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    The Angry Shrew.

    Monday, April 19 2010
    Janet is outraged, Carly is frustrated and Liberty gets good news.

    Faith runs into Parker on the street and tells him she's out of her mom's clutches. He congratulates her. She asks him out to eat but he's rushing around. He informs her that Liberty asked him for a break. She thinks he should be with Liberty today anyway and offers to go with him.

    At the hospital, Liberty and her mom are waiting for news on her chemo results when Janet suddenly gets an ominous feeling. They talk about being part of a growing family and then discuss her problems with Dusty, Liberty orders her mother to call him and work things out. She calls him and he asks her to meet him at the station. Faith and Parker arrive and Janet heads off.

    At Carly's, Jack and Carly bicker as he takes out the trash. She forces him to admit that he wants Janet to live with him and be a big part of his life. They scream at each other until he gets a call. He has to leave. She's afraid that they won't manage to make the last step to get back together. Jack asks her to hold on a little longer.

    Dusty is at the station giving his statement to the cops. He goes into Jack's office and tells Jack that he didn't know how weak Rocco was. Jack blames his death on him. Janet arrives. Jack leaves them alone. Dusty explains what happened with her father. She breaks into tears and goes into denial. Jack returns to confirm things.

    At Monte Carlo, Craig is moaning to Ellis about the blackmail. Ellis warns him that one payment won't solve things. Craig says it will buy him time. Gabriel arrives and starts working. He and Craig bicker. Craig admits that he still feels guilty about Bryant. As Gabriel works, he injures his hand. Carly arrives and thinks Gabriel should go to the emergency room. After he leaves, Carly talks about the trip to Milan and how she wants to bring the kids. Craig asks her what Jack's done now. She complains about Janet and says she blew up at her. He points out that Jack deserves a lot of the blame. Carly hates being turned into an 'angry shrew'. He gives her a massage and then calls some professional masseurs over. Craig points out that he works harder to make her happy and apologizes for getting involved with Rosanna. He wakes up everyday wondering what his life would be like if he'd just realized how much Carly means to him. Once she's relaxed, she gets dressed and tells him she has to go and see Jack to work things out.

    Back at the hospital, Liberty runs into Gabriel and then the doctor comes out to say he has her results. Liberty, Faith, Gabriel and Parker gather together to hear. The doctor explains that the results are good and they are going to ease up on the chemo. Everyone is thrilled. She hugs each of them. Parker looks uncomfortable when she hugs Gabriel.

    They go outside and Gabriel shows them his new car. Parker stares as Gabriel throws Liberty the keys. They drive over to Al's and Gabriel advises Liberty not to eat too much junk food. The waitress asks Parker if he can take a look at the clogged drain. Faith offers to stay and keep him company so Liberty and Gabriel leave together. She gives Parker a hug on her way out. Once she's gone, Faith tells Parker he deserves someone who will appreciate him more.

    Jack and Janet go down to the morgue so she can see her father. She used to wish that he was dead, but all she really wanted was for him not to be ashamed of her. Dusty walks in and asks to speak to her alone. Once Jack is gone, Janet blames Dusty for her father's death. When she walks away, he follows and tells her that her father was only trying to make amends. "I can't even look at you anymore," she says. When she returns to Jack, she cries about how much losing her father hurts.

    Carly arrives at the station. Dusty tells her that Rocco dies. She stares into Jack's office and sees him comforting Janet.

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    Posted by jj1234 at Monday, April 19 2010 12:24 PM

    Great! More for Janet to cry over! And of course it's all Dusty's fault. Maybe she should ask why her father knew where to find the hitman. Or maybe she could acknowledge that he was a grown man and decided to leave the hospital himself. Or maybe she should be worried that someone is trying to kill Dusty...the man she loves. But of course she won't. It will all be about her and how she feels and how disappointed she is and blah, blah, blah.

    So now Jack will have to take care of poor, weak, saintly Janet. At this point, I would love it if Carly told him to hit the road and hooked up with Dusty! Those two would be hot together! And Janet and Jack deserve each other. Nobody can live up to their expectations and honestly they just plain bore me. Don't get me wrong...I want Carly and Jack together by the end but Jack needs to get his head out his a@$ first.

    Posted by girlinthewind at Monday, April 19 2010 12:34 PM

    Amen JJ, geez will the whining and flip flopping ever end, I hate that Jack turns Carly into a shrew too. Carly and Dusty both have strong characters when not being dumbed down by the writers, they should both turn their backs on Jack and Janet.

    Posted by FANOFTHESOAPS at Monday, April 19 2010 01:04 PM

    I rarely ever post, and I love this show, but jj and girlingthewind you two hit it on the nose. I am a big Jack and Carly fan; however, now I think she needs to let him have his whiny Janet and the writers should put Carly and Dusty together. This is becoming too much even for me to watch or read! The writer have just given up on the story lines and character development. They refuse to acknowledge what the fans want to see. It is true the best storyline right now is Luke and Dr. Reid, but the writers will figure out some way to mess that one up too. At first, I could not wrap my head around Henry and Barbara, but they have chemistry together and bring in some comic relief. Writers oh writers why won't you guys listen??? It is so difficult to watch something that you enjoy to go down the drain and die a slow, painful, death.....RIP to what was once considered a great soap!

    Posted by Shortmetal at Monday, April 19 2010 01:06 PM

    I can't wait to see the scenes that Janet blames Dusty for her fathers death.

    Also I with that they would bring the JJ back from boarding school its like his family has forgotten about him.

    Posted by Grannyhope at Monday, April 19 2010 01:08 PM

    It's almost a relief to know they will certainly tie up the loose ends and make it all happy before they go off the air.
    Too bad. Used to be a great soap.

    Posted by adriana8900 at Monday, April 19 2010 02:05 PM

    poor dusty and janet can't to see their scenes

    Posted by DisneyD at Monday, April 19 2010 03:20 PM

    I am so disappointed with the writers. There is no dignity or respect for the characters in how they are being portrayed. This soap has only about 5 months of life left and this could be their chance to do it right and get all the stories wrapped up. Instead they keep bringing in all these side characters that mean nothing to me, a longtime fan of the show (have been watching since I was a little girl with my mom way back when). I would love to see a return of some of the other characters. I know someone else mentioned a week or so ago, John Dixon (great character) and maybe the rest of the Snyder siblings, Lily's biological mother... Lisa's ex Grant... Andy Dixon... Lila Perretti should come to see her newest grandson. Anyway, don't usually post but feeling forlorn about the direction th show is taking. The writers need to know that fans like happy endings too.

    Posted by Dixie43 at Monday, April 19 2010 03:47 PM

    Why would you want to watch Janet and Dusty scenes? She is so mean to him, talks to him like a dog, you like that? She is way out of line where Dusty is concerned, makes me hurt to listen how she talks to him, but if you like it,enjoy!

    No more Jack and Carly for me, let him have Janet and put that hot Dusty and Carly together forever. Can't you just see the looks on Jack and Janets faces when they discover that those two are together? Oh well, they could be together for months before J and J would even notice since they are only wrapped up in themselves!

    Posted by chattown at Monday, April 19 2010 04:13 PM

    My wish is that Craig and Carly get together and Jack goes back to Janet.
    Dusty will feel so guilty about Rocco's death he will leave town.

    Carly will forgive Craig for spending the money because he did it for her. He did not want her to be disappointed again so when thier investor turned them down he had to get the money himself (although I don't know why he didn't use his own money) he loves Carly unconditionally. We can't say that about lover boy Jack.

    I don't remember the great love affair between Carly and Jack so I'm not a cheerleader for thier CarJack reunion. They are boring to me.

    Posted by lflow at Monday, April 19 2010 08:51 PM

    Dang I wish Janet would quit all her yelling, she is giving me a headache and I'm sure she's giving Dusty one after just coming out of a coma after being shot in the head.

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