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    The Anti-Matrimonial Couple.

    Thursday, April 08 2010
    Vienna pops the question, Katie guesses Reid has feelings for Luke and Holden and Lily discipline Faith.

    Katie shows up at Barbara's and orders her to stay away from Henry. She doesn't think they have any shot at a normal relationship. They continue arguing. Katie swears to make her regret it if she doesn't back off. Barbara shuts the door on her.

    In Vienna's room, she drops on her knee to propose to Henry. He's startled; he thought they were the anti-matrimonial couple. She's unhappy without him and asks him when his happiest moments have been. "They've all been with you," he admits. He's afraid of 'ending not being married together'. She thinks that kind of commitment is what they need. After she tears off her shirt, they leap into bed. Once they've had sex, she's delirious with happiness and he stares. Vienna is sure that he will realize getting married is the right thing to do.

    Henry goes to see Barbara and tells her about the proposal. She assumes he's agreed to it but he hasn't. Barbara says that what they have is just 'fun and games' and he's free to marry whoever he wants. He thinks there's more between them. When he mentions that he slept with Vienna, Barbara explodes and throws him out the door.

    Luke finds Reid at the hospital to discuss plans for the new wing. Reid's impressed when Luke's idea isn't terrible. They laugh. Noah pops up, surprised to hear them laughing together. Luke has to take a call and walks off. Noah and Dr. Oliver discuss Luke. Noah says that Luke has major control issues. When Reid shines a light in Noah's eye, there is actually a reaction. Noah gets excited. Reid explains that this is a good sign.

    Vienna goes to see Katie and tells her about the proposal. Henry is thinking it over. "Oh," Katie says. She tries to be positive but Vienna goes into a panic that he will reject her. After Vienna leaves, Dr. Oliver comes home and makes a sandwich. He tells her about Noah's breakthrough and then wonders why Noah keeps pushing Luke away. Katie's surprised that he cares. She guesses that he has a thing for Luke. He refuses to admit it and says that Luke and Noah are 'the gay Bob and Kim' and are destined to be together. Reid calls Luke and tips him off about Noah's news.

    Faith gets snubbed by some girls at school. Her father calls to check in on her. She assures him that everything is fine.

    Lily goes to see Molly at WOAK. She wanted to thank her for her help. They talk about Faith, who appears in the doorway. Molly spots her and ushers Lily out. Faith pops up and asks if her mail has arrived. She claims she ordered something for her mom and had it delivered there. Molly's impressed she's trying to make peace. Holden shows up and Faith skips away. He asks Molly what is going on. She's evasive and that worries him. After he leaves, she's told that Silas Whitman is having his hearing and she should cover it.

    Faith goes back to school. The gift she had delivered was a book. Pills are hidden inside of it.

    Lily calls Luke over to her place. She confesses that she's jealous of her daughter's connection with Molly. "Sometimes it feels like she's living my life," Lily says. He assumes she still loves his dad. He suggests that she fight for him or move on. As soon as he leaves, the school principal calls.

    Lily arrives at school and the principal tells her they caught Faith with pills. Lily covers and says that they are anti-anxiety medication. She takes her daughter away.

    Lily takes Faith home and confronts her about the drugs. Faith insists that the drugs aren't hers. Her mother demands her purse, telling her that trust has to be earned. When she looks through the bag, she finds the book and the drugs. Faith spins her a story but her mom doesn't believe it and doesn't know what to do. She calls Holden over. He confronts his daughter and blows up when he finds out that she dragged Molly into this. Lily declares that she is taking her away to the cabin to sort things out. Holden back her up and says that he's going with them.

    Luke finds Noah in Al's. Luke pulls up a chair and Noah tells him the news. As they hold hands, Reid looks in through the window.

    Henry walks into the Lakeview and finds Vienna with Jacob. He hands her a ring. She gasps. "The answer is yes," he says. They kiss.

    Barbara goes jewelery shopping at Fashions. The clerk tells her that Henry just bought the biggest engagement ring they have. Barbara storms out.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Bob tells Kim they should go on a long honeymoon.

    Noah has a date with another man.

    Luke tells Reid he's going to Texas with him.

    Molly walks in on Holden with Lily and Faith.

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    Posted by girlinthewind at Thursday, April 08 2010 12:28 PM

    Good afternoon posters. My ex-husband got me started watching soaps, but since I work all day I just read the recaps and you all's comments. However, I'm about at my wits end with most of the story lines. I know a lot of you are too. Okay I'm going back to lurking now that I have said my piece.

    Posted by cdpf at Thursday, April 08 2010 12:43 PM

    You know, the thought that occurred to me is that during Kim and Bob Hughes 25th wedding anniversary, I noticed that Kim's son Andy Dixon didn't show up for the festivities. Hello? He's married in real life to Maura West who plays Carly Tenney Snyder! Didn't TPTB at ATWT office think of asking Scott DeFrietas to make an cameo appearance just like Julianne Moore earlier this week as Frannie Hughes? Shame, shame, shame on you ATWT! While on a this subject: how about bringing back John Dixon? That would be a hoot! I really missed his snide remarks concerning everyone in Oakdale!

    Posted by Frenchy68 at Thursday, April 08 2010 12:52 PM

    I know stories have to weave and nothing can ever be easy, but I really want Henry to eventually dump Vienna and go back with Barbara. They are fun together.

    I also really like Luke with Dr. Oliver ... I think they're a better couple than Luke/Noah. It's too bad the show is going off in a few months, because I like how Reid interacts with other characters, like Dusty and Janet now.

    So that was the good, now for the bad ... I'm so over Faith. I'm now just fast forwarding through her/Lily/Holden/Molly with the DVR. Ugh.

    Posted by moodyjudy at Thursday, April 08 2010 01:12 PM

    Tsk tsk tsk.... Lily...what a goober. And little Faith...I just can NOT feel sorry for that kid...such a brat. I feel a teenage storyline creeping in. It's about time for JJ to pop back in. He would be around little Faith's age. Wish they would bring in someone new for Parker and ship Liberty and her pregnant mother off to Dusty's fairyland...I swear... if Janet starts talkin about breast feeding I AM GONNA BARF!!!

    Don't you worry da babeā™„

    Posted by Butterflyrose34 at Thursday, April 08 2010 01:16 PM

    I'm totally loving Reid and Luke! Noah says Luke has major control issues but even Reid can see Noah is the one with issues. He's the one the kept pushing Luke away. Frankly at this point I could care less about Noah. I'm all for Luke/Reid pairing and hope they don't put Luke and Noah back together. That ship has sailed because the writers couldn't get it together after the whole Noah comes out storyline. Which is why I like Reid he's gay, he knows it and so does Luke and they are confident and comfortable with themselves Noah never really was. So I say full steam ahead Luke and Reid!
    Oh yeah and Katie needs to shut up and get a life of her own!

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Thursday, April 08 2010 01:37 PM

    I forgot about John and Andy Dixon. Great idea. They should bring them back along with Rosanna. Carly and Jack are reunited; Janet is with Dusty. That's a step in the right direction. The show is fast paced, but they need to improve some storylines. They need a miracle to save this show. Now is the time for improvements. Don't put Lily and Holden back together. Either put him with Molly or bring back Maeve. Don't put Paul back with Meg. Leave him with Emily or reunite him with Rosanna. Find someone for Teri, Craig, Katie; someone new for Chris, Allison and Casey. Get rid of Vienna and put Henry with Barbara. (They've grown on me. I like them a lot). Bob and Kim are seen more often; give Lisa a storyline. Let's see Tom and Margo too. Get it together writers. Hopefully, someone will be impressed enough to pick up ATWT and air it on another network.

    Posted by crystal27_05 at Thursday, April 08 2010 01:37 PM

    cdpf~ They did mention Andy at the party. I believe it was Margo whom said that Andy called and said he couldn't make it because Hope was sick.

    Posted by awall at Thursday, April 08 2010 01:59 PM

    Henry wake up, you are only doing what Katie and Vienna want. Katie is such a witch, Barbara give her what for. Luke is much better with Reid, they are starting to grow on me, forget Noah who is an idiot. Send Faith to the woodshed, she is another idiot and I really don't understand her attitude. Of course, Molly will get blame for this. Send her to la la land with Janet, Liberty, Craig and Katie.

    Posted by GLandWT at Thursday, April 08 2010 02:24 PM

    I haven't watched ATWT for several days; however, how sick is Hope? She is the same age as Faith and couldn't her mother have stayed with her while Andy came to Oakdale for a few hours?

    I hope the writers remember Hope's age and not do to her what they did to Natalie. First, they aged Natalie to almost the same age as Faith, and then they de-aged her (smile) to almost Nathan's age.

    Posted by YRlover101 at Thursday, April 08 2010 02:41 PM

    I love the Luke and Reid storyline. I want them to be together!!

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