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    Let Her Go.

    Tuesday, April 20 2010
    Parker gets suspicious of Craig, Janet tells her family about Rocco and Dusty tries to talk to Janet.

    Craig is in his room arguing with Ellis on the phone about money when Parker shows up. He wants to talk about his trust find. He explains that he was tempted to blow his money and realized that would be stupid so he wants the debit card account shut down so he won't be tempted. Craig tries to talk him into keeping the account open and offers to keep the card himself. Parker finds this weird and leaves in frustration.

    Liberty and Gabriel are sitting on a bench. She's still swallowing her good news about her chemo and wondering what to do next. She wonders why he is always around and acting like he cares about her. He asks her to go to a club or Canada and then explains that his mom had cancer. Parker shows up to take her home.

    At the station, Carly walks in on Janet as she sobs to Jack. Carly pays her condolences. Janet wants her to back off and leave them alone. Jack tells Carly to go.

    Teri runs into Dusty at Metro. She's missed him. He's drinking and guesses she doesn't know the latest. They sit down and he explains what happened. Janet and Jack arrive. Teri runs into her sister's arms. They cry and decide to tell their mother together. When the women leave, Dusty accuses Jack of using this as his last chance to make up for his failings. "You always come up short and I have to pick up the pieces," Dusty says, reminding him that he divorced Janet. When he tells Jack to leave her alone, Janet returns and says she doesn't want that. Dusty leaves. Teri doesn't understand why they're letting Jack stay involved and says she wants him gone. Janet gives in and sends him away, thanking him for his help. Alone, the sisters discuss everything they think they missed out on with their father. Janet blames herself for his death. Liberty arrives and hugs her mom. She tells her that she's finished her chemo and then Teri calls her mom with the bad news. When Janet leaves to get ready, the other Ciccone women complain about Jack hanging around.

    Dusty goes to see Craig at the Lakeview. He wants to take Johnny out for ice cream. Craig digs into what's gone wrong with Janet. "You want to do what's right by Janet? Let her go," Craig says. Dusty gets angry. Carly interrupts them before they can break out their fists. The three of them argue about how they are trying to manipulate things. Dusty walks away. Carly tells Craig he's a jerk. Craig tells her again that he'll always put her happiness first and he'll be waiting for her. She says he'll be waiting a long time.

    Liberty calls Dusty over to Fashions and then sends him in to talk to her mom. He tells her that he still loves her and wants to marry her. She thinks everything has changed. They argue about what happened and he asks her to let him come to the funeral. She can't do that. When she looks at him, she sees her father.

    Outside, Liberty runs into Parker. She apologizes for before and tells him she's realized that she can't turn her back on people she cares about and he's on the top of her list. They hug.

    When Craig is greeting Johnny at home, he notices Gabriel, who informs them that he is moving in next door. Craig tells Gabriel to stay away from his son. "You mess with my kid and you'll pay," Craig threatens.

    Carly goes home and finds Jack there. She apologizes for blowing up at Janet. He tells her that he still wants her and she should never doubt him. She hopes they can have some 'reconnection' time while Janet is busy at the funeral. He informs her that he's going with his ex. She's startled. He explains things and offers to take her along. She tells him to go without her. Janet and Liberty arrive. Janet says that they'll pack and move out when they get back. As they head out the door, Dusty arrives. Everyone leaves him alone with Janet. He hands her the stuff Rocco left at the hospital. She finds her father's St. Christopher medal. Dusty puts it around her neck. She leaves as Carly returns. She assures him that Janet will forgive him. He hopes so.

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    Henry tells Barbara they have a problem.

    Emma checks her daughter out.

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    Posted by Shortmetal at Tuesday, April 20 2010 12:17 PM

    I can't wait to see the scene where Dusty gets rejected

    Parker needs to realize that Craig and Gabriel are using his trust fund

    Posted by Sinsue at Tuesday, April 20 2010 12:53 PM

    I can't wait to see Carly tel jack off for good this time. I used to like Dusty and Janet together, now I just see her as the screaming shrew. It certainly doesn't seam as though Janet lives by the word of the bible. Ever since she has been pregnant she acts like she is the frickin virgin mary! Dump her arse Dusty and get with Carly. I thin you could both use some appreciation!

    Posted by myra_nellylove at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:08 PM

    Janet needs to leave jack and carley a long & be with dusty like she suppose to.She keep tring to look so helpless in jacks eyes.Next parker needs to find out about his trust fund,And send carig to jail for good.And henry needs to man up,and stay with barbra,and most of all kattie needs to stop being so damn nosie

    Posted by nesitari20092000 at Tuesday, April 20 2010 01:58 PM

    carly should kick jack to the curb, parker should kick that liberty character along and dusty should just forget all about holy than vow janet because she is ridiculous. and parker really need to check his trust fund

    Posted by adriana8900 at Tuesday, April 20 2010 02:03 PM

    can't wait to see dusty and janet scenes from today sad but sounds good

    Posted by yorkiegirl1986 at Tuesday, April 20 2010 04:24 PM

    O'kay ~ enough is enough!!!! I have watched this soap for more years than I can count and I have loved coming home to watch it. However; what the writers are coming up with disgusts me and if this is the best they can do, they need to end the show now.
    As far as this Jack/Carly/Dusty/Janet thing goes - I think the writers are either on crack or they haven't got a clue how to write!!!!
    I'm pulling for Carly and Dusty. As for Jack and Janet ~ can you say stupid and stupider? Janet doesn't deserve something as hot as Dusty.

    Posted by misspriss68 at Tuesday, April 20 2010 04:59 PM

    Jack and Janet ARE divorced right??? Doesn't seem like it in today's show that's for sure. I get him wanting to help her and all but that's what Dusty is for...Then there's Craig stealing a teenagers money....and Liberty pushing the one person who was there everyday for her just to hang with a new creepy kid....After today's hot mess I feel like I have no reason to watch this show until Gwen and Will come back. And I hope they hurry up September is only 5 months away!

    Posted by iheartcarly at Wednesday, April 21 2010 08:05 AM

    ITA with everyones posts! I have loved jack and carly forever! But I have had it! Let jack go back to janet!!! They deserve each other!!! Let dusty and carly hook up! (Although I doubt he will be attracted to her because she is a strong woman! He only likes the damsels in distress) send liberty off to the mysterious clinic in sweden that heals everyone! Let parker bust craig and finally send his weasely butt to jail! I don't even watch the show anymore. Just reading the updates disgusts me enough! Its unfortunete, but I think this is the writers way of letting us let go of the show! If it sucks the last few months, we really won't miss it when its gone! What a horrible way to end a great show!

    Posted by Jayzee at Wednesday, April 21 2010 08:56 AM

    I loved Jack and Carly togethor, but the way they are letting him walk all over her is not the Jack that we have loved watching all of these years.

    As for Janet and Dusty she doesn't deserve to be happy with him, he deserves better. I cannot stand even listening to her open her mouth anymore on the show. Yesterday's episode was painful to watch. I know it's TV but come on this is a bit much even for soap land. This damsel in distress story line has ran it's course.

    The writers have 5 short months to give us joy in watching a show that so many of have watched and loved over the years give us the writing that we deserve!!

    Hurry up kill/ ship Janet off with her using daugher & put Dusty with a woman that deserves a good man and let Jack treat Carly like he is suppose to. Even let poor used Parker be happy put him and Faith togethor show her being the rebel child turned around with a nice boy.

    As for this Lily go ahead and let Damion come and kidnap her we can't stand watching her she does not play the part of Lily well at all.

    Posted by awall at Wednesday, April 21 2010 09:43 AM

    Carly as much as I want you and Jack back together, kick his dumb butt to the curb. He needs to grow a set and tell Janet she is engaged to Dusty, lean on him. Why is she and Teri putting on this teary front about Rocco, when was the last time they function as a family? Jack you are divorced from this woman, why are you taking her home. There are buses, trains and planes going there every hour of the day. When is Teri going to tell she was aware of what was going on from the beginning. Dusty you can do better than Janet, kick her whiny and holier than thou butt to the same curb as Jack's. All you have done for her and Liberty and this is how she treats you. Craig you double dealing punk, you care so much about Carly, but you are stealing her son's trust fund for your own good. Parker get your nose out of Liberty butt and handle your business, get Tom, Molly or someone other than Craig to check your trust fund. Call Rosanna if necessary, but do something. Gabriel a creepy sneak, get lost as well. Carly you showed control today, because otherwise Janet should have been on the receiving end of a major butt kicking. Writers we are approx. five months from September, please give us better stories than this. Dusty sudden love for Janet, Jack split personality, psycho Meg and Janet with this great love for Rocco the crook. This is a good soap with good Actors and Actresses. Stop being lazy and give them better material to work with.

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