to take her home. Janet lets them go. Aunt Marie, Eddie and Teri walk over. Marie complains and they all climb into a car.

    After the funeral, they go to the graveyard. Parker calls Jack to ask about Liberty. Jack informs him that she left with Gabriel. After he hangs up, Dusty rushes up to them. He tells Janet that he loves her and believes in them. Jack tries to get rid of him. Eddie walks over and orders Dusty to leave. They begin arguing. Jack tries to back Dusty off. When Eddie lurches at him, Dusty throws a punch and accidentally hits Jack. They help Jack up and he orders Dusty to leave again. Marie runs over and rants at them. After some arguing, everyone leaves Teri with Dusty. He tries to assure him that Janet still cares about him but begs him to leave. Janet turns to Jack and tells him that everything has changed. He takes her hand and they walk over to the burial.

    Jack and Janet sit in his car. She's actually glad she was chased away from the family. They get out of the car and find Dusty standing there. He apologizes to Janet. She tells him that he's her hero but she can't be engaged to him right now. He refuses to take the ring back. She begs him to, but assures him that she still loves him... she just needs time. He promises to wait. Teri comes out of the house and leads him away. Jack joins Janet and tells her that her family in Oakdale will never abandon her.

    Liberty and Gabriel take the jet back to town. She couldn't stand pretending to be broken up about her grandfather. She asks him if his family is messed up too. He talks about watching his mom get buried. Liberty wonders why he's staying in Oakdale when he seems to have tons of money. He avoids answering. When they land, Parker calls and confronts her about being with Gabriel. He's shocked when she tells him that Gabriel has a plane and demands to know where he got the money. "Maybe the same place you got it," she says sarcastically. After she hangs up, she thanks Gabriel and gives him a kiss.

    Liberty meets Parker at Carly's. He asks her where she slept last night. She's offended. He tells her that Gabriel is a player and he's been using Faith to hide his drugs. Parker vows to find out what Gabriel is after and storms off.

    In the Lakeview, Liberty calls Gabriel and asks him to meet her. As he walks off, Lily spots him. She asks the clerk who he was. "Gabriel Caras," he says. She runs off and takes out a baby picture. She calls Sierra and tells her that the moment they hoped would never happen has come.

    Liberty meets with Gabriel at Java. She tells him about Parker and then asks him if he's a drug dealer. He explains what happened with Faith and swears he's not a user. She looks tired and doesn't know where home is anymore so he offers to take her back to his place.

    When Gabriel and Liberty get to his room, they discover Parker searching through his things.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Parker accuses Gabriel of being a criminal.

    Molly tells Holden she thinks Lily is after him.

    Lily tells her mother that Gabriel is back.

    Craig chokes Ellis.

    Craig kisses Carly and refuses to let her go.

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    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, April 26 2010 12:03 PM

    ATWT just sucks these days!!!!

    Posted by mama red at Monday, April 26 2010 12:20 PM

    Who the heck is Gabriel and why are Lily and Lucinda worried about him??? Did I forget something that happened way back when (the show used to be good!!)?????

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, April 26 2010 12:25 PM

    I wonder if Gabriel is connected to Ellis? How did Ellis blow the money? Isn't there some kind of Accounting that Ellis & Craig has to make to the courts? This is going to be really bad.

    Parker is so gullible. He is a safety net for Liberty. She will never chose him, he just makes her feel better about herself. when she feels better, then she wants space again.

    Posted by Shortmetal at Monday, April 26 2010 12:39 PM

    I'm glad to see Carly and Lily together as friends again. Liked when Carly snuck upon on Craig. This new story line for Lily seems interesting which is better cause she needs to let Holden be happy with Molly. Liberty is so ungrateful to Parker. Im glad Janet gave Dusty back his ring im sure people "can't wait to see the Janet and Dusty scenes from today".

    Posted by missguidinglight at Monday, April 26 2010 01:02 PM

    shortmetal -- ROF LMBO

    Posted by missguidinglight at Monday, April 26 2010 01:05 PM

    so busy laughing forgot to post...
    i think gabril might be a long lost kid of craig/sierra. remeber the last reconciliation, when he was gone for so long and then sierra came back without him engaged to the prince or whatever? maybe she was preggos and never told craig because of briant... mmmph

    Posted by shorty1943 at Monday, April 26 2010 01:34 PM

    Janet and Dusty scenes came to a sudden halt today! She is starting to show what a really horrible person she is. Now she is free to keep Jack and Carly apart, that has been her plan all along. Used to that bothered me, but I now think that Jack and Janet deserve one another. Maybe we can be so happy to see Dusty and Carly scenes from now on....what ya think??

    Posted by adriana8900 at Monday, April 26 2010 01:55 PM

    can't wait to see dusty and janet scenes from today it will be sad but good

    Posted by PFmickey at Monday, April 26 2010 01:58 PM

    Liberty needs to get over herself and let Parker know once and for all that there's no hope of them getting back tog. Janet needs to forgive dusty and go on with her life so that she can stop bothering Jack with her problems. Carly needs to get rid of Craig permanently for using Parkers trust fund and make him pay for lieing to her. Parker needs a new love interest who actually returns his feelings.

    Posted by Frenchy68 at Monday, April 26 2010 02:02 PM

    Where's Reid? Luke? Henry? Barbara? I wish the show was going out on a high note. The good writers have probably secured other jobs. I don't even bother watching these days. I DVR and then check these recaps to see if it's worth watching. Anything with Janet or Liberty is a big old fast forward for me. The whole idea of Craig losing all of his own and Parker's money is stupid. Now Gabriel, who is horribly miscast if I'm supposed to be impressed by him, has some big connection to everyone? I may not make it to September.

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