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    You're Such A Hypocrite.

    Thursday, April 22 2010
    Silas badgers Molly, Reid surprises Luke and Henry tries to get Vienna to back off.

    At home, Lily tells Ethan that Holden won't be moving back in. Luke calls to say that he is still in Texas and he won't be back in time for the ceremony at the hospital. He suggests that she take Holden instead.

    Holden goes into the farm house and makes out with Molly while she prepares a picnic. She sends him off to find a basket. Silas calls her. She tells him she doesn't need him anymore and hangs up. Holden returns and Lily arrives. She tells Holden about Luke's suggestion. He has plans with Molly but Molly encourages him to go anyway. He goes up to get dressed, leaving Faith to snipe at her mother. Holden comes down in his tux and leaves with Lily. Silas calls Molly again and asks her to meet him. Faith asks who keeps calling her and offers to look after Ethan so she can go and do her interview. Molly gives her Silas' room number and leaves. Faith and Ethan sit around and discuss their parents. She leaves to get her phone.

    At the Lakeview, Holden and Lily marvel about how hard their son has been working for the foundation. They worry about Faith and he says they just need to keep loving her. Lily wishes her daughter wasn't so angry at her. A photographer gets them to stand close together so he can snap their picture. Faith calls and tells him that Molly went to see Silas. He worries.

    Molly is upstairs hesitating at Silas' door. He opens it and asks her in. She's reluctant but he's sure she's there to annoy her boyfriend and coming in will be the only way that works. He flirts with her until Holden storms in. She takes him aside and explains that she wants to do this interview to prove that she's moved on.

    Lily goes to the farm house and finds Ethan at the table. He's not feeling well after eating candy from Faith's bag. Lily freaks out. Faith shows her the candy he ate. "You're such a hypocrite. No wonder you're alone," Faith says, stomping off. Lily sits with Ethan and shows her pictures from the event.

    In Texas, Reid and Luke bicker in a hotel room. Luke's amazed that the doctor is crankier than usual. He decides that they should get out and find something to do. After some probing, it starts to look like Reid doesn't have any friends to go and visit. Reid worries about his case.

    Luke takes Reid to a bar and leaps on a mechanical bull. When Luke gets off, he teases Reid when he refuses to take a ride. Oliver takes of his jacket and jumps on. Luke laughs and notices a message just came in for the doctor from the medical board.

    Luke and Reid return to their room. The doctor continues panicking about losing his right to work. Luke tries to keep him optimistic and pushes him to call the board. Reid makes the call and is cold. Suddenly, he turns to Luke and kisses him. Luke is shocked. Reid explains that he was reinstated and can get back to work. He admits that he's wanted to kiss him for a long time and calls him 'Luke' for the first time.

    When Katie gets home, she finds Henry alone and worries that Vienna didn't see how good he was with the baby. He begins hyperventilating into a bag while she berates him for not committing himself to one woman. He asks her to help him slow things down before he implodes.

    In Barbara's room, Vienna startles Barbara when she tells her that she is going to be pregnant with Henry's child by the time she walks down the aisle. Barbara warns her that a baby changes things. Vienna explains about what makes her love Henry and his cross-dressing ways. When she talks about how Henry's love makes her feel, Barbara gets uncomfortable. That gets worse as Vienna goes on.

    Vienna runs into Katie in Old Town and talks all about her dress. Katie bites her tongue. When Vienna talks about setting an early wedding date, Katie urges her to take it slow. They sit down and Katie tells her to remember when Henry walked out on her.

    Barbara runs into Henry at the Lakview. They discuss her meeting with Vienna and he panics when she says she agreed to design his fiancée's dress. Henry gets in the elevator and she blurts out that Vienna wants him to get her pregnant. He leaps back over to her and starts hyperventilating. She calms him down and tells him he'll be a wonderful father.

    Katie runs into Barbara in Old Town. Barbara tells her about Vienna's baby plans. Katie apologizes for being so hard on her and offers to help her find a man. Barbara is a bit insulted. Katie babbles about being a matchmaker and being lonely. "Wouldn't you like to be loved again?" she asks. Barbara agrees to let her try to make a match.

    Henry goes back to his room and downs a martini. Vienna comes out of the bathroom naked. He backs her off and says he thinks they should wait until they're married before they have sex again. She's baffled but he insists that they wait.

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    Carly is eager to crash the funeral.

    Janet tells Jack he taught her to love herself again.

    Craig tells Carly that she has big problems if Jack is as vulnerable as she thinks.

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    Posted by Keelex at Thursday, April 22 2010 12:24 PM

    YES!!! The kiss FINALLY happened!

    Posted by Shortmetal at Thursday, April 22 2010 12:25 PM

    Today was good Janet and Dusty free day. I glad Reid finally kissed Luke and I hope they stay together for the rest of the series cuz Noah was sooo boring. Lily needs to move on with her life and leave Holden to be with Molly.

    Posted by lilyholden#1fan at Thursday, April 22 2010 01:21 PM

    PLEASE let Carly & Jack finish out the show together... Also, I'm really likin Babs & Henry... I'm getting the vibe that Molly's days are numbered, leaving Holden free to reunite with Lily for end of show. I have always been HUGE Lily & Holden fan, but now I think that Lily broke Holden's trust 2 much, between Damien & Dusty... truthfully, I miss Martha Byrne.

    Posted by roses4880 at Thursday, April 22 2010 01:26 PM

    i agree. i liked lily and holden but i don't think they work anymore. the actress playing molly i like on her much better than her character on bold and beautiful. maybe because they don't use her enough on B & B. but anywhoo...i like babs and henry together too. hope katie gets to be with someone before the show ends.

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Thursday, April 22 2010 02:17 PM

    I think Luke and Reid make a better couple. I liked Luke and Noah, but there were too many problems. Luke and Reid have awesome chemistry. I think Molly's days are numbered too. She didn't quit B&B, they loaned her out. I'd rather see Molly with Holden than Lily. That ship has sank to the bottom of the ocean. I love Henry and Barbara, they belong together. I hope Janet forgives Dusty, and marries him. I wish she'd leave Jack alone. Jack needs to let Janet Go!! He couldn't rest until he had Carly back. You got your wish, now move on. I wish that it was revealed that Dusty is the baby's dad. Or that Janet would lose the baby. I'm sick of Janet hanging onto Jack for dear life. Finally, Katie needs to find a man for herself and stop matchmaking. It's time for her to move on.

    Posted by Butterflyrose34 at Thursday, April 22 2010 03:32 PM

    I loved Luke and Reid today! They are so good together. I love how Luke was trying to explain away the kiss. It was so different then his first kiss with Noah. Reid is out and comfortable and confident with who he is and knows what he wants. Reid wanted to kiss Luke and he did and was happy to admit it. Luke isn't used to someone being so open and free with their feelings. It was like pulling teeth to get Noah to open up. Luke and Reid have great chemistry can't wait to see Noah's reaction if/when they become a couple!
    Also Katie needs to get a life! Seriously! She always complains when people stick their nose into her buisness but it's okay for her to stick her nose in wherever she wants! Please!
    Henry needs to grow a pair and break things off with Vienna. He so obviously wants Babs.

    Posted by Peteena at Thursday, April 22 2010 04:06 PM

    I would bet any amount of money that Jack and Carly will be together at the end. Unfortunately, I'd say the same about Holden and Lily. Their "super couple" days are over but the writers will never acknowledge that they blew it, and will contrive to have them together by the end. Too bad, it should be Holden and Molly. Speaking of other couples that used to be great but now should be over, I totally agree that Henry really does need to break it off with Vienna and be with Barbara.

    Posted by adriana8900 at Thursday, April 22 2010 04:15 PM

    can't wait to see dusty and janet scenes together tommorrow

    Posted by Shortmetal at Thursday, April 22 2010 05:55 PM

    ohhhh wat a shocker

    Posted by Dixie43 at Thursday, April 22 2010 07:26 PM

    Exactly, Shortmetal!!
    Even if Janet and Dusty have scenes together tomorrow, it will not be a pretty sight, there might be blood involved! She is all about Jack now days, but it will dawn on her soon enough that Dusty is so much richer than Jack and that is what is important to Janet.

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