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    Stay At Home Martyr.

    Friday, April 23 2010
    Craig and Parker try to stop Carly from being desperate, Janet and revisits her past and Gabriel goes to see Liberty.

    Carly tries calling Jack but only gets voice mail. Frustrated, she prepares to run off. Parker arrives and she tells him to stay at the farm with his sister. He guesses she's running off to the funeral and refuses to let her go. She books a trip to Melrose. He argues with her that this is a bad idea and Jack is a grown man. Carly feels stupid for playing the 'stay at home martyr'.

    At Monte Carlo, Craig wonders how he's going to cover his tracks. He turns around and sees Gabriel. He wants a credit card and repeats his threats to Craig, who demands to know who he is. He gets Gabriel a card and hands him some cash as Parker walks in. Gabriel runs off and Parker asks Craig to stop his mom from crashing Rocco's funeral. He asks him to tell his mother a lie that will keep her from leaving town.

    Craig goes to Carly's and offers her a money making opportunity. He wants to talk about perfume. She offers to sniff it when she gets home and assumes Parker sent him over. He tells her that showing up in Melrose Park will just make her seem needy and desperate. She is. He points out that if Jack is vulnerable enough to go back to Janet at a funeral, her problems are pretty huge. She backs down and agrees not to run after Jack. Carly doesn't know what she would do without him. He slips outside and tries calling Ellis, warning him that they could both be going to jail if they don't act fast.

    In Melrose Park, Janet, Jack and her family arrive outside her parent's place. Liberty and Teri go in. Jack gives Janet a pep talk until her brother Eddie wanders over. Eddie lays into Jack until Janet backs him off.

    Janet goes inside the house and wanders around. She enters her old bedroom and discovers that it has been kept exactly the same since she left. Jack finds her in there and she sadly reminisces about her past there. She sobs as she thinks about losing her father as soon as she got him back. Eddie comes in and demands to know how his father went to Oakdale alive and came back in a box. Jack has no answers and asks him to lay off his sister. Jack rants until Eddie leaves. Janet says her life would have been a lot easier if he'd been around in the good old days.

    On the porch, Liberty wonders how Teri could stand living with these people. They begin arguing with Aunt Marie, who snipes at them and sends Teri back inside. Aunt Marie offers to get Liberty a wig and mocks her clothes before telling her her mom is a loose woman. Gabriel calls and offers to help her feel better.

    Liberty meets with her mother, Jack and Teri outside. They talk about being a family and Liberty says that her extended family seems like a bad reality show. "I hate them," she says. Aunt Marie wanders over and Liberty lashes out at her for the way she's treated her mother. Teri tries to keep the peace but Liberty tells Marie about getting knocked up and losing the baby. Teri sends Marie away and assures Liberty that they aren't as awful as they seem. Liberty tells Teri that she feels pressured by Parker and doesn't know what to do because he's been so great. They get called in to eat. Liberty sits alone for a minute.

    Jack and Janet walk the streets of her old neighborhood. He tells her what a good job she did with her daughter. It was hard for Janet to learn to like herself because of her parents. When Jack fell in love with her, she learned to love herself again. They agree that they are each the best people they know. She wanders away for a walk on her own. He calls Carly to check in and tells her how much he misses her. Janet returns. They can hear her family yelling for her.

    In Old Town, Gabriel catches Parker being hung up on by Liberty. He tells him to take the hint. They bicker about who knows what's best for Liberty.

    Parker goes home and finds his mother is still there. He announces that he is going to Melrose Park and she forbids it. He claims that Liberty needs him; he can feel her slipping away from him. She knows how he's feeling and warns him that he could end up pushing her away.

    Craig returns to Monte Carlo. He keeps calling for Ellis and finally gets his assistant who informs him that Ellis has cleaned out his desk and disappeared.

    Gabriel shows up in Melrose Park to get Liberty.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Reid tells Luke he won't kiss him again... unless it's what he wants.

    Craig confesses that he and Carly have lost everything.

    Gabriel is caught in a fire.

    Lily freaks out when she sees Gabriel Caras.

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    Posted by Shortmetal at Friday, April 23 2010 12:04 PM

    I enjoyed the Dusty free scenes today . If i were Janet I would have left on my own. Her family is horrible. Parker needs to give Liberty some space. and i knew that Gabriel had some thing to do with Sierra. Can't wait for Reid and Luke next week.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Friday, April 23 2010 12:06 PM

    This soap is so stale. Janet is getting more pathetic. she makes a great team with Dusty. Her father is not this great guy she is making him out to be...neither is Jack. Jack loves Carly and brought Janet into this mess.

    Craig, what the hell is going on with wanting Carly, who has the hots for Jack?

    Posted by adriana8900 at Friday, April 23 2010 12:11 PM

    poor janet can't wait for dusty and janet scenes monday

    Posted by Shortmetal at Friday, April 23 2010 12:18 PM

    your comments are the same EVERY single time

    Posted by SoapCritic74 at Friday, April 23 2010 12:54 PM

    I used to love As The World Turns but the writers have literally killed it. It isn't the actors that is bad just the writing. I just want to say let the Janet/Jack storyline end already. Just let it be Dusty's baby so Jack and Carley can move on with their lives. Also, I kinda liked seeing Barbara and Craig mingle the other day why not let the two of them find their way back before the show dies, they would be a great couple. Does anyone know who Gabrial is could he be Bryant with plastic surgery....


    Posted by lovinthesoaps at Friday, April 23 2010 01:02 PM

    Jack and Janet telling eachother they are the best people they know???? OMG!!! These two need a reality check. Neither one of them became a better person for being married. I dont think they had one good week of marriage the whole way through. And to have Janet or Terri defend that horrible family of hers. Ugggg..... again, why are we being subjected to the Ciccone family reunion when these characters mean nothing to ATWT!? And one more comment for Miss Liberty. She is driving me nuts about Parker. She has been leading that boy along since she moved here. She pushes him away then tells him he is the only one that understands her! Smothering her or not she needs to bite her tongue. He has been the only one that ALWAYS been there for her. Man I wish they would all just stay there and let ATWT move on already!

    Spoilers****** Cannot believe that Craig didnt see the Ellis thing coming! Man, Carly is going to be sooo pissed. Maybe she can go back into business with Barbara... or maybe Dusty can help her out. He has alot of money and no one to spoil.

    Posted by 13gloria at Friday, April 23 2010 01:04 PM

    Hey you writers you are giving us Italians a bad rap, we are not obnoxious like the aunt please more hospitable people are the Italians, and the one that died was too stupid to be in the Mafia giving them a bad name too they dont allow dummies in the Mafia you writers made me very angry to-day get with it and give us what we are wanting.

    Posted by shorty1943 at Friday, April 23 2010 01:22 PM

    I so agree, when Jack told Janet she was the best person he has even known, I wanted to choke him. How dare he say that to that winch? And her making her snide remarks about Carly not liking the fact that he is there with her.......ya think?? That just made me know for a fact, she is doing all of this to keep Jack and Carly apart, just like she has done since the very beginning. Like mother, like nailed Miss Liberty, she is as unfair to Parker and Janet is to Jack and Dusty! Wish that those two women would end up alone.

    We have such a short amount of time and the writers are adding new characters everyday, tie up some of the loose story lines, please. Who needs Gabriel or Aunt whats her name? It is just maddening to all us long time viewers!

    13gloria, I agree with you on what you said about Italians, they do the same thing to Texans...burns me up, shows how dumb they really are, they just put something on paper and think that it is correct..

    Posted by mom of 6 at Friday, April 23 2010 01:48 PM

    Why was the whole show about Janet today???!!! The on;y thing worse then her is her family YIKES! She and Dusty just need to get back together and fall into the shadows so we don't have to endur anymore of her frount burrner story lines.

    I will say that I like the new liberty so far.

    Posted by Shop-a-holic at Friday, April 23 2010 03:07 PM

    @13gloria - I agree 100%!! I am so sick of the stupid stereotyping of Italians!

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