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    This Is An Absolute Nightmare.

    Wednesday, April 21 2010
    Emma checks Meg out of the hospital, Henry panics as Vienna gets suspicious and Chris makes a move on Alison.

    Emma runs into Paul and Emily on the street. They talk about Eliza and Emma snarks at them before walking away. The couple wanders around arguing about how Meg behaved the other day.

    At the mental hospital, Meg talks to her therapist. He walks out and calls Emily to get her take on Meg's trip to her place. "I wasn't happy when I found her in bed with my husband," she says. After he gets off the phone, he returns to Meg and they discuss Emily. She admits that there is some tension between them. Emma arrives and announces she has come to take her daughter home. She thinks it's time for Meg to start being a mother again.

    Chris and Alison meet at WOAK. Katie has set them up again. She's starting to wonder if he's in on it. He tells her he hasn't been conspiring with Katie, but he's glad she's been trying to set them up. His beeper goes off.

    At the hospital, Ali is amazed at Chris after he saves a little boy when he nearly dies from an allergic reaction. When she tells him that he's amazing, he tries kissing her. She backs him off. He tells her one of the reasons he came back was to see where they stood. They argue about his feelings and she insists that she's messed up too many times and can't get involved with him again.

    At the Lakeview, Katie is telling Henry to put his fling with Barbara in the past and concentrate on his wedding to Vienna. They reminisce about their gym wedding and giggle. Vienna walks in on this and looks uncomfortable. Henry gets her to join them and she watches nervously when he hugs Katie as she leaves. The couple look through wedding magazines and she gasps when she finds a dress she loves. When she looks up the designer, she laughs and says it's a Barbara Ryan. He tries to talk her out of it but she won't back down so he offers to handle it.

    Paul runs into his mother on the street. She tells him she wants to reconnect to him and the family. "Does that mean you're going to take some time off from boinking my baby brother?" he asks. She's offended and insists that this is barely incest. Paul's smug. They bicker and she tells him Henry is marrying someone else. He doesn't want her around his daughter while he's trying to make her life stable. Barbara storms away as Emily returns.

    Henry goes to Barbara's. She's not happy to see him. He explains about the wedding dress and asks her to convince his fiancee to change her mind. Henry can't take the thought of her being involved with the wedding. He misses her, no matter how hard he tries not to. She tells him about Paul kicking her out his life again. "Anybody would be lucky to have you love them," Henry says.

    Vienna goes over to Katie's to talk about Henry. When Vienna goes to get some water, Henry rushes in. "This is an absolute nightmare!" he shouts, Vienna re-appears and asks what's going on. He says that Barbara refused the dress request. Katie decides to leave the couple alone and runs. Vienna asks him if there's something they need to discuss. Jacob starts crying. He gets the baby and they talk about the child they lost.

    Katie runs into Chris in Old Town and asks him where Ali is. He tells her that her plan kind of worked but Alison has no interest in him. She rants about how hard matchmaking is and ends up spilling his coffee all over her chest. He wipes it up, which creates an awkward moment. She changes out of her jacket and he puts his on her. They smile and flirt until she walks away.

    Barbara is at home fantasizing about her wedding dress when Vienna bursts in and begins begging her to help with her dress. When Vienna tells her that she owes her for what happened with Henry, Barbara gives in. They begin taking measurements. Vienna tells her she'll be pregnant by the time she walks down the aisle.

    Emily and Paul go to Al's. She tells him about the doctor's call and what she told him. He's not happy that she ratted Meg out to her doctor. They argue about what is best for Meg. She's sure that Meg is dangerous and needs serious treatment.

    Emma takes Meg to Fairwinds to see Eliza and her nanny. Emma says that they are taking the little girl for a day out. Meg's not sure this is a good idea but Emma is. After they leaves, Emily and Paul return to the house. The nanny informs them that Eliza is with Meg. They run out the door.

    Emma, Meg and Eliza go to the farmhouse and Emma begins planning a family get together. Paul and Emily burst in and demand to know what's going on. Emma says that she checked her daughter out and she and Eliza are now back where they belong. She accuses Paul and Emily of treating Eliza like furniture and not raising her with proper values. She rants at Paul, accusing him of driving Meg insane. Paul reminds them that he is Eliza's legal guardian and takes her away. Emma warns him that this is just the beginning. Once he's gone, Meg asks her mother what she's doing. "What I should have done long ago," Emma says.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Luke and Reid go out to a bar.

    Silas continues to taunt Molly.

    Holden and Lily pose together.

    Barbara tells Henry that Vienna wants him to get her pregnant.

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    Posted by jj1234 at Wednesday, April 21 2010 12:30 PM refreshing...nosy Katie, oblivious Vienna, woe-is-me Ali and nutty Meg! Please note the sarcasm! All of this is getting old. I love Barbara and Henry but it's getting really irritating to watch. Especially, when Vienna appears to not notice something's up with them. Even Noah isn't that blind! And can I ask what the deal is with every man wanting Ali??? I don't really have any big issues with her but I don't get the appeal either. Is it the ex-pornstar thing? I guess she would have a few "special" skills from those days but I still just don't get it!

    As for tomorrow....can't stand Lily!! If they put her and Holden back together I might scream!

    Posted by Keelex at Wednesday, April 21 2010 12:33 PM

    Does Kattie HAVE a life of her own?

    Posted by lflow at Wednesday, April 21 2010 12:36 PM

    Go Emma!! I wouldn't want Emily raising my granddaughter either! Paul who are you to talk about your mother like that you should be ashamed and to threaten Meg with kidnapping please didn't you just run off with Liza yourself? I say if Henry/Barbara want to be together let them. MYOB! I'm surprised Alison could go to work. I'm surprised her head would fit through the door. When she was talking to Chris she about made me sick. Better episode to me without the Janet drama that woman's voice gets on my nerves.

    Posted by padef at Wednesday, April 21 2010 12:53 PM

    Don't know who's the nuttier - Emma or Meg - but they're both making Paul and Emily look like two of the sanest people in town. Emma getting snarky over Paul leaving Eliza with a nanny? Seems to me Meg was leaving her with everyone except the stableboy when she had a chance to crawl in bed with Damian. Glad that Paul reminded Meg that when HE took Eliza, he was promptly charged with kidnapping and hunted by the Snyder police force and now SHE and her just as nutty mother think it's fine to walk into his house and take Eliza when he's the custodial parent - and not threatening to keep her away from his daughter, the way she constantly threatened him. Nothing would please me more than to see Meg disappear leaving Eliza with her father. And as for blaming Paul for Meg's problems - maybe Emma should look at her parenting skills. Paul could just as easily blame Meg for her constant jerking him around for his mental problems - but he never has.

    Posted by KaiBo at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:22 PM

    Although I love reading everyone's post, I don't usually write anything; however, after today's show I felt SCREAM! Well, really the last few episodes have been a little crazy. I can't take one more moment of Janet, I wish they would put Carly and Dusty together. I used to root for Janet, but the writers have done a great job destroying that character for me. Thanks TPTB!
    Allison....well, guess what? I don't get why all the young available men in Oakdale are into you. I see a pairing of Chris and Katie, that's good.
    I used to love Vienna and Henry; however, now I'm all about Barbara and Henry.
    Oh...Yes Paul and Emily are crazy; however, Emma had no right to take the child away from their home without their consent. She's as nutty as her daughter.
    Whoo! I feel better now.

    Posted by jj1234 at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:30 PM

    Spot on padef! Excellent post and very accurate! I don't know what it is with the Snyders but they always think they are in the right and their way is the best way. Give me a break! Meg is crazy and has been since she came back to town. Paul has done nothing but encourage her to get better and be a part of Eliza's her mother is going to wage a war against him? Please! Notice that it's all the "bad" or less superior people that are making sense and doing the right things--Molly in the Holden/Lily/Molly situation, Carly in the Janet/Jack/Carly/Dusty fiasco, and Paul dealing with Meg. It seems that the Snyders are the ones making a mess of everything.

    Posted by cdpf at Wednesday, April 21 2010 01:50 PM

    Great, Barbara is still hung up on her late (I think) ex-husband's son, Henry that is calling the West Virginia way really creeps me out!

    Posted by misspriss68 at Wednesday, April 21 2010 04:52 PM

    Thanks padef & jj1234, I thought I was the only one thinking that Emma was a little off her rocking today! Geez, how rude of her to just walk into fairwinds, take the baby, then when Paul points out that what they did was techinally kidnapping since he's the custodial parent per the judge, she rakes him over the coals for everything he's ever done wrong??? REALLY??? Geez....I hope Emma is ready for a fight because that is what she's about to get!

    Thank goodness no Janet today, and looks like nothing on her tomorrow either!!! While that makes me happy, knowing that Lily will be on makes me ill.

    Seeing Reid and Luke at a bar might be the highlight of the show tomorrow.

    Posted by Earthmom at Wednesday, April 21 2010 05:20 PM

    Misspriss, padef & jj1234...ya'll have been reading my mind! Fantastic posts! Emma seems to be going vigilante or some odd thing. Maybe there's something in the Snyder's water again that's causing them to lose touch with reality!

    Posted by irishprincess at Wednesday, April 21 2010 05:32 PM

    I could watch the show janet or jack nonsense. Saw a different side to Emma today. I don't think they were right to take Liza without notice but, on the other hand, I don't like Emily and Paul raising that child. I hope the courts decide to let Meg have Liza. Many of Meg's problems were caused by Damien.

    Vienna should hop a plan and go back to Europe. Henry and Barbara belong together.

    Katie is attracted to Chris..maybe now she'll have someone to preoccupy her time. she'll stay out of everyone's business.

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