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    Wednesday, April 14 2010
    Katie throws an engagement party for Henry and Vienna, Chris has feelings for Ali and Meg spends the night at Paul's.

    At WOAK, Chris and Ali finish another segment for Katie's show. She tells them what great chemistry they have. They babble about medicine. Katie walks away snickering. Ali tells him he'll be fine on his own. She got a job offer and plans to leave town. When Katie returns and hears this, she frets and tells her not to go. Ali can't turn down the opportunity and she's already burned all of her bridges in Oakdale. When Ali walks away, Katie tells Chris to go after her. He can't, even though he wants to. She urges him to invite Ali to the engagement party.

    Chris chases Alison down at Java and asks her to the party. She worries that she's sent him some mixed signals. He assures her the signals have been clear but he still cares about her.

    Katie calls Vienna at the Lakeview, who gets off the phone and tells Henry that the blond one is throwing them an engagement party. Barbara walks by so Vienna invites her to the party. Barbara tries to back out but Vienna begs. When she walks away, Henry tells Vienna this could be premature. She worries that he's backing out.

    Emma helps Meg pack her stuff at the mental hospital. Meg explains that she doesn't want to go to the farm on her night out and be the center of attention.

    At Fairwinds, Paul is reluctant to let the baby out for one night with Meg. Emily points out that they'll have the house to themselves. Meg calls and asks if she can spend the night at the house with Eliza. He agrees to her request. Emily isn't thrilled. They bicker until Barbara arrives. She asks to speak to her son alone. When she begins asking for love advice, he kicks her out. She flounces off. Paul's confused. Emily tells him she doesn't want Meg there. Meg walks in on cue. Emily runs off to get things ready. Meg feels awkward so Paul assures her she's not causing any trouble. When Meg goes to get her daughter, Emily returns to grimace. Katie calls and invites them to the party. Meg encourages them to go.

    Barbara looks in the mirror and fantasizes about being kissed by Henry. She snaps out of it and tells herself that she has to get on with her life. She takes a few drinks.

    Chris meets with Katie at Metro as the party starts. Emily arrives and Katie leaves them to catch up. Alison shows up. "Some people never learn," Emily snaps. A drunken Barbara arrives as Katie starts the toasting. Henry's nervous as Barbara makes her toast to him. She talks about how romance can sneak up on you... even when it might be wrong. Katie gets nervous and stops her. Paul guesses that his mom has been sleeping with his brother. She pushes past him and runs out. As Henry trails after her, Paul stop him to ask him if he's out of his mind. Henry runs off.

    Henry finds Barbara sitting on the street. He was afraid that she was going to get in car drunk. She doesn't know why he cares. He does and he tells her she hasn't been a fool. They go up to her room. She sobs and he thinks he should go. When he tries to say goodnight, he kisses her. She stops him and orders him to go. Katie walks in on them and demands to know what they are doing. Barbara yells at her to leave. Katie berates them and drags Henry out. "It's over!" Barbara shouts at him before slamming the door.

    Katie takes Henry to his room and tells him he's sick. He loves Vienna but he has feelings for Barbara and can't give her up. They scream at each other until Vienna walks in. They try covering and Katie leaves.

    Chris and Alison sit around at Metro eating hors d'oeuvres. He thinks the fact that they can enjoy each other's company means they can be friends.

    Emma is at Fairwinds with Meg and the baby. She's shocked that she was left alone. She warns her daughter not to get close to Paul again. After Emma leaves, Emily and Paul return. She gets a call that Silas has been released and says she has to run off an get an interview. She's reluctant to leave him alone with Meg but he talks her around. After Emily leaves, Meg returns after listening in and says she doesn't want to be a problem. He assures her she's not. He feels like they've gone back in time but she says that everything is different now.

    Paul takes Eliza up to bed. Meg takes the baby off so he can sleep. After he climbs into bed and passes out, she and the baby get in with him.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Holden tries to reassure Lily.

    Luke asks Reid to define their relationship.

    Molly has a run-in with Silas.

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    Posted by mama red at Wednesday, April 14 2010 12:27 PM

    Once again, butinski Katie to the rescue of good ole Henry!!! That woman needs to get a life of her own. I really like Babs and Hank together!!! Flighty Vienna comes riding in whenever the spirit moves her!!!

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, April 14 2010 12:44 PM

    I like Henry & Barbara together too! I think Henry-Vienna time has passed. This is a different kind of passion. Katie needs to worry about her son and stop trying to match everyone up. She is in Allison's business & Henry's business (even though I understand that she loves Henry).

    I am glad that there is Liberty and the Snyder screw ups today

    Posted by jj1234 at Wednesday, April 14 2010 12:49 PM

    Ok...I'm REALLY getting annoyed with Katie! All she does is tell people how to live! Henry-forget Barbara, be with Vienna. Ali-don't take a better job and move on with your life, stay her to be with a guy you've already been with a million times and don't really want to be with now. Chris-chase after Ali, even though I'm not sure you want to be with her and she just got done breaking our nephew's heart.

    Maybe Katie should find a new hobby! Cause mathchmaking isn't working!

    Posted by mom of 6 at Wednesday, April 14 2010 02:11 PM

    LOVE Babs and Hank together!!!!!! Best couple in a long while.
    Now what is Meg up to?

    Posted by Peteena at Wednesday, April 14 2010 04:22 PM

    I'm so torn about Henry. He and Vienna were great for a while, and I love the actress who plays her, but she doesn't accept the real Henry. Henry and Barbara are sexy and funny and I'm loving them together. And New Chris - I hope they have something better planned for him than trying to start things up again with Ali (who really should take that new job and get out while the gettin's good!).

    Posted by jacar0720 at Wednesday, April 14 2010 06:00 PM

    Oh my goodness. I wanted to reach through the tv and smack Katie upside her head. It just seems to me she is possessed for lack of a better word with fixing Henry and Vienna, and Chris and Ali. I cant believe she told Henry you will stop this right now. Like she was talking to a child. And Henry is not helping things be being so wishy washy. I love Barbara, I didnt like Henry when he first started but when he is with Barbara there is a different side to him which I like. They are good together and he needs to tell Katie where to get off. She's is taking bossy to the nth degree.
    And Paul and Emily I love this couple. I love Paul and and like Emily and the two of them together just makes sense to me. I just hope the writers dont have Emily start obsessing about Meg. Meg is crazy. Now why would she get into bed with Paul. To me she is not acting sane at all. Emily has every right to be a wary of her. Please writers leave Paul and Emily alone.

    Posted by shorty1943 at Wednesday, April 14 2010 06:35 PM

    I agree with every word of your post, says just what I am thinking. Will only add that Meg knew what she was doing when she laid in the bed with Paul, she knew it would tick Emily hope Em keeps her cool and does not let Meg know how much it bothers her. Paul needs to be a little more careful where Meg is concerned.

    Henry needs to man up and tell Vienna and Katie(could she be more annoying??) both to back off, that he loves Barbara, or that he needs to spend time with her to see if he loves her and Vienna needs to run off like she always does and give him some time to make up his mind. It is getting as old watching him as it is Jack, Carly, Janet, and Dusty....I love Carjack but the 4 of them are wearing on my nerves!!

    Posted by ms.elaine at Wednesday, April 14 2010 06:57 PM


    Posted by jacar0720 at Thursday, April 15 2010 07:16 AM

    Amen to that. But ya know ever since Meg went cooockoo I havent been able to tell if she is sane or not. She just plays crazy so well. And I agree about Henry. Man up already. Sheeesh. It's getting hard just watching him with Katie and Vienna. All that stammering. Spit it out. Just say lay off Katie and stop trying to fix me. Good lord.

    Posted by LuvsChilly at Thursday, April 15 2010 11:09 AM

    I love Henry and Vienna. Henry and Barabara are good for comic relief but as a serious romantic pairing no thank you. Vienna loves Henry, the real Henry. He cheated on her with Barbara so yeah I could see why she got upset.

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