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    You Happy Now?

    Friday, April 16 2010
    Faith, Holden, Lily and Molly eat together, Rocco pushes too hard and Carly blows up at Janet.

    At the hospital, Dusty tries to talk to Janet. He offers to move her and Liberty into a suite next to his. She turns him down. He explains that her father is okay and she needs to get on with her life. She won't forgive him for lying to her. They're called in to see Rocco. He tells her that he's sorry he ruined her life. As he sobs, she forgives him and thanks him for saving Dusty's life. When he tells her that he wants to dance at her wedding, she says the only thing that matters is his getting better. She turns to Dusty and tells him her father is a changed man. After she leaves to get some stuff, he approaches Rocco's room and thanks him. Dusty asks for the name of the hit man. Rocco refuses and says that he will take care of this. He climbs out of bed and Dusty offers to go with him.

    Jack is at work calling for an update on Rocco. He's stable. As soon as Jack hangs up, Carly calls, claiming there is an emergency and she needs him. He tells dispatch to send a car.

    Rocco and Dusty are running down the street. Dusty tells Rocco to go back to bed and leave him to handle this. Rocco won't back down and nearly hyperventilates. He walks over to the thug, who pulls a gun on him. Dusty jumps the guy while Rocco has a heart attack. After knocking the guy out, Dusty calls the cops. He turns and finds Rocco on the ground then calls an ambulance and tries to keep him alive.

    Jack arrives at Carly's. There are some EMTs there looking embarrassed. Carly is in a negligee and explains to Jack that she called him over for an intimate emergency and didn't expect him to send a swat team to deal with it. After the EMTs leave, Carly begs Jack to cuff her. "What the hell were you thinking?" he asks. He's embarrassed. She thinks he needs a sense of humor and he needs to stop obsessing over Janet. Carly teases him until he starts kissing her. They get upstairs and climb onto the bed. Janet walks in. She's shocked and looks away, apologizing. Carly explodes and rants at how fed up she is with all of this. Jack defends Janet which only infuriates Carly more. She's sick of giving everything up for Janet and reminds him that, while Janet may be having his baby, she's already had one of them. Carly mopes around. Janet gets a shirt for her father. Carly apologizes but Janet gets it. She blames herself for moving in and says she's moving out. Jack tries stopping her so she points out she can look after herself. "You happy now?" Jack asks Carly after Janet leaves. The couple bickers as they move from room to room. Jack insists that they can make this work. She doesn't think he's willing to listen to anyone. He thinks she's selfish. "You are the only person who wants Janet to stay here," she points out.

    Lily is packing Faith's stuff at home. Faith is sure her mom wants Holden back. Lily isn't answering this but her daughter says it's obvious. "I let your father go awhile ago," Lily claims. Faith hopes she means that because she doesn't stand a chance.

    Lily and Faith run into Liberty in Old Town. Lily runs off to get something and the girls chat. They talk about where each of them are living and Liberty says she's uncomfortable being around Parker when she doesn't want to get back with him. He's her best friend and she doesn't want to lose that. Lily returns.

    At the farm house, Holden lunges at Silas and orders him away. Silas drops the fact that Molly told him that he ran off with his ex last night. Bickering ensues and Silas explains about the interview. Holden kicks him out. Molly complains about her terrible judgment. He says those days are over. She wants to lure him into a roll in the hay. Their make out is interrupted when Lily and Faith arrive. Lily declares that they should have a family dinner night regularly. Molly offers to cook and says she made a casserole. Holden looks for booze. They heat up the casserole and sit around to eat. Joining hands, they say grace and dig in. It tastes like dirt. Lily laughs and she and Holden reminisce about her awful cooking. Molly puts her food in the trash. When she takes it outside, Faith follows her and warns her that Lily is still after Holden. Molly doesn't want to have this conversation and tries to pretend it's nothing. Faith goes back inside and Silas calls Molly. He's a 'classless pig' but she agrees to the interview anyway.

    Janet arrives at the hospital to see her daughter. They're waiting for her oncologist's appointment. Janet talks about how good it is that her father is finally coming around and she's learned to forgive him.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Janet blames Dusty for her father's death.

    Craig demands to know who Gabriel is.

    Reid and Luke have some fun.

    Alison pushes Chris away.

    Paul and Emily are shocked when Emma brings Meg home.

    Barbara tells Henry that Vienna wants to get pregnant.

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    Posted by jamg24 at Friday, April 16 2010 12:18 PM

    Here we go again poor Janet. Im so sick of it. Couldn't they just let Janet and Dusty be happy and Carly and Jack be happy. For once let people be happy!!

    Posted by kcits at Friday, April 16 2010 12:29 PM

    It's like the writers aren't even trying anymore. I can't even stand to read the updates, much less watch this show. I'm done. Go ahead and cancel it!

    Posted by shorty1943 at Friday, April 16 2010 12:40 PM

    These writers are ruining everything!! Why could they not let Molly manage to make a great casserole,she tried so hard but oh no we have to let Lily have all the time with Holden bringing up all sorts of fond memories....if your marriage was so great, Lily why did you marry Damian 11 minutes after Holdens funeral? Also why did they have to make Carly come across as an idiot when she called Jack?? All of this was just stupid and it makes me wonder why I even continue to watch. Why did they bring in Silas, can you not get it thru your heads to end some story lines other than bringing new people in every week? Will be Sept. before you know it and all they do is bring in new people when they have not even finished up some very old story lines.....the viewers deserve more than this from the writers, but guess they just do not care anymore!

    Please make Janet go away!!!

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Friday, April 16 2010 12:43 PM

    I agree. The writers think that happy couples are boring. (As do some actors). So they have the constant conflict, and couples breakup. They need to find a middle ground; make it interesting, but don't break up supercouples. Or a few favorite couples. Today's episode was good. Rocco should have backed off. Since he was a short term character they killed him off. (And probably killed Janet and Dusty's relationship. I hope not. I prefer Janet with Dusty; Carly with Jack). I hope they keep Holden and Molly together and not reunite him with Lily. (That ship has sank). I don't trust that Slimy Silas. He will probably kill Molly if he can't have her. They need to break up Henry and Vienna and put him with Barbara. They're funny and interesting. I like them together. Finally, they need a new love interest for Parker. He needs to move on. I'm sick of Liberty. When she's cured, she needs to go off to college.

    Posted by Shortmetal at Friday, April 16 2010 12:44 PM

    Dusty's obsession with being a hero has cost his damsel her father. I can't wait for Janet to tell him off next week. Molly needs to leave Silas alone so she can keep Holden.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Friday, April 16 2010 12:55 PM

    Janet is stupid. Dusty convinced your dad to come to see you and Liberty. He also wants to marry you despite the fact that you are carrying another man's child.
    Okay, give that up, live alone because Liberty doesn't know what the hell she wants either and will leave for design school.
    Be alone with your new baby!

    Posted by cbruns71471 at Friday, April 16 2010 01:08 PM

    Alison pushes Chris away - Then pulls Aaron or Casey close - Alison agrees to marry chris but won't sleep with him - she sleeps with Aaron or Casey or Mick instead - then marries Chris - haven't we had this dance before?

    Allison needs professional help.

    Posted by Nykai at Friday, April 16 2010 01:19 PM


    Posted by sickofbrooke at Friday, April 16 2010 02:13 PM

    Janet deserves to be alone. She's such a hypocrite. The writers may have forgotten that she was a horrible mother and the reason why Liberty went looking for Brad in the 1st place. I remember how her holier than thou mother picking up and sleeping with strangers, not even knowing their last name. I remember how Liberty said sex wasn't a big deal and talked about how her mom always bought guys home.

    Posted by adriana8900 at Friday, April 16 2010 02:59 PM

    can't wait to watch dusty and janet scenes from today

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